• The Great God Pan

    Labeouf has got to be either mentally unwell or engaged in a really elaborate, Andy Kaufman-style “performance art” piece. Or both. This is the same Shia Labeouf who got caught plagiarizing a short film he wrote from a comic strip, then issued a series of public apologies that were also plagiarized.

    Christians who take his “conversion” at face value are really showing their gullibility.

  • Excellent street smarts, Laura. I thought the news was sensational about Labeouf accepting Christ. Having read your assessment, you definitely have discerned what may be transpiring. Great journalistic searching for the truth on your part. Thanks. Have to hand it to the actor, if his intent was to twist our brains, he is brilliant.

  • Who Knows?

    I guess we won’t really ever know the true state of his heart, but I also think we can’t be too narrow minded to think that the Lord can’t use something such as method acting to soften his heart to the gospel. I guess we will just have to wait and see if any fruit comes from this.

  • Fonda

    After reading your article it could make one question if he was in the right place. Being a Christian is a process, you do not become saved and magically stop doing all things that make God unhappy. It takes time to learn what will make God happy and to start to live for him and not for this world or our selves. As Christians we need to know we will always fall short of the glory of God, and it’s ok God loves us anyway, he is true to his word!

  • becca

    Amen! I’m pretty sure scriptures speaks on judging a man’s salvation and also looking st a man’s fruit…

  • Tyler

    I understand the confusion and where your coming from, but do not believe it to be the case. I am a big Shia fan, and in more than just this article, there are things to show him becoming a Christian is truth. Other than the article saying he brcame a Christian in a non-“bs” way and him admitting to a full surrender of control, he has also been going around claiming to focus on his spirituality and trying to get his life back together. He also recently got 2 new tattoos, a cross on his hand, and a phrase on his arm that reads “GOD: my lord, fierce, wild, and romantic”.

  • J

    Articles like this frustrate me. Who are we to judge whether someone has made the decision to change their life? Articles like this are why so many non believers feel Christians are exclusive and not open to anyone following “their God” unless they do it the same way. It’s totally off base and not biblical.

    Time will tell if he has truly changed and God is transforming his life. But articles like this aren’t helpful

  • Hopeful

    I genuinely hope for Shia’s sake that he is telling the truth. If he isn’t then that’s his eternity at stake. Hopefully he has found Christ and his change of heart will cause more robe saved.

  • Gary Emerling

    Am I right that the quotations not in bold are the author’s interpretations of what LaBeouf said? In that case, it should really be made clear that he didn’t say those portions, because it’s confusing and potentially irresponsible otherwise.

  • Sister in Christ

    Perhaps this article is just meant to stir up conversation and drive traffic. However there are many who will read this and blindly take these words judging a professed believers salvation to heart. Because of that I say this. The claim that Shia LeBeouf has fooled us all is not Christ-like and it is this kind of thing that makes people think christians are loveless hateful hypocrites.
    When A seed is planted it does not produce a tree bearing fruit overnight. That takes time, love and cultivation. When a new believer is born it takes time for them to come into the fullness of their walk with God. The word says in 1John 3:2 Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known.
    God makes all things new we are being transformed and it is an ongoing process.
    Let’s not alienate the babes who are still understanding as children not yet ready for meat. Lest we be perceived to be babes ourselves.

  • zebrasnake

    girlfriend, please. He’ll never stop being Jewish. that’s where he gets his incredible charisma and chuzpah.

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  • Marissong

    I really have to ask if the writer is a Christian. We are so gullible to eat what Shia says up? I’m really upset with the way that this article points out his flaws like he must not be sincere because it didn’t happen in maybe a way people get saved. His language makes him not a Christian? I’m so confused as to what Christians think about salvation because I’m pretty sure it’s a heart thing and not a perfection thing. What happened to being excited that someone just acknowledged God is real and gave their heart to him. Jesus says come and people want to look at Shia and say well you don’t seem like a Christian case of your speech. When did perfection become apart of Christianity? Do we have to be on our best behavior to be seen as saved? Why not be happy for him and let God do the rest. Is he hurting anyone? Is he hurting himself? No, he is a human on a journey and if he says he found God then who’s to say he didn’t.
    I feel like I could see a pharasie writing this and I could also see Jesus at Shia’s side loving him no matter what. God sees hearts! Why so much fuss over him? Let him on his journey. As Christians we should love our brothers and sisters. Saved or not saved. Want the best and when they are not mature in The Lord, give them room to grow. Will you give him a break!

  • Sierra

    Maybe we should spend less time evaluating his sincerity and more time praying for an obviously troubled young guy. People RARELY make claims like that unless there is at least a bit of deep truth to it.

  • Adam

    After talking to my dad today about the movie “Fury” he told me about Shia LeBeouf’s new found religion. Wanting to research this news for myself, I came across this article and felt deflated. I myself am not a great Christian and do not always conduct myself the way that I should. One think that caused me to walk away from church for so many years was how judgmental Christians and the Church can be, until I came across this article that put things in a little better perspective: http://www.charismanews.com/culture/45920-has-shia-labeouf-really-found-god

    The author closes his article in a way that I wished this article had ended; “My prayer for myself after seeing the story about Shia, “Holy Spirit, don’t let me call any man impure or unclean whom you have saved” (Read Acts 10:28).” If more Christians conducted themselves like this, perhaps the world would be a little more receptive to Christians and hearing the good word.

  • Dan

    I’m with Gary…

    I went back and checked the original interview with Shia and the “not in bold” quotes are definitely not in the article and presumably not Shia’s words. If those are the author’s personal interpretation, that needs to be made clear because it’s very misleading as is.

  • I hope you are wrong…but I think you are right…

  • One telling comment that stuck out to me was when he said “Pitt, who famously comes from an evangelical family, is firmly in the spiritual-but-not-religious camp, while Ayer “is a full subscriber to Christianity…these two diametrically opposed positions both lead to the same spot, and I really looked up to both men.”

