• Karla

    Many people think that Grace allows them to sin. Wrong! Grace allows us to
    Repent/turn from our sin. Big difference. We must Repent! Jesus said you
    are one if Mine only if you follow Me and many will say to Me Lord,Lord and
    not enter heaven! If you say that you love Jesus and then don’t follow the
    Bible/religion no Truth is in you! Not enough to believe. We must follow Him!

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  • Sygurd

    What makes you think that it was the “hardliners” (i.e., orthodox Catholic prelates) who mostly voted against these three paragraphs? What if it was the disgruntled “reformers” (i.e., still-Catholic prelates flirting with heresy) who did not like their final form?

  • David Gibson

    Sygurd, indeed as you see in Point 2., a number of bishops said they did vote against them because they felt they didn’t go far enough. Sounds like that was the lethal combination.

  • Joe Corcoran

    How different this article might read if the words “hard line conservatives” was replaced with traditional catholic conservatives and “reform minded Bishops” was replaced with ” radical reformists”.
    You speak of freedom of speech and I agree there is great value in the ability to freely make your position known,however it appears if the Pontiff will be trying to stack the synod with those who agree with him.The voices of opposition he will try to silence.
    I hope that the goal of the synod is to strengthen the catholic families with suggestions that bring us closer to Jesus and His teachings and not just an attempt to fill the pews at all costs.

  • The camel of reality has stuck its nose under the carefully guarded tent of the bishops. More fun to come!

  • Reason

    I couldn’t agree more – don’t forget, however, that most journalists – film makers etc flirt with dreams of “Hollywood’ – it doesn’t matter that their topics include religion – they are still bitten with the “I want to be famous someday” illusion – hence their constant tilt to the left to the corrupt to the immoral and yes to the degeneration which permeates all over society today.

    Mr. Gibson my message to you is – give it up now that its still early – it is better to enter the kingdom of our LORD than to temporarily share lunch with Al Paccino.

  • Estelle

    Amen. that is exactly what it appears that the Pope is trying to do. Fill the pews at all cost. Disregarding scripture and rewriting God’s intent for mankind. I believe in treating Gay’s and Lesbian’s with love. But it is not a Christian love to tell them that their lifestyle that is contrary to God’s design is OK. That is like telling any sinner, it’s ok, keep sinning. God will forgive you. Even if you mock his creation and use in in a distorted manner.

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  • Betty Clermont

    The only “welcome” extended by the pope and his men was the front door of the church. No one, especially not the pope, ever said that gays, divorced and those cohabitating were ever going to be invited into the sacramental life of the church. The current situation can be likened to the Republican Party hassling between the Tea Party and the “centrists” who think their candidates should talk like populists. No matter how nicely the pope and his men talk, no one is even suggesting that women be ordained, same-sex marriage be accepted, priests be allowed to marry, birth control be accepted, etc. The only thing which may change next year is that divorced and remarried Catholics be allowed to take communion, something which I doubt more that a handful of the laity care about.

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  • Conchita Masaoay

    If the synod is about Family, I did not read anything on how to strengthen Families today. The children from families are the future of the Church, May be we wouldn’t have more gays and lesbians today if their families were close to God’s laws and teachings. God created a man and a woman, not a man and a man, not a woman and a woman. It is that simple. God said, “Go and mulltiply”.
    Definitely when the lesbians and gay couples die, how will the Church increase?
    I love the gay and lesbians, they are our wayward brothers and sisters, but I do not condone what they are doing because I believe God does not approve it and calls it a sin. The Church should stick to marriage as between a man and a woman. The Church should stick on it, even if it is the last one standing for it.
    I am just a simple Catholic but I want to be bold and dynamic because I love the Catholic Church very much because it is God’s Church.

  • That is where you are wrong, giving Communion to the divorced and remarried is sacrilege and in allowing that, no matter in what veiled the circumstances, it will open the door to everybody receiving Holy Communion eventually.

  • samuel Johnston

    “Still, finding the theological language to justify such shifts, and the pastoral mechanisms to carry them out, is difficult.”
    And the great game goes on. The deeper question is why anyone should care about the opinions of these senior autocrats. Lease a building, buy some robes, pass out the wine and holy water, and you have it all and need ask no one permission. Add money and political influence, and your group can be a real contender.

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