• Karla

    So true! People love to hate and see someone fall so they can talk about them so that their sin doesn’t seem so bad/so they don’t have to face their own sin.
    That’s why people only want to talk about abortion and/or gay marriage so
    they don’t have to look at themselves but 1 Corinthians 6:9-12 lists many sins
    right along with homosexuality so all sin is bad/wrong! We all must Repent!

  • rebecca

    Well write blog, totally agree, is so morbid the interest in other peoples mistakes, and misfortunes, and the fact that morbidity brings to humans almost a sense of pleasure, hopefully teresas gudice misfortunes, and ignorance serve a lesson to people that signs up for this disgusting reality shows may God be with her and her family in this trial time.

  • Karla

    rebecca-Amen/well said!

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  • Beth

    I don’t believe that Teresa Giudice is our national scapegoat. Most people who watch the Real Housewives franchises do not aspire to be like these women – this is partially scripted drama meant to entertain and not inspire.

    The reason Teresa Giudice continues to garner hostility in the blogosphere is that once caught in a very, very elaborate scheme to defraud banks, she continued for YEARS to lie about the fact she had done anything wrong. Moreover, rather than atoning for her mistakes by paying the people she’d cheated (she was making $750K per season, two seasons per year, plus revenues from books, products, and appearances), she continued to spend lavishly.

    Her refusal to admit her crimes cost taxpayers a lot of money – federal prosecutors and bankruptcy courts alike were forced to bypass Teresa Giudice’s claims and handle their own in-depth investigations – and re-investigations – of her assets, her salaries, etc. Had Teresa admitted her wrongdoings right up front she wouldn’t be facing her Jan. 5 incarceration.

    Most people – including the courts – don’t believe that Teresa Giudice was an innocent victim of her husband’s bad actions. While all of the documentation indicates that she was complicit in the overall scheme, she might have been able to declare innocence more readily had she nipped the spending frenzy in the bud and made a genuine effort to pay her debts. The fact that she knew about these debts and refused to pay them (it’s my money that I made after the bankruptcy declaration is not a valid defense for not paying jointly incurred debt) makes her even more unpalatable.

    As to not understanding the plea deal – her lawyers are legally required to explain the details AS IS the judge in these situations. I don’t believe she is particularly bright, but I also don’t believe she is a complete imbecile. She understood the deal, but she hoped so much that the judge would give her probation that she refused to believe the possibility that prison time was not only likely but probable.

  • Beth

    I wanted to add that the Giudices did not withdraw their petition for bankrutpcy. She claimed to have withdrawn her petition for bankruptcy protection on an episode of Watch What Happens Live, but no such action was ever filed with the courts.

    On Oct. 1, 2014, the bankruptcy court refused to discharge the Giudices debts. They owe creditors ranging from banks to small contractors who worked on their house a total of $13.4 million.

    It is a shame for her children that these things are happening, but it isn’t a result of reality television. She may have amped up her lifestyle for the show, but she and Joe had a long history of obtaining fraudulent loans to fund a lavish lifestyle. They used fake W-2s and property records for this purpose.

    I believe that God forgives all. But I also believe in atonement.