    Christianity is not compatible with spirituality if you could define spirituality. As with any other profession of faith in Jesus Christ it will produce a changed life, so watch his feet not his lips!

  • Jon

    It is not for us to judge if someone is saved or not. We all mess up and do things we shouldn’t. I agree Shia LaBeouf has a very checkered past but don’t we all to some extent? I do not like the tone of this article. It is extremely judgemental and presumptuous. None of us was present on that film set. We don’t know what actually happened. And I don’t see why he would make such a public confession of faith if it wasn’t true. I can think of loads of Bible verses right now which speak of the need to not judge our brothers and sisters so let’s put them into practice

  • Evan

    Why are we so quick to judge him on his actions? it is not our previous actions that make us christians or even the way in which we act. I mean for heavens sake the robber crucified next to Jesus was A ROBBER being CRUCIFIED and yet he openly confessed Jesus as Christ. Jesus then said to Him “Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.” (Luke 23:43). So I ask you… why are we jumping all over Shia Labeouf for announcing that he became saved? We should be rejoicing! Our jobs as Christians are not to judge whether the statement is real or true or authentic. Only God can do that. in 1 Samuel 16:7 “But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” So again I ask why are we so quick to judge him because he swore in the statement? We all should know that as a believer you certainly do not become exactly like Christ over night. As followers of Christ our job is to rejoice in that statement and to love him and guide him in the life of a born again Christian. So why should we care about how he became a christian? And again why are we trying to decipher whether it is true or not? That is not our job nor our calling. Rather love him and everyone else just as God the father loves us.

  • Jon

    This article makes me very sad, we as Christians are so quick to judge and this article proves my point. Who cares if hes a christian or not, let GOD be that judge and lets not gossip about it.

    Now you all should read this guys story about becoming a christian and feeling judged.

  • janelle

    well, God knows his heart. And pray that more and more revelation of who God is, what relationship Shai has, and pray heaven on earth over all the stars, all of us.

  • Rachel

    I am so ashamed at this article. “Shia LaBeouf Fooled Us All?” Who are we to determine someone’s salvation? We need to pray and lift up him instead of putting him down in disbelief that someone like him could be saved! Whether he is truly saved or not, we have no place in determining his salvation.

  • Adam Renkovish

    Who are you to judge Shia’s character? Are YOU really a Christian? Let’s put your faith onto the spotlight and see how well you come out. Let’s dig inside of your psyche and find out all of your dirty little secrets that you hide so well under that little mask of self-righteousness. You types are the biggest perverts behind closed doors. You all know it.

  • Adam Renkovish

    Yes, and you probably took those out of context. Feels good to be able to hold others to impossible standards. Feels even better when you can use Scripture as a means to justify it. Sorry. You lose.

  • Debbie

    Thank God, Christians do NOT have to take Shia’s conversion at face value. His conversion is between him and God. He didn’t become a Christian for other Christians (or maybe in your case “so-called” Christians). He became a Christian because the Holy Spirit worked in his life.

  • Debbie

    Praise be to God that others do not have to really ever know the true state of his heart. Shia’s Christianity is between him and his God!!!!

  • Why does it need to be about losing or winning? Are you accurately representing God’s character to non-Christians by declaring that you know the answer to secure your identity in your knowledge of God? What gain is there in determining the legitimacy of LeBeouf’s revelation? He, along with every other person on the planet, need prayers whether they follow your beliefs or not. Whether LeBeouf has decided to follow God or not should have no impact on each of our personal journeys of continual growth and revelation with God. Of course LeBeouf isn’t a “perfect Christian”. You aren’t. I’m not. No one is nor will ever be. We will ALL be learning and growing for the rest of our lives and into eternity. I personally hope that LeBeouf has had a revelation of God’s heart, but I still pray for him to grow in a deeper relationship with God as his personal Saviour and Lord.

  • I just want to encourage you that I think this article is just meant to stir up site traffic and conversations. While it is unfortunate that many Christians actually reflect the attitudes of the Pharisees, they do not acurately represent God;s character. Keep at the faith, grow closer to God, He’ll always be teaching all of us new things about Him. It’s not about weighing yourself against other Christians, Jesus paid the entire price. You just need to focus on God and let Him love you more.

  • Mark Barker

    2 Corinthians 5
    17Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

    I care about the story because other people will see it and believe it to be true and follow into a very dangerous and unreal form of worldly/Christian hybrid. Not saying anything when you see Satan’s handiwork is the same as taking part in it.

  • Mark Barker

    He has none.

    2 Corinthians 5
    17Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

    Nothing in his statement showed any signs of anything changing.

  • Katie

    Matthew 7:15-20 (ESV)
    “15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. 16 You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17 So, every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit. 18 A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a diseased tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Thus you will recognize them by their fruits.”

    It is not wrong for Christians to hesitate to believe Shia. Remember when Saul met the Lord on the road to Damascus? In Acts 9:10-14 God, Himself, told Ananias to go to Saul and Ananias basically said, ‘Do you know who you are asking me to go to?’ My point is, only time will tell the truth and only those who know what it means to be a Christian will be able to see. Unfortunately, that also means that a lot of souls could be lost along the way because they are following Shia, rather than Jesus.
    Just my .02 cents.

  • Adam Renkovish

    You people need to let it go. There is no way to know his heart. No way whatsoever. Pray for him and stop assuming that you know his heart.

  • Asher

    If you really hoped his conversion was real the title of your article would have reflected that sentiment. Instead it has the typical bait click title where you make your sensationalized opinion known. It’s a good thing Shia’s true nature with the Lord is truly between him and God and not with those so quick to judge him.

  • Asher

    Oops, I posted this under the wrong comment!
    If you really hoped his conversion was real the title of your article would have reflected that sentiment. Instead it has the typical bait click title where you make your sensationalized opinion known. It’s a good thing Shia’s true nature with the Lord is truly between him and God and not with those so quick to judge him.

  • Bee

    Fury features probably the largest leading Jewish cast of actors playing soldiers in a WWII movie ever (Logan Lerman, Jon Bernthal, Jason Isaacs, and whatever you make of LaBeouf).

