• CarrotCakeMan

    The right-wing political bishops have attacked the good Catholic Sisters for being “insufficiently homophobic,” and unwilling to help the bishops with their crass political machinations, but that did them no good, simply increasing respect by Americans for the Sisters and decreasing yet further any respect we once had for the bishops. So what makes the bishops think attacking the Jesuits will have a better result for their anti-gay political agenda?

  • Tom-in-ElPaso

    And they wonder why their pews are emptier with each passing hearse. The under 30s are sick and tired of their LGBT friends being treated less than. Keep digging and see where it gets you.

  • “Apart from Creighton, 21 other Jesuit universities now provide benefits to same-sex partners.”

    Is there a list of these 21 Jesuit universities?

  • Ignatius

    Even from the point of view of dogma, it’s completely inconsistent to offer benefits to couples who are on their second marriage and deny it to same-sex couples.

    And from the point of view of Christian charity, making it hard for sick human beings to get medical care when it is in your power to help them is about as non-Christian as you can get.

  • Larry

    I would love for someone to claim how not providing family benefits to the families of gay employees shows “kindness and concern for their immortal soul”. Its great for giving a good reason to laugh at “Christian morality”.

    It is always ridiculous when allegedly devout people become rabid frothing at the mouth when Christian authority figures decide to treat gays like human beings.

    “Oh no, they are deciding to be Christ-like in their loving of their neighbors, WE CAN’T HAVE THAT!!!”

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  • William

    Encouraging sin such as homosexual behavior, that seperates people from God is not kindness.

    Larry and Carrotman, you seem klanish in your hatred of Catholics.

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