• Wendy Gustofson

    I’m with you 100% except that, well, this doesn’t share any resemblance to Renee Zellweger!

  • Frank

    People are responsible for their own choices in life.

  • Toonna

    All have sinned and fallen short, and the price for all sin has been paid for; this is the end of the matter.

  • scallywag

    But what could the actress have done anyway? Like many entertainers (never mind mere mortals) her looks were bound to be criticized as is the passing rite of any one of us in the public eye. Too fat, too skinny. Too taut, too wrinkly. Too fake too aged.

    Who can ever win in such a situation if one is forced to live for the sake of others expectations, which sadly is the lot of many women, especially once they reach past the age of 45 as they are reminded over and over their value is contingent on their sexuality and their youth. Yet in the end it’s a woman’s right to dictate how she appears in the public eye, a right that the media insist on demanding as their own….


  • GTO

    Why not be frank, then, about having work done. Zellwegger just says she’s happier and healthier, when obviously, there’s more going on here. Just say, “Yeah, I had plastic surgery.”

  • Larry

    She may have “Jennifer Grey”d herself out of a career. The career of Jennifer Grey, the famous but not conventionally beautiful actress in the 80’s, fizzled when she got a nose job. Although it improved her appearance, it made her look far less distinctive and recognizable to those familiar with her prior work.

    Ms. Zellweger’s big un-model-like cheeks were very distinctive and she certainly had the acting chops to move towards more age appropriate roles. Usually an actor or actress is “past their prime” when they take roles which are inappropriate for their age and lack the skills to transition to more mature parts.

    Nowadays plenty of older actresses are finding major career boosts once they started playing to their ages: Jessica Lange, Robin Wright, Suzanna Thompson, Jessica Walter, and yes Sophia Vergara (Her English Language career started in her late 30’s).

    Its a crying shame that Rene Zellweger thought plastic surgery was necessary.

  • Ron

    Cecil the Cursing Cat’s thoughts on the Renee Zellweger criticism —

  • Frank

    The only way to win is to stop playing the game which everyone has the capability to do.

  • Janine McFall

    Renee Zellweger’s plastic surgery to look younger does not bother me. I was shocked when I saw her latest pictures. The Renee that everyone loved is no more. Her unique, distinctive features that made her special and beautiful are gone. Renee looks now like an average attractive woman – nothing special. I think that it is very sad that she needed to destroy who she was. A little tuck here or there to remove some wrinkles is one thing but to physically alter one’s physical essence is disturbing. I think that her career is over.