  • Adam

    Ultimately, it’s between him and God where he stands. What we think doesn’t matter.

  • julie

    No one knows what is truly in any man’s heart. We art not to judge, and frankly if he did or did not become a Christian, it is between him and God, and none of our business.

  • Sampson

    I thought Brad Pitt was a Buddhist. But I read that he describes himself as 20% atheist and 80% agnostic. Either way, I was skeptical when I read that Shia Lebouf was persuaded by him of the truth of the Gospel. I hate to doubt anyone’s sincerity, but this one makes no sense.

  • David

    You can’t put words LaBeouf hasn’t said in quotation marks like you did, even if you try to differentiate between actual and hypothetical by putting one in bold. It is confusing at best, and it is putting words in his mouth.

    I’m not going to comment on whether or not he’s converted. I feel like no one can judge it off of this short of time, and I haven’t read any articles written from people who know him personally. What’s the point of speculation? Aren’t there more important things to focus on?

  • KB

    Shia doesn’t have to prove himself to any of us, only to the Lord. We are not fit to judge anyone. So the guy cursed in an interview, he’s probably more honest of a guy than any of those judging him for it. Judge not lest ye be judged. Until we are all perfect, we need to quit casting stones. Why does it seem that “Christians”…(myself included) who are supposed to set Christ-like examples, are some of the first to hold a person down, to criticize others? We should be the first lift our brothers and sisters in Christ up and celebrate them!

  • Sarah

    What exactly gives you the right to paraphrase his words? Can’t we all just be happy for him, pray for him, and be hopeful that his statements are the real deal? Not a single one of us is perfect, and only God knows our hearts. How would all of you like it if the entire world knew the things you did before you became a Christian, or since you’ve become one, and called you a liar and said you weren’t really saved? Because I guarantee none of you can say you haven’t slipped up from time to time.

  • Paula Williams

    Whether he is telling the truth is between him and God. At least it has opened a door for discussions about God with others.

  • Chris

    I’m just going to say this, should we wait to see if there is a change in the man before we start judging his conversion. The facts are that he said he found God, and the first thing I start reading is gossip about if he really did or not. I am the first to say be careful of what people believe when they read something like this, but not to go out and blast what might be true, and lead others to disbelief. In the writings it she even writes, “I’m pretty sure, it’s not true.” I would say that maybe we need to know without a doubt something is not true before we start spreading rumors about them, because the facts are if we do not know for sure, then it is nothing more then rumors and gossip. I would hate to see a new believer, if he is one, given even more problems then they already have to seek Christ and being overly judge and perhaps not wanting what he has because of the actions of others.

  • Aron

    You realise she added the non-bold text to the article when “quoting” Shia at the end, readers? This is a misleading and inappropriate article. I read the entire interview, and then to be sure I word searched the non-bold text. How can you put in quotations and lead readers to believe that the information you are adding came from the individuals mouth? That is manipulative and wrong.

    If you are going to write an article bashing someone for what they say, prove your inference with actual quotes from the interview, actual words from the person themselves.

    Why would you be so quick to assume his faith isn’t genuine? Why would you want so badly for him to be insincere?

    Rejoice in the salvation of others, no matter their past, choose to trust and love them first.

    I find this article sickening, misleading, ignorant, unsupportive, manipulative, speculative, etc. And being one of the first articles to come up after searching “Shia Labeouf Christian” it’s plain old irresponsible.

    Christians should have a better image than this.

  • Aron


  • Jenabah

    Everyone has their own walk with the Lord, it’s no one’s business but his alone. We have no right to investigate his determined salvation, period.

  • Sue McNeilly

    So well said!!

  • Maria

    As a Jesus follower (the Jesus who was full of GRACE and truth), I was seriously disturbed by what I just ready in your article Laura. There was absolutely nothing grace-filled or graceful in your words towards this actor. In fact I felt your words were quite the opposite; full of condemnation and sarcasm.
    I don’t know you personally so I don’t know if you yourself are a Jesus follower. But if you do profess to be that, I urge you to reconsider your heart attitudes towards people who claim a radical conversion with Jesus. I don’t know Shai L. But I pray his conversion is real and that even if its not “fully” real yet God will use all his experiences on set for his good and HIS glory. In closing…1. I doubt any Christians 2000 years ago believed Saul (Paul) was truly converted at first. If Christians are eager to believe Shia’s conversion is real then let them err on the side of FAITH, which is pleasing to God. I don’t think it is gullible to believe that our Creator can reach an actor on set (even if it isn’t true). 2. How will your writing such unloving words help anyone? To people who are already Debbie Downers like you, you will only stir up more seeds of sinful thoughts in their hearts. And for people who truly believe that God can reach a person, you only discourage their faith.
    3. How will your words help Shia? If he has seeds of the Good News in his heart, your words will not help to grow them.
    I pray you’ll choose your words more carefully next time.
    With love from a Sister in Christ, Maria

  • Give him a break.
    He is a baby christian, We are not required to be perfect when we get saved, just repentant and willing to follow. The rest comes with time and conviction of the Holy Spirit. The last thing any new Christian needs is nasty people like you becoming a stumbling block.

  • Clifton Houser

    In case you actually read this:

    On the topic of him getting saved, he said that David Ayer was the one that led him. That Brad Pitt was essential because of how great a contrast he was.

    Now, we know the media isn’t gonna ask about his faith much, since they hate Christianity in Hollywood.

    So what is David Ayer? Is he a quintessential Christian? to me, that plays a bigger role her. If David is a real Christian, than that may actually be a real confession.

    But just know, that assuming David is a solid born again believer, that LaBoufe’s claim to conversion will be easily tested by what he does next.

    But yeah, let’s see LaBoufe join Kirk Cameron on his latest film. That would mean more to me.


  • Jaslyn

    I agree with you J

  • Lauren

    I don’t think it’s up to you or me if he became a Christian or not. We are not God, God is God right? That statement sounds so simple and obvious, but people tend to try and “play God” daily, especially when trying to “figure out” if someone is saved or not.

