Pope warns against the ‘false sense of compassion’ in euthanasia

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Pope Francis angered Turkey by calling the deaths of 1.5 million Armenians a genocide.  Photo by Paul Haring, courtesy of Catholic News Service

Pope Francis angered Turkey by calling the deaths of 1.5 million Armenians a genocide. Photo by Paul Haring, courtesy of Catholic News Service

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VATICAN CITY (RNS) The pope has condemned the assisted suicide movement, which he considers to be a symptom of today's "throw-away culture" that views the sick and elderly as a drain on society.

  • Ben in oakland

    “Francis denounced what he called the “false sense of compassion” that was used to promote abortion and those who regarded euthanasia as “an act of dignity.”

    As opposed to REAL compassion, which says “I’m sorry, but I think you should suffer and suffer and suffer until you die.”

  • Doc Anthony

    Mr. Francis’s honeymoon with the libbie media seems to be fading a little.

    But only a litttle.

  • Neon Genesis

    Jesus’ death was practically a suicide, so if euthanasia is a sin, what does that say about Jesus? I’d like to know what bible verses Pope Francis is basing his argument in since as far as I’m aware, there are no bible verses that say euthanasia is a sin.

  • samuel Johnston

    “This is playing with life,” he said. “Be careful, because this is a sin against the Creator: against God the Creator, who created things this way.”
    Yes, and he created diseases, hazards, and temptations in abundance, and even more frightening, he created the devil and all his powers.
    To prevent the innocent from escaping the worst snares and sufferings, he created original sin. That creator is surely a wonderful friend to mankind.

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  • The Great God Pan

    Remind me why people listen to this guy?

  • AmericanMuse

    Pope Francis should know better, but regrettably he does not.

  • Laurence Ringo

    Thank you Ben, good stuff. My take on this, especially the Brittany Maynard case, is simple:If YOU are not in the person’s shoes, frankly, you should keep your mouth shut, because it is none of your business,period.No one knows what discussions Ms.Maynard may have had with her minister / priest / spiritual guide, or even Almighty God Himself concerning her decision, and I for one believe that His awesome, mind-bending mercy goes WAAY beyond we can even begin to imagine in situations like this. So my humble advice, especially for people like you,Vatican person, is that YOUR response to Ms.Maynard’s plight should have been one of compassion and tender solicitation, and above all, prayers for her and her loved ones; instead, YOU choose to, as the saying goes…”open your mouth and remove all doubt”…It would be an understatement to say that my disgust with your wildly inappropriate remarks know no bounds. There is NO DOUBT that that moribund cesspool known as the Vatican is EXACTLY where YOU and those of your ilk belong.

  • beadinggal

    Although I totally understand why someone with a brain tumor/terminal illness would want to end their life prior to experiencing the worst pain & suffering, I also wonder why all religions seem to be against suicide in any form. Might we, if we are spiritual people seeking the truth, be open to trying to understand the pope’s stance on the sanctity of life? (And I am not a right-to-lifer).

  • rob

    @RINGO The reason I wont shut up is ..

    God by his commandment has already judged murder to be wