• Neon Genesis

    I wish he would find a brain and a moral compass.

  • I thought Shi’a were Muslim?

  • Shia LeBeouf a la mode is a delicious French Dinner Entree. I had it in Paris.
    You will want to order it with the Croissant and the Frambois for dessert.

  • Love you, Shia!! I’m so happy that you’ve found true meaning in Jesus Christ! ;D
    I recommend as of now, try and check out Dr. Kent Hovind’s seminar videos!
    I hope they will increasingly strengthen your faith in G-d’s Word. ^_^

  • Collingwood

    Yeah, right.

    Christian men do not say things like ” I became a Christian man, and not in a f***ing bullshit way”

    I have no idea what he has become but it is not a christian

  • mwatson

    Right, because conversion leads to immediate sanctification. *Mature* Christian men ought not use such language, sure. But what is he trying to express with the profanity? That he what he did in surrendering to God is genuine. Let’s hope that’s true.

  • Kelly Macias

    Rather than judging this brother who is clearly very, very young in the Lord, you should be praying for God to send him strong men of the faith, not religious flakes, to disciple him in who he really is now in Christ. I suppose you behaved with the perfection of your new identity the moment you received Jesus, unlike the rest of us who grow in the knowledge of the Lord and have our minds renewed daily with His Word. I’m so thankful that the Lord has revealed His unfailing love to Shia, and pray God would protect him, mature him, bless him, and raise him up in this day for the sake of the Kingdom.

  • Neon Genesis

    I believe LeBeouf is going to become a sincere Christian like I believe Lindsay Lohan is sincere this time about wanting to get over her drug addiction. LeBeouf is just being an attention seeker. Just the other day he was joking about sexually harassing Alan Cumming. That’s not Christian behavior no matter how you try to slice it and it’s foolish to believe he’s serious about this.

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  • Jmdavy

    There is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents! Luv yah Shia!!

  • tisha

    I completely agree with you..amen

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  • James

    Yeah! Some doctrines ignore the huge bulk(half?) of NT.scripture that exhorts saints toward godliness – which should be pointless if convertion implied maturity. Very ignorant to question his identity in Christ in such a impatient, unmercifull, unloving, and discouraging way! Shame! Where is the loving exhortation? The critic is the one failing to show the forgiving Christ I know, how ironic!

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