  • mercedes

    Really who cares? We are too quick to judge if he is or isnt. Is the fact that he is going to change how we live our lives? NO. His life, His roles, His persona. One day he will have to give account not to us, but to the Almighty God, just like the rest of us.

  • Jessica

    God will judge you for your judgement. How dare you put words into anyone’s mouth.

  • Mike

    This article is clearly anti-Christite as are some of those commenting. When a Christian converts to Judaism, imagine if Christians were to call him stupid, filth, or any of the other epithets that have been flung at him by his former co-religionists? We’d never hear the end of it. Well, anti-christianism is no better than anti-semitism.

  • Brendt Wayne Waters

    “This is the same Shia Lebouf who…”
    “This is the same Peter who cussed a blue streak and denied even knowing Jesus.”
    “This is the same Paul who had Christians jailed and killed.”
    “This is the same David who knocked up some chick and had her husband whacked to try to cover it up.”

    Shall I go on with this foolishness?

  • Brendt Wayne Waters

    The moment before this article was released:

    Let’s see. If I’m wrong, I make Nathanael’s declaration of “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” seem like the height of graciousness and hope in an omnipotent God.

    If I’m right, I get to pat myself on the back and say “See, I told you so.”

    Yeah, that’s worth the gamble. Hit “Publish”.

  • Holly

    Or they are choosing to extend grace and believe that God still saves, even people who’ve made stupid choices in the past.

  • Holly


  • Darryl

    I have no idea of whether or not his conversion is sincere or an elaborate method acting technique.

    I do know this: we are far too preoccupied with celebrity culture. If he has bought into Jesus, wonderful. But regardless, his conversion is no more noteworthy than the young, homeless addict on the street corner who finds himself on the bottom and desperately grasps for any help he can. Equally loved. Equally important.

    I hope we would become just as excited over such a change of heart and celebrate with as much excitement and joy as when a celebrity decides to follow.

  • Kirsty Evans

    Since when does God need a vacation? Since when did He decide to let a blogger decide who is and isn’t a Christian? Oh wait, He didn’t. I’m guessing your blog is the reason for all the other blog posts about Christians not needing to fit neatly into boxes of our creating.

  • Erika

    To say that Shia has fooled us all is to say that you personally know him and his heart. I didn’t know you were God. I must have missed that memo. Just because he doesn’t fit into your version of Christian doesn’t mean he isn’t one. Read Romans 14. It should help.

  • Sharon

    Doesn’t really matter if we believe it only matters if he does. So get over yourselves. God knows his heart and ours. Mine is pretty dark at times but I know I am a Christian. Realizing that my heart is dark is the awareness that comes from being a Christian. I hope he is but I am not going to sit around questioning him when I need to work on me.

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  • Lauren

    You clearly do not know Jesus the way I know Jesus. The way that he talks about his conversion is so real, and only in a way someone who has a relationship with Jesus could. Just from watching the movie, before I was even aware of his public announcement, I could see the change in his face. The character he played was so real, so raw, not the cookie cutter type of Christian people mock, there was no way he could’ve faked it.
    I see a bitterness towards Christians in your writing but let me assure you that although the church may have made it’s mistakes when Jesus is truly represented there is only love and acceptance, and thats the Jesus Shia has clearly met. It doesn’t matter what his past is like or if he still cusses or continues acting in crude movies, the love that is now in him will begin to mold his true identity and clearly it already has. I mean just look at Brad Pitt, he is no cookie cutter Christian but the relationship is there.
    Shia is a wonderful actor but there is no faking this evident truth. Method acting may have been what started him on this journey but the true love of Jesus is what changed his heart.

  • Lauren

    We are never required to be perfect. He will continue to stumble probably the entirety of his life and relationship but he has been reconciled and forgiven and thats all that matters. The truth within him will mold him into the person the Lord has called him to be, and whoever that is is no business of ours.

  • J

    I can’t find the following quote in any interview:

    “It was hard to let go of control when I was acting and surrender to the principles of method acting, which include embracing the whole persona of your character. That was wild! But now that it’s over, I am not playing a role any longer and do not believe it.”

    Where does Shia LaBeouf say the quoted line above? It’s not in the Interview article where the rest of these quotes are taken. I read the six pages, did a word search through the document and can’t find it. Maybe you can? http://www.interviewmagazine.com/film/shia-labeouf

    From Laura’s article – The most revealing affirmation of this theory comes from the film’s director himself. In an interview with Esquire, David Ayer said of Shia’s public antics “He’s manipulating people. It’s like performance art. It’s very conscious on his part.”

    Ayer says that in reference to LaBeouf pulling his own tooth for the movie, and not showering and showing up to set in a UFO – the things that the author of this article calls him out on. From the interview, quoted in full:

    ESQ: It seems Shia LaBeouf, at least recently, is starting to turn things around personally after some bizarre behavior. Were you concerned for him at all during shooting?

    DA: I think with Shia it’s interesting. The rumors are all fun, but at the end of the day you have a guy who’s a child actor and is seen and known for a body of work but happens to be the real deal. Who happens to be a freaking brilliant actor. I saw a lot of what he was doing as just trying to shed that skin and literally burn himself in effigy in public so that he can walk out of the ashes and be reborn as this brilliant, freaking capable adult actor. He was all in. He went and embedded himself with the National Guard unit, he started prep before anybody. He shadowed a military chaplin, learned how to minister to troops, scripture, he really went in deep in these incredible ways.

    ESQ: Did you check in from time to time?

    DA: Oh, I tracked him. [Laughs] I tracked the hell out of him. But I loved working with him. He was zero problems for me and all the public stuff that he didn’t take a shower or he pulled a tooth or he came to set in a UFO—people can’t separate the public and the private. He’s on my set working his ass off and then he’d go and put something on Twitter.

    ESQ: So what you’re saying is all that was an act to mess with people?

