Idaho city: Chapel owners exempt from discrimination law

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The owners of the Hitching Post Wedding Chapel in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho decline to officiate weddings for same-sex couples. Photo courtesy of Alliance Defending Freedom.

The owners of the Hitching Post Wedding Chapel in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho decline to officiate weddings for same-sex couples. Photo courtesy of Alliance Defending Freedom.

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(RNS) The Arizona-based Alliance Defending Freedom said the Hitching Post wedding chapel is not a nonprofit religious organization like a church, but rather is a religious for-profit limited liability company like a Bible publisher.

  • Larry

    So this whole story was a load of nonsense from the ADF. There was no legal issue. The alleged lawsuit was frivolous. They were already exempted under the anti-discrimination law as a religious organization.

    It appears a general rule of thumb is to regard anything from the ADF as utter bullcrap until confirmed to be true.

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  • Means not much. The gay lobby’s like the Terminator: “I’ll be back”.

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  • Samantha

    Actually, the “gay lobby” had nothing to do with this case… no complaints were filed against this good “Christian” couple, who until recently were JPs and recently got their online $20 “ordination” and 2 weeks ago changed their website from serving “all civil ceremonies” to now only “Christian marriages”…. sounds like sincere “Christians” to me, as Jesus said “SELL weddings and other religious ceremonies for profit and also make sure to discriminate against your fellow man” — oh wait… he said the opposite of those things…

  • Ted

    Samantha, just two weeks ago civil marriages in Idaho were just among heterosexuals, so the law changed, so the website needed to change as they had to specify who they would serve. If a business does not have the particular serve you want, you don’t have a right to sue them…just go to a business that does…of course unless you JUST want to make a stink!

  • Drew

    There is much more to this case that should be brought into light, such as “neurology and biology”, or “divine intellect and mother nature”. Whichever one’s belief system is, there essentially can be no dispute or opinions that can viably stand up to thousands of years of mother nature or biological programming. Our human biological programming tells us to be attracted to or repulsed by certain things in protection of our health and best interests. For example 99.9% of people would not eat vomit because they would find it repulsive. Not by choice, but because mother nature’s biological programming says so to protect our health and well being. It’s EXACTLY the same with homosexual interaction. Heterosexuals find it repulsive and unacceptable not by choice, but by their God-given programming OR biological programming! This isn’t an ideology like racism that can be chosen. It’s unforgiving DNA sequencing that cannot be changed. I heard that the Knapps and their employees were even going to be subjected to political reeducation. Which in this case will be or would have been “brain washing”. It seems to me that the Knapps and all other heterosexuals have at least biological rights in their defense. Now I agree that homosexuals do have certain rights, but no one else should ever force another person to disregard or conflict with their natural biological programming.

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