• Larry

    The Todd Starnes story about Wheaton College ROTC is probably exaggerated bullcrap. The man lies like a cheap rug. In all of his stories about the “War on Christianity” he exaggerates, misstates or fabricates facts when the real story usually is about a fundamentalist acting like an obnoxious twit.

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  • John B Johnson

    “To give approval to what the Bible clearly states is sin is not only an offense to the scripture, it is an unloving act toward sinners, an act that leaves them in danger of God’s judgment.”

    I’ll take God’s judgment over theirs any day of the week.

  • Greg

    The tetanus thing is not a “conspiracy theory.” It needs fleshing out, but they are making specific and articulable claims about miscarriages following this unusual vaccine protocol that’s targeted at women of childbearing age, as your own report says. Pia de Solenni has been covering it also. Please don’t pre-judge your own reporting.

  • Larry

    They are spreading panic based on the usual distrust of Americans and Europeans. The claims are nonsense. The same vaccination program was done in other countries with none of the alleged effects claimed.

    Pia de Solenni is notorious for making up things concerning medical science which touch upon Catholic dogma.

  • Charles Freeman

    Next time you have one of your conversations with your deity, would you please record it? Perhaps, you might suggest to her that she open the invisibility cloak around her and then we can all be convinced of her magic. By the way, a quite devout and vocal Christian once asked me, “what would you say if Jesus suddenly appeared right here, in front of you?” I replied, “How did you do that?”