Stop the War on Halloween!

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Jack-o' lantern


Jack-o' lantern

Jack-o' lantern

Jack-o’ lantern

I can’t tell you how totally bummed I am by the War on Halloween that’s taking place in Newington, Connecticut, just over the southern border of my own West Hartford.

You haven’t heard of it? Well, it’s big news here in the Nutmeg State.

It seems that a few years ago two of Newington’s four elementary schools cancelled traditional Halloween parties and parades “because of concerns that they exclude children whose families don’t celebrate the holiday.” And this year, because of some kind of bureaucratic consistency imperative, the town’s other two elementary schools have been obliged to axe their Halloween festivities too.

These have been replaced with “fall- or harvest-themed” celebrations — reports of which have, not surprisingly, created quite the stir among Halloween traditionalists in our Land of Steady Habits. “You’re caving to radical Islam,” read one email to a school official. “It’s called ‘Trojan Horse.'”

Holy political correctness, Batman!

Actually, it’s unclear who’s being caved to. According to Newington Elementary Education Director Wendy Crouse, some families sent their children to the principal’s office or kept them home from school on days of the parades or parties for religious or other reasons.

“What was happening with the costume parade is we were actually encouraging a celebration of it and that’s where the line has to be drawn,” Crouse said. And believe it or not, there are some professors who actually approve of this line-drawing.

“Fall or harvest-themed celebrations” is just as bad as “Seasons Greetings!” We’ve got to put the Hallow back in Halloween. Where’s Bill O’Reilly when we need him?

  • Rolando Rodriguez

    “Where’s Bill O’Reilly when we need him?” Where’s the hallow weenie?

  • David Tatem

    Of course the media is completely misrepresenting the issue. As a parent of Newington elementary school kids I am 100% in support of the change. The only thing that was cancelled is a costume parade. There are still parties and pumpkins and witches and ghosts. See this article for some perspective on the issue:

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  • Kevan Scott

    I’m not thrilled about it either Mark, but, if you allow one exemption for one “religious’ holiday then you would have to allow for another. Me, I have no trouble with Halloween celebrations being replaced with Fall Festivals, or Christmas celebrations being replaced with some sort of winter celebration. The point is that when these celebrations of Halloween and especially Christmas are used as an excuse to promote a particular religion, like say, Christianity, then it crosses the line. I know of folks who condemn any Halloween celebration because they say it honors the “devil and praise the Christmas celebrations as honoring Jesus, and boy, do they condemn the gov’t/courts when they ban these events because of their religious connotations. So, in the end, what are school systems, and we, supposed to do? Just ignore the sometimes blatent attempts of the religious to turn these events into opportunities for converting children, (and often against the parents wishes) into a school leaders particular flavor of religion or do we just ban anything that has a religious theme to it? Sorry, but I have to fall on the side of those who object to public schools celebrating and often using these events for religious purposes.

  • Check out the professors “who actually approve” (click above) and you’ll find we don’t particularly disagree, Kevan.

  • ronald

    Many years ago, the popular Christian leader Christine O’Donnell spoke out against celebrating Halloween due to the human sacrifices and other witchcrafts that occur on this “holiday.” She was mocked, but now people are waking up to her Christian wisdom.

    I, for one, am glad that human sacrifices will no longer occur in the schools of Newington, Conneticut!

  • Larry

    “I, for one, am glad that human sacrifices will no longer occur in the schools of Newington, Conneticut!”


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