    DA: He’s manipulating people. It’s like performance art. It’s very conscious on his part. But from a PR standpoint, from the way you’re supposed to be in the business, yeah, you’re not supposed to do that. But he’s got the freaking talent to back his play so it’s fine.

    I guess I’m just not understanding where Shia LaBeouf said that his conversion is a gag and he doesn’t actually believe it.

  • toby ellis

    I’m also pretty even the disciples didn’t believe Paul was truly saved; that he was trying to fool them as well. Hopefully there aren’t too many people like this author who try and push Shia out of the church.

    Ghandi was interested in Jesus too. He visited a church But wasnt allowed in the door because he was the wrong color. He went back to India and spread Hinduism. That usher of a church in England might be held responsible for 2 million souls.

    If Shia is fooling everyone, Thats his fault. It doesn’t effect my Faith. However not taking his conversion seriously could possibly effect his and who knows who he’d be able to reach in the future.

  • Em

    My sentiments exaclty.

  • Devcy

    It’s not your place to judge. If he had a sincere conversion experience, great. I will admit he is kind of a loose nut, so were most Jesus disciples. Examine your own heart, leave Shia’s to God.

  • Dee

    For future reference:
    Actors of fully Jewish background: -Logan Lerman, Natalie Portman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Mila Kunis, Bar Refaeli, James Wolk, Julian Morris, Esti Ginzburg, Kat Dennings, Erin Heatherton, Odeya Rush, Anton Yelchin, Paul Rudd, Scott Mechlowicz, Lizzy Caplan, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Gal Gadot, Robert Kazinsky, Melanie Laurent, Marla Sokoloff, Shiri Appleby, Justin Bartha, Adam Brody, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Gabriel Macht, Halston Sage, Seth Gabel, Alden Ehrenreich.

    Actors with Jewish mothers and non-Jewish fathers -Jake Gyllenhaal, Dave Franco, Scarlett Johansson, Daniel Radcliffe, Alison Brie, Eva Green, Emmy Rossum, Jennifer Connelly, Eric Dane, Jeremy Jordan, Joel Kinnaman.

    Actors with Jewish fathers and non-Jewish mothers, who themselves were either raised as Jews and/or identify as Jews: -Andrew Garfield, Ezra Miller, Gwyneth Paltrow, Alexa Davalos, Nat Wolff, James Maslow, Josh Bowman, Ben Foster, Nikki Reed, Zac Efron, Jonathan Keltz.

    Actors with one Jewish-born parent and one parent who converted to Judaism -Dianna Agron, Sara Paxton (whose father converted, not her mother), Alicia Silverstone, Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

  • Noneyabusiness

    Whatever happened to the church that accepts anyone regardless of who they are? The church was supposed to be welcoming to anyone. At least that what my Father (priest) had consistently delivered with his hymns at Mass.

    This is one reason why I stay away from Christian News websites. A lot of what I see on these sites is very judgemental and sometimes hateful articles that berate people as the writers see fit.


  • ScoutFinch2014

    She’s not making the point that he committed sins in the past, but that he has a long history of method acting, performance art and outright deception.

  • ScoutFinch2014

    The evangelical church has never had a policy of accepting anyone regardless of what they do or believe (and neither does the Catholic Church, for the matter). The apostle Paul was vigilant about both false believers and false teachers, and encouraged all believers to do the same. See 1 Corinthians 5.

  • ScoutFinch2014

    Others do indeed need to know the true state of his heart. If he wants to participate in the church and in communion, his salvation should be evident and testable.

  • ScoutFinch2014

    “GOD: my lord, fierce, wild, and romantic.” That’s actually quite disturbing, Tyler.

  • ScoutFinch2014

    Christianity is exclusive, and there is only one way to God. It is absolutely Biblical to determine whether a person’s salvation is authentic and their doctrine is sound. The idea that we have to allow everyone to worship God in their own way and never question their salvation is antithetical to Scripture, dangerous for the church, and can lead to people thinking they’re saved when they’re not.

  • Brendt Wayne Waters

    Though I think the article to be way out of line, my comment was in response to this (http://lauraturner.religionnews.com/2014/10/27/shia-labeouf-fooled-us/?replytocom=93263#comment-38310), which makes the article look absolutely Christ-like. It says nothing about his art.

  • Brendt Wayne Waters

    Your reading comprehension skills leave much to be desired. Noneya referenced “who they are”. You magically changed that into “what they do/believe”. The gap between those two issues is the heart of the Gospel.

  • Brendt Wayne Waters

    Great. And I’m sure the pastors and elders of his church are the only ones who write/read this blog. Gimme a break.

  • Brendt Wayne Waters

    “It is absolutely Biblical to determine whether a person’s salvation is authentic” — Verse, please?

  • Brendt Wayne Waters

    I agree — there’s a whole lot in the Bible that’s very disturbing.

  • Tom Rawlings

    Exactly. I believe that it’s up to God to make the final call. Until then, let’s just see what kind of fruit is produced.

  • Tobias Ellis

    This particular point makes no sense. Even Jesus allowed Judas to participate in His ministry and take communion. Judas even held a position of authority.

    Shia LaBeouf participating in the church, whether he truly believes or not, with prayer can be a good thing. Shunning him out of the church based on his past is ridiculous and not grace.

    The God I serve can use anyone. And it’s usually the undesirables that reach the most people.

  • Tobias Ellis

    The Bible does discuss looking at what fruit a person produces. If they bear good fruit or bad fruit. But lots of people want to “cut down the tree because it was planted in soil that previously held a thorn bush”.

    Shia LaBeouf’s conversion is being judged based on his past mistakes. No one trusts that God can change a person’s heart. They don’t even want to give it a chance to produce good fruit.

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  • Hope

    Laura Turner,
    Your mistake in this article was not truly knowing what a Christian is. Next time I would do further research on Christianity before deciphering whether someone is one or not. No Christian is perfect. Christians are people who admit they are sinners. Just because Shia is not perfect does not mean his statement is false. However this article is completely false. You should have researched all the positive things Shia has done in his life, instead of just the negative. Only God knows what is in Shias heart making your opinion invalid.

