• Ralph Hythloday

    The headline is misleading: The penguin in the story was not Christened but blessed. Only a human can be Christened, anything can be blessed.

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  • Mark Rich

    Your story on Pope Francis’ statement about evolution and creation mistakenly says “evangelical Protestantism” – thus conflating all Protestants with all evangelicals (in the American sense of that word, not the European sense). As far as I’m aware, most Protestants are clear that one can believe in the creation of the universe by God and that one can also understand evolution as one part of that creation.

  • John

    I believe they changed the headline. Good call.

  • Kevin Eckstrom

    Mark, that’s a good point, but a debateable one. Some Christians, especially in the U.S., insist that evolution has absolutely no place in creation. Others say evolution fits within the creation framework.

    The reason why we said “evangelical Protestantism” instead of just “Protestantism” was to make the distinction that not all Protestants are evangelicals or agree with them on evolution. Then again, even not all evangelicals agree on this.

  • Kevin Eckstrom

    John, Ralph … also good points. I used “christening” because it clearly wasn’t a baptism, and I thought “blessing” was a little generic. But point taken.

  • John McGrath

    Landrieu is a Catholic and Democrat. Catholics, to Robinson, are not Christians, And to Robinson women belong in the home, caring for the kids. So of course he would be opposed to Landrieu. In his thinking she cannot possible be godly. The alliance between the Catholic hierarchy and far right Christians liem Robinson is purely pragmatic. And cynical.

  • John McGrath

    A better term for most of the fundamentalist would be Bible literalists. That term would exclude many Evangelicals and accurately describe the large sub-group that rejects evolution.

    Evangelicals vary. The liberal Lutheran branch is the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Makes, sense, since evangelical originally meant Bible based Christianity, what Luther advocated. As opposed to the Catholic Church’s base of the Bible, Tradition and Reason (including Natural Law, which is totally not Bible based).