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  • Doc Anthony

    Is anybody in the solar system surprised at Elton John’s and MSNBC’s continuing love affair with Pope Francis? Sheesh. They know a good thing (for them, anyway) when they see one.

  • Garson Abuita

    Glad to see Ablow has concluded we’ve won the wars against Al Qaeda, ISIS, and all our Iraqi enemies. Somehow I don’t think he’ll be crediting Obama.

    On a very separate topic, I was under the impression that “Hasids” was seen as somewhat pejorative, as opposed to “Hasidim.”

  • Mike

    Chasids is just the English version of the plural Chasidim. Not pejorative.

  • David Gibson

    Technically I should have written Chasidim but the many Orthodox Jews I know here use Chasids or (Hasids) pretty readily. Maybe they are being kind to my goyische lack of Hasid hipness. I didn’t see Hasids as pejorative but would like to know if it is.