  • Megan S

    I truly hope Shia has found Jesus. We are all born lost and when any of us becomes Found, it is a joyous thing to celebrate. We all know Hollywood can be incredibly damaging to people, and the point is they are still PEOPLE. They’re no less deserving of love and salvation than we are. God knows Shia’s heart and Hollywood, skepticism, and speculation are none too big for Him. Just pray for him as a person, the way you would any other of God’s children.

  • Rachel

    I disagree. While I see the point you are trying to make, and I think it is valid to try to be wise and not fooled by the world and anything that the news publishes, I think your final quote of his actually negates the logic train you were working through. It seems he met his match–or rather, had an encounter with his Maker–and wrestled with the control he usually wields as a method actor, and the fact that he’d gotten in so deep he now felt out of control spiritually. It sounds like it may have been a religious experience for him, and perhaps you’re right on one point: the method acting became so real, finally, it forced him to face some personal issues. The method acting might have actually been what helped him, rather than us sarcastically suggesting that it’s all a lie. Perhaps God worked together in this actor’s heart with the method that the actor enjoys, playing with his sense of self, art, and control. I can buy it.

  • Rachel

    Rereading his last quote once more, it sounds to me like he’s describing something new he had never experienced before with acting. Previously, he has felt in control, and perhaps enjoyed manipulating people. On this movie, he ceased to feel in control. He has mentioned in previous interviews that he runs to acting to hide from his life. Sounds like he had a wild experience with this and felt it harder to remain in control while running from life. Seems like that could point to an actual spiritual experience?

  • E

    Thank you for the opinion, Laura. Your piece brings me to question if someone claims to have “became a Christian” such as Shia did, is such an instant claim to religion even possible? In this day and age, so many young people are left with little traditional religious guidance due to lack of time and interest. But in the case of method acting, do you think it possible that Shia started with method acting and ended with true belief in Christianity? I cannot tell, as I believe many others would agree, is Shia is pretending to believe or if his claims are truly authentic and valid. I just wonder if both the fact that A, he was method acting AND B, that he has truly found God are both possible and true. Time will tell if he stays with the Lord or disperses, proving the role to have worn off or proving the role equal to his own reality.

  • Brendt Wayne Waters

    Basically, you’re “questioning” how limited God is.

  • Angelica

    Are you kidding me? It is none of your concern if he truly is a “Christian”. That’s between him and God. Who are you to even judge him? I’m so tired of Christians pointing fingers, claiming “he’s not Christian enough” or “he doesnt act like a Christian”. If there was a camera crew following your every move, I am sure that you would not look like the “perfect” Christian. and guess what? thats okay! We arent perfect. Stop pointing fingers and focus on yourself. You’re the reason why people are running away from Christianity. Who would want to be part of a religion that points fingers and judges, when they themselves arent perfect? Take this article down. It’s disgusting.

  • Joss

    Wow seriously? It’s people like you who give us true believers a bad name to the rest of the world. Not only did you judgmentally write such a dreadful article, but you LIED. I read the real interview and the words not written in bold were NOT anything he said whatsoever. You just made all of that up so you could back up the stupid title of this article: “Shia LaBeouf Fooled Us All”. You smell like a hypocritical pharisee from the inside out.

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  • Jon

    Oh please… You just broke the rule. One scripture quotes are illegal. I am sure glad you are not God. But then again… It is by grace you have been saved… Please reread your bible quote a little bit more carefully. Look at the tense (past/present/future).

  • Jon

    To whom? You? Ugghhh. Ok, let’s say he is not telling the truth. What is the worst that will happen to him? He will go to hell?

  • Jon

    I’m am not sure what you mean by “exclusive”… do you mean “inclusive” (to all)? If so, then I agree. You are correct there is only 1 way to God and that is through His son, Jesus Christ (of Nazareth). Also know that salvation is a gift and that NO ONE can come to this understanding by his own accord (while we may think we are smart, we not that smart). In the bible, when Jesus took a few disciples up the mountain and he asked Peter, “Who do you think I am?” and Peter’s response “You are the Christ” and Jesus said “This [answer] was not from you, but the Holy Spirit.” Pardon my paraphrasing (Look it up). My point is this: God is so awesome that not only did He provide a way for us (free gift / salvation / reconciliation), but He also gives us the answer where all we need to do is respond. It’s like me holding out $20 and asking “Who wants this” – everybody raises their hand, but nobody moves… I then say, “You have to come and get it.” Ah-ha. Light bulb.

  • Jon

    Uh… Clinton. Please. No. While I admit, they (the films) are getting a bit better.

  • Anna

    I just did a good amount of research into your sources and they’re all skewed by the media (plenty of drastic inconsistencies) or completely fabricated. This article is not credible and poorly constructed. I won’t be reading anything from here again. Great attempt to rub dirt in the face of a man discovering his place with God.

    And may I just say to the commenters: Not every new Christian has learned now to use tactful language. Pray for his healing– this valued human being of God– instead of calling him unclean based on legalistic values.

  • TheKnowerseeker

    We simply need to look at his fruits going forward. But don’t hold his past against him, because that may be prior to obtaining the Holy Spirit, which makes you a new creature.

  • WakeUpChurch

    Really? I am so heart-sad over this piece. Who are you or anyone else to judge someone’s statement of faith? Only God can judge the heart. Wake up, Church! Can we get down to the business of loving people the way Jesus would and stop proving people who call us judgmental, out-of-touch hypocrites right? Or does the Spirit of Truth, the Power that raised Jesus from the dead compel us to comment on the spiritual states of everyone around us? I think not! Let’s look to the planks in our own eyes…

  • Ashley Rodriguez

    I agree. God would totally use something like this. I believe it was his method acting which saved him. How dare we put words in his mouth? And why would we? It is God who knows the Truth until we see his “fruit,” or lack thereof. In the meantime, we should stop judging and start praying. If there is any doubt, we should pray for true salvation. That is my personal belief.

