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  • This sounds great! I look forward to reading more. Your voice is much-needed.

  • This is fantastic! I’m so thrilled that RNS has asked you to join their team–your voice is very much needed. I’ve seen incredibly positive results of your leadership, advocacy, and bridge-builing in the Adventist Church, especially on college campuses, but really in all of the many places where people are beginning to engage in the voices and stories that they now are realizing they haven’t heard. I’ve lost count of how many screenings of our film you’ve helped facilitate, and your contributions continue to grow and expand me and those listening. Looking forward to reading more.

    Daneen Akers
    “Seventh-Gay Adventist: A Film About Faith on the Margins”

  • Welcome Eliel!

    I was a pleasure to meet you at Notre Dame this weekend!

  • Sue Backer

    I look forward to your words and actions. I’m actually excited with hope that the “church people” will choose to learn to listen with love and begin living that love in action instead of just a concept.
    Thank you for following your calling and continuing on the path Christ has planned for you!

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  • Doc Anthony

    Well, THIS promises to be an interesting development. I don’t know how things will go, but certainly looking forward to your essays.

  • Earold D. Gunter

    Glad to see RNS has added a journalist with your perspective. May the revealed humanity in your work bring about a new perspective among those who read it. Until then, keep your skin thick.

    Peace & Love from the Four Flags area 😉

  • Curious

    “I don’t know how things will go…”

    Really? My money is on you ranting about the “Gay Gestapo.”

  • Larry M

    Welcome, welcome, welcome! I can’t wait to hear your perspectives on faith and I am so happy that you turned to God in your discrimination instead of turning away from the faith all together. The Church needs you, the world needs you and God wants you! Can’t wait to hear more.

  • Doc Anthony

    You may be right about that, because they keep on doing stupid stuff.

    But that doesn’t mean a person can’t be curious about this new blog series.

  • Frank

    The problem is you are not being honest nor authentic about your sin.

  • Jason

    The REAL problem is you’re an ass.

  • Jason

    He writes about how he faced judgment from the church over who he is and the first thing you do is judge him and call who he is a sin. Good job.

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  • Frank

    Homosexual behavior is sinful. No getting around that. It’s not judgement, that’s requires punishment. It’s simply the truth.

  • Frank

    Embarrassing for you.

  • Jason

    “Homosexual behavior is sinful. No getting around that.”
    Yes there is – it’s called bad translation and bad hermeneutics. It’s called reading 21st century words, impressions, and cultural norms into 1st century texts that had nothing to do with it. It’s called being narrow minded, judgmental and hypocritical. It’s called setting yourself up as the arbiter of “truth.” It’s called wrong.

  • Frank

    I can never understand how some people are so willing to publicly display their ignorance.

  • Frank

    Yes I agree only bad translation and bad hermeneutics could even conclude homosexual behavior is not sinful.

  • Jason

    I can never understand how some people claim to be following Christ and yet are just as vicious and judgmental as the Pharisees Christ so frequently criticized.

  • Frank

    See above.You have little understanding of what you are talking about. Geesh is it too much to ask to have people actually put the necessary work in before they spout unsupported opinions!

  • Greg

    I have a factual question: By “bisexual,” do you mean you have multiple sexual partners of both (or no self-identified) genders? Or that you date both men and women? Is monogamy a scriptural hard line for you? I ask because I know it’s common in male gay relationships to have mutually recognized leeway to have other sexual partners even in committed relationships.

  • CarrotCakeMan

    Yes, that is patently obvious.

  • Good luck with this, Eliel. You have your job cut out for you because you are working within limited archaic, superstitious Christian parameters. Your challenge is as much to bring Christianity into the present is to teach people that the Great Spirit doesn’t give a hoot about who and how we love, as long as we are sincere.

    So, teach people that love transcends gender, and try not to let the hate of bigots bring you down.

  • Frank

    He will lose his fight because Gods Will always wins. Homosexual behavior will always be a sin and marriage will always be man plus woman. No changing that, ever.

  • I wish you the best. I hope journalism doesn’t inhibit you from occasional bursts of advocacy . . . for both sides of the disagreement.

  • Larry

    Because it makes them feel good. What better way to act like a raging dillhole than to claim you are just being a “faithful Christian”.

    Look at Frank, if he didn’t have Christian religious belief to validate his idiocy and bigotry, he would have been chased out of here long ago.

  • Eliel Cruz

    I wouldn’t say it’s common for male gay relationships to have “leeway”. That’s an unfortunate generalization. But here’s a post I wrote for Rachel Held Evans on bisexuality that should clear up your questions. http://rachelheldevans.com/blog/bisexuality-christian-inclusive-eliel-cruz

  • Billysees

    @ Jason

    “It’s called reading 21st century words, impressions, and cultural norms into 1st century texts that had nothing to do with it….

    …It’s called being narrow minded, judgmental and hypocritical.”

    An important and valuable truth you’ve presented.

  • Billysees

    Good comments from Eliel Cruz —

    1. I’m not afraid to point out when the Church has done something to hurt my community.

    2. I had reconciled my faith and sexuality…

    3. Coming out is an important part of the LGBT experience because we live in a community that assumes heterosexuality is the norm.

    4. I had a pastor look at my outstretched hand for a handshake and walk away… All for being honest about my sexual orientation.

    5. But while my experiences tested my relationship with God, in the end, it only strengthened it.

    6. But God is persistent and kept putting opportunities to be a voice in this conversation in my path.

    7. Our mission is to create safe spaces for all LGBT individuals — celibate, in relationships, and those who just aren’t sure where they stand yet– who struggle with the Church’s response to their sexuality.

    8. My hope is to inspire conversations…creating change in religious spaces to welcome the voices of the LGBT members…

  • Of course his advocacy makes little sense, and is perfectly unremarkable for a that given the editorial line of Religion News Service. Were the chumps who operate this site to actually allocate space to someone whose not in the business of folding, spindling, and mutilating historic teachings in service to the zeitgeist, that might merit an announcement.

  • Bruce Gregory

    Dear Eliel, is it possible to send you an e-mail first before joining in the conversation of the above comments? I am deeply impressed with the courage and wisdom of Danny Cortez and hope to attend the upcoming Portland conference. I do have something helpful to share, The Book of Andrew, which is sold on Amazon.com and is touching people’s lives with the truth that God loves all His children equally. I am 69 now, having finished a long life of teaching the public and counseling drug addicts and alcoholics in prison for the last 30 years. I am also working within the Presbyterian church, as an out gay man who was raised since infancy in Atlanta’s First Presbyterian, to find ways to serve as a bridge between our church and a large, vibrant gay and lesbian community in Atlanta, as well as helping revitalize services for spiritual healing. Sincerely yours, Bruce M. Gregory (bruce.m.Gregory@gmail.com)

  • Eliel Cruz

    Hey bruce, feel free to email me at elielcruzwrites@gmail.com 🙂