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  • Kathleen Hass

    I began reading the “prosperity gospel” article and was stopped again because I don’t subscribe. That is a real irritant. Please don’t link up with sites like that. Thanks.

  • Doc Anthony

    I don’t think anybody was or is expecting Catholicism’s first Gay-Marriage Pope, to start insisting on the historicity and accuracy of Genesis creation claims.

    Not a chance, baby. Not a chance.

  • Lauren Markoe

    Hi Kathleen: I understand why you were irritated, and it is usually my policy not to link up with sites that don’t allow everyone free access to the article. I made an exception in this case because the site offered not just a paragraph of the article but a decent chunk of the piece — what seems likes a full page — before it cuts non-subscribers off. That may have been a bad call on my part, but the gist of article is available to all, and, on balance, I thought it worthwhile to put it out there. Just my thinking, and thanks for writing. Lauren

  • John McGrath

    What is new about a Pope accepting the validity of evolutionary science. Evolution is taught in Catholic schools. Scopes of the famous Scopes trail on evolution was a practicing Catholic. Of course any Catholic opinion related to the Bible will be rejected by Bible literal Christians. But please do to paint a positive statement of support on evolution to be news.

  • John McGrath

    Evolution has long been accepted by Catholics. This has nothing to do with the gay issue, or your bias on that issue.

  • John McGrath

    Catholics do not take Genesis I, II to be a lesson in science or history. Nothing new about that.

  • John McGrath

    How is property not a blessing? Like healing. Prosperity heals the wrong of poverty. Whether this accomplished through prayer or making big donations to a rich minister is another matter.

  • Greg

    ISIS bans the teaching of evolution, yes, and many publicly funded secondary schools and colleges censor teachers and professors who try to offer scientific critiques of neo-Darwinian theory.