The uncensored Grimm fairy tales are even more grim than you thought

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An illustration from page 7 of Mjallhvít (Snow White) an 1852 icelandic translation of the Grimm-version fairytale.

Photo courtesy of Project Gutenberg (Public Domain) via Wikimedia

An illustration from page 7 of Mjallhvít (Snow White) an 1852 icelandic translation of the Grimm-version fairytale.

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(RNS) The Grimm fairy tales you're familiar with include added Christian elements and nothing that would offend a middle-class religious sensibility. Now you can read the gruesome originals.

  • “But they’re still suitable for bedtime stories, he says.”

    I burst into laughter when I read this.
    Because I thought, ‘he sure aint talking about the bible!’

    Grimm is tame compared to bedtime bible stories. The difference of course is that when you close the book of Grimms fairy tales the characters go away.

    But close the Bible Stories and every child knows God doesn’t go away – he’s still watching over you – waiting to send you to hell!

    “..some boys came out of the town and jeered at him. “Get out of here, baldy!” So He called down a curse on them IN THE NAME OF THE LORD.
    Then two bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the boys.”

    (KINGS 2:23-24)

    Jesus wants his enemies executed – NOT LOVED. (Luke 19:27)

    Jesus wants us to make slaves of our neighbors.
    (Lev. 25:44-46)

    Jesus hates Gentiles and wants them KILLED.
    (Gal 3:29)(Matthew 15:24)(Jeremiah 48:10)(Luke 19:27)

    Jesus hates unruly children and wants them KILLED.
    (Matthew 15:3)

    Jesus wants innocent babies KILLED
    (Hosea 9:11-16)(Isaiah 13:15)

    Jesus would like it if you got yourself KILLED.
    (Matthew 16:24)

    AND JESUS SAYS HATE your mother, father and children.
    (Luke 14:26)

    The ‘morality’ of the Bible is the stuff of nightmares.

    For Peace, Humanity and the Separation of Church and State

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  • rob

    @ a Max

    the way you atheist take things out of context any reasonable person would think God would and should hate you .. instead he sent his Son to Die for your sins and live perfectly for you also..

    the brothers Grimm of course being brought up Calvinist would think your just
    weeds for the fires of hell..

  • Rob,

    I know you are only kidding. But remember, some people don’t know about the Bible – that’s why they think it is real. shhhhhhhh.

  • rob

    @a max
    And you and I both know your not telling the truth ..

  • @rob,

    What did I say which was untrue?
    Please point it out.

  • Gary

    Atheist Max, I’m sure typing all that out just reaffirms to you how right you are, and how wrong and hateful the bible really is. But Rob is right, it is either taken completely out of context or the interpretation is intentionally being skewed. I could go to each verse and elaborate/clarify them, but I’m glad you mentioned Matthew 16:24. This is one of the most important verses in the bible. Actually verses 24-26. You won’t understand what I’m about to say here because you haven’t experienced the love and joy of having a relationship with Jesus Christ. only in that context do we understand that Jesus sacrificed EVERYTHING for us and He wants us to choose Him in all we do with our lives. He wants us to be willing to sacrifice our EVERYTHING for Him if that was what is necessary. To turn from our selfish ways, take up our cross and follow Him. Or in other words to live for something greater than our own wants and desires, be willing to be persecuted and spread His word to the world. There is no greater honor than serving our God. Our mortal lives are a drop in the bucket of eternity and all God wants us to do in the short time is CHOOSE Him the way He chose us. For those who don’t believe like yourself, it saddens me because you are willingly giving up one of the greatest joys in life. You are trading everything for nothing. Please stop trying to turn people away from Christ. For us to believe that we can understand all of Gods ways and His judgment is extremely arrogant and naive. The reason Christians are willing to die for their faith is because it is REAL and once you are truly saved/reborn you know it all the way through your soul, because we are given the gift of the Holy Spirit. Once you’ve experienced that there is no turning back, we know Jesus is the Lord of all. We aren’t putting our hopes into superstition. I’m sure you will mock all of this, but I truly hope and pray that you would let down your anger toward God and the bible and truly seek the truth. It is out there, and trust me, once you find it you will know it! God is so powerful and so great that once you know Him everything else is secondary.

  • Gary

    Also, just for the record I did read some of your WordPress site and understand you lost your faith. You sure do spend a lot of energy not believing. It is a shame. I hope and pray something changes in you again.

  • @Gary,

    “Jesus sacrificed EVERYTHING for us”

    According to the gospel Jesus took a nap for 2 nights. He was back to life and living in heaven almost immediately.
    I don’t think that counts as much of a sacrifice, do you?

  • Jay

    Atheist Max,

    I do wonder why you consistently comment on Christian ideologies with intense criticism when it’s hardly even the subject.
    I’m an atheist too, but I really think your behavior is not doing anything productive for our cause (Peace, humanity, and the separation of church and state). Mocking people will only make them more closed to atheists and fuel stereotypes, rather than encourage dialogue and understanding.

    Please consider what I have to say.

  • @Jay,

    You may be correct that my efforts are counterproductive in some ways for some people.


    1. I happen to be incredibly grateful to the Atheists who cared enough about ME to share the truth that religious thinking is deeply flawed. When the time came for me to re-examine my religion I found revisiting the Atheist arguments very helpful, though I had ignored them when I was a believer.

    2. You call it ‘mocking’ yet I am not mocking people – I am zeroing in on the religion. And I am careful to do so!
    If it is not ‘mocking’ to say, “Cigarettes are disgusting and dangerous and people should quit” it CANNOT be wrong to speak the truth about religion.
    Religion is an idea, not a personal trait. Religion is indeed disgusting and dangerous and people should quit.

    3. The Bible is absolutely relevant to the story of ‘uncensored’ Grimm fairy tales on many levels. If you had been reading Religious News Service you are aware that uncensored Bible stories have been released as a new children’s books. Many stories within the bible are CENSORED when we read them to children – the Noah story often leaves out the most violent parts, etc.

    I am not here to harass people! I resent that implication!

    I care about people and I am here to offer my responses – loudly sometimes – to the endless stream of claims made by religion and to call attention to what I see as endless misery caused by these primitive, despicable theories of life!

    “Bring to me those enemies of mine who would not have me as their King and Execute them in front of me” – Jesus (Luke 19:27)

    I care enough to speak the truth – this stuff is an assault on humanity.

    For Peace, Decency and the Separation of Church and State.
    Question religion.

  • coachgjh1

    “Bring to me those enemies of mine who would not have me as their King and Execute them in front of me” – Jesus (Luke 19:27)

    The truth? This is the back end of a parable, which Jesus was going to the temple where the Arc of the Covenant was housed. The point he made was the greed of taxation within the walls of a holy place calling the taxing authorities thieves, taking of money which they did not earn. The point of the parable was a king that gave a servants money to make the king money. When one returned with the one instead of making money he chastised him, the king, not Jesus for Jesus is telling a story. The story of one shall not be rewarded what they did not earn.

    If I had to put it into perspective, it would be the same liberal ideas of take from others which they did not earn themselves. For that what is foretold in the parable spoken by Jesus in (Luke 19:11-27). The true nature of Jesus is reflected in Luke19:7-10 where salvation is given to those that give.