  • Ruth

    …what a stupid artcle and most of the comments!

    f&$@***g judgers

    If Shia’s life changed because he found something greater than himself to believe in, great. What does he have to gain by “coming out” with his Christianity? …probably not as much as he has to lose. It’s not likely to gain him a lot of brownie points in the movie industry.
    Leave the poor kid alone and let him struggle to figure out his own life!

  • tooBlessed847

    Wow! Really interesting and i always did have a hunch about him being a person who really had a hunger for the truth looking for something that was real, pure and eternal because many times when you are troubled person and turn to various bad habits to cope with them that usually is a something that can lead you to a spiritual awakening as one realizes that only God alone can fill the void and restore us to sanity for such troubled people that turned to such methods which seem right at the time and therefore end up being a pathway to that spiritual awakening because doesn’t let anything go to waste. It does sound like he had a genuine conversion; all it takes is a genuine encounter with him and i do like his comments of letting go of control which is essential to surrendering and that is one of the biggest keys to coming into close and personal relationship with the Creator and coming to know Him as the one true God and Jesus Christ whom He sent to be the propitiation for us all-1 John 4:1; John 17:3.

  • tooBlessed847

    Let us not forget the message of the true Gospel of peace, hope and grace:
    Mark 2:17 (paraphrase) think not that i have come to call those who are self-righteous religious folks but instead I have come to call those who know they are sinners and lost without God’s help-the poor in spirit; it’s not those that are well that need a doctor but those that are not well that need a physician.
    John 8:7 let him who is without sin (made totally free from sin) to throw out the first stone.
    James 2:13 judgment without mercy will be shown to him who has not had any mercy on others; mercy triumphs over judgment.

  • tooBlessed847

    our hearts as a true follower of Christ should be to see sinners come into repentance let us not forget that Christ came to call the true sinners to repentance not the self-righteous religious people-Mk 2:17; instead of antagonizing sinners by treating sin as lawyers like the pharisees did which showed no compassion but instead use the shortcomings of others to magnify themselves. We should see sin from a viewpoint of a physician instead of that of a lawyer by accusations and evil suspicions because it’s not up to us to judge those weightier matters of the heart only God can do an accurate assessment of our hearts because that is overstepping our boundaries. Our job is to hope for those troublesome people (because we are all troubled and or emotionally sick to some degree and recovering) to come to that saving grace of God and taste of His goodness because it’s the goodness of God that brings a sinner into repentance-Romans 2:4. enough with religiosity that is so quick to point the fingers and have evil suspicions and let us be of good will with all men; remember that the law was given by Moses but grace and truth (truth is on the side of grace) came by Jesus Christ-John 1:17. and we are not under the law but under grace which teaches and enables us to deny ungodliness and worldly lust as the grace of God has appeared unto all men, teaching us to live soberly, righteous and godly in this present world-Romans 6:14; Titus 2:11-12. Peace be with you all

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  • Melissa

    The miracle of the seed of the Word of God is that it can grow in the most barren of places. God will deal with him as He deals with all of us. In his darkest hour, I’m sure that Still Small Voice will speak to him – and in a way that will capture his attention. I’m too busy dealing with the log in my eye to point a finger at another; but I know the grace of God. I know the power of it. It’s my prayer when this man searches for something to fill the emptiness the world can’t fill, he finds Jesus waiting there, with open arms. I pray he can forgive those who have hurt him and forgive himself so that he can grow into a person who can change the world for the better.

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  • John C.

    One thing that strikes me about the quotes from Shia concerning his conversion is that he remains nonspecific. Giving over control to whom? Exchanging your heart with what? Shia doesn’t ever really mention Christ. Was it method acting? I don’t know, but I would expect a recognition of the one who “really saved me”. Just a thought.

  • TJ

    What do I think?
    I think your opinion doesn’t matter at all. I think that God has called us to LOVE all of his beautiful, crazy, abnormal children. It doesn’t matter what we “think” his relationship with Jesus is real or not real. It matters where Shia knows his relationship is! If his craft is where the Lord changed his heart then so be it! I pray you’re wrong and if you’re right maybe we all should spend a little more time praying for Shia to truly know Jesus instead of judging him.
    Just a thought.

  • Jessica Blackley

    I am aware you are entitled to your opinion and have the right to express it. However, if you are to call yourself a Christian, I think it is very dangerous to post this online available for countless non-believers to see. It does not represent our Christian faith. It does not represent God’s unconditional love for all. I am not perfect, neither are you, nor anyone reading this or your article. Yet why is it that because we live under the influence and power of the almighty and righteous God that some Christians deem it appropriate to judge others? Shia has said he has found new life with Christ. Amazing! Why must we jump on the judging-band-wagon? Who are we to judge? God created US, He is perfect, not us. ‘In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” – Luke 15:10. What a beautiful scripture. Just because Shia is a successful actor in the mainstream industry does not mean he is not genuine.

  • Kc

    Shame on you for questioning something like this. The only person who really knows is Jesus. Your job is to be supportive and pray for him. Not to make a mockery of him in the media. How would you feel if somebody wrote an article about you because they didn’t like the way you behave? Questioning your faith? Very disappointing.

  • Frank Jones

    Wow…I’m kinda embarrassed to be called a Christian. Where’s the love you claim to have? Where’s the joy? Weren’t you just cussing in your article? “We all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” Even after salvation. You don’t know his heart and you sound like a straight hater. A Pharisee in search of religious perfection instead of a genuine heart for God. Whether he is lying or not, that’s really none of your concern, for all you know, that news (fake or not) may have worked in someone else’s heart to pursue God and all you seek is for the destruction of Ninevah!

  • Yjiu

    I get your point, but it’s pointless. If Shia is really saved, he is not saved to and/ or for you. If he’s lying, it doesn’t affect you in any way. He is answerable to one person alone. Why don’t you just face your walk in Christ, assuming you walk in Him and let Shia’s Lord make that call….

  • Misty

    Is He not these things? I believe He is. He is all-powerful and omnipotent. He created the wild things, He is force in His love, He is loyal and true, and the Love of my life and the life of His bride, the church. He created romance and woos us with His Holy Spirit.
    He is all these things. Nothing disturbing here.

  • Abby

    I think … It sounds like you’re putting words in his mouth. I also am wondering why you care if it’s authentic or not even more inmortantly why you’re trying to “determine” if it is or isn’t? I agree with what others said that its between him and God. If you were his friend it might matter enough to discuss it but certainly not in public media. I have a feeling you don’t know him personally and thus will not be walking with him in his faith or have the opportunity to encourage him to continue to pursue perhaps the little faith he has acquired through “method acting” as you believe…. And thus have no business discussing whether his faith is authentic or not… Especially publicly. However, we have freedom of speech thank God. But being s “Christian” yourself it would better suit your title to not judge or stir up rumors even if it is about a “celebrity” who doesn’t really seem like a real person to most. That’s what this post sounds like to me.

  • Robert Clemmons

    Hi Laura. The truth is, I don’t think any of us will ever really know until we meet in heaven who is a genuine person of faith, and who is not. But fortunately, we don’t have to make that judgement call. Mr.LaBeouf stands in a position that most of us fortunately do not stand in, and that is dead-center spotlight. As a celebrity, everything you do is over-analyzed and judged by public opinion. I wish him well in his journey of faith, and I certainly encourage him as I would any other new believer. But in reality, who of us have ever escaped being judged by others? There are myriads of celebrities who have publicly professed their faith and been judged poorly by contemporaries. And many have been ridiculed for the life changes they make upon taking that step of faith. But it isn’t up to us, because we cannot know their hearts. I think we all need to be encouragers, and more accepting of individuals from all walks of life.

  • Abby

    Some quotes from another post addressing posts such as this one:

    We don’t know if it’s authentic or not… He said what he said. Let him live out his life and let the Holy Spirit do His Work. If we try to be the judge we run into problems because we find flaws in so called ” believers” but isn’t that why Jesus died? For our flaws? I know you aren’t question his faith based on his lifestyle rather the simple fact you feel it was never authentic to begin with based on his acting methods… But really who could know for certain? Could you know? Could you be his judge?

    “Bad language may take years to weed out. Even more difficult to extract is the pride that drives judgemental Christians to mock the Spirit’s work in a man seeking his Creator.”
    ” To expect God to pump out prefabricated plastic moral people out of a religious factory is to neuter grace and chain it inside a gated community.”
    “Grace is messy, offensive and sometimes misses church.”

    Preston Sprinkle

  • Kailu McQueen

    Wow, as a Christian I am astounded at how judgemental and unchristian like all of this is. I have been praying for Shia for years and will continue to do so. Remember this, “he who is without sin, cast the first stone”. All I’m seeing here is stone throwing. Heaven have mercy when you stand before the throne on judgement day!

  • TeeCee76

    I have believed in God all my life, but made a conscious decision 28 years ago to follow God. I still occasionally swear, enjoy a few alcoholic drinks on occasion, smoked like a chimney up until 7 years ago, have dabbled in the occult in my early years, became a drug addict and overcame that same addiction, am on my second marriage and two out of my four children were born outside of marriage. I can be highly sarcastic, struggle with holding grudges, have hated and forgiven, struggle with patience, pride and many other sins – All since becoming a Christian at 11 And yet, let one person try to tell me I am not a ‘real Christian’ or that my conversion was fake, or even try to use 2 corinthians 5:17 against me. My God knows my heart, and His is the ONLY opinion that matters. I will pray for you, as well as all the others who call themselves Christian, yet sit in judgement and show no love for others in your OPINION

  • Derek Barolet

    I dont think its your job to judge whether he isnt. I am pretty sure that is between him and God…

  • ccws

    What happened between Shia and God on the set of “Fury” is entirely between them, but ironically, “Bible” was a pretty thoroughly obectionable character who, instead of accepting the sad necessity of going to war against the Nazis, actually got a kick out of killing enemy soldiers. Not a very good model for a follower of the Prince of Peace… *smh*

  • Kelly

    I never really comment on stuff like this, but this article broke my heart. What if he really was saved by the great Rescuer? What if we chose to believe Shia, to encourage him to take more steps of faith, to “taste and see that the Lord is good” instead of tearing down his faith?

    I’m just thinking about how much it must offend God when we say “sorry, God. I believe you can do ALL THINGS, but I don’t really believe one of your children is legitimate.” Ouch!

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  • Well, ultimately, sanctification is slow for some; in my case, the word of God took hold in time and God was faithful. Here’s a recent newscast on Shia:


    This does not in any way prove that Shia is NOT a Christian, mind you.

  • Stephy

    I should think that does prove it its been several months and he has in no way bared fruit that say he’s a Christian because matter of fact that’s what the word says, that we shall know our own based on the fruit they bare. Living a sinful life and occasionally repenting to sin again is not what being a Christian is. The bible says we find God and change and we have to walk the walk not just talk the talk.

  • The only thing that made me doubt the sincerity of the conversion was the way in which he announced it — saying he became a Christian but not in an “f..ing.. b.s” sort of way. The language and the claim don’t go together. “If you claim to be religious but don’t control your tongue, you are fooling yourself, and your religion is worthless.” James 1:26.

  • oriol romeu

    Why are you judging him on whether he is an actual christian? if he says he found God, good! why are you questioning his sincerity? what does the Bible say about judgement? what a terrible article

  • Himmler

    I actually admire him for talking about government phone taps. Note how all the weird and erratic behavior started after he went public with that info. Likely, he is being told to act silly to brush over and discredit the truth he leaked.

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  • Joseph Ange DuMares

    He Like JESUS is a JEW. PERIOD!

  • Julie

    I agree with you! None of us know the circumstances behind this young man’s behaviour. Why is it that people get so much pleasure frim watching another human being deconstruct. Where is the empathy, the compassion. I believe the answer lies here: 2 Timothy 3:1 – 5
    But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come. For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traders, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its powers. And from such people turn away!
    Shia – I’m praying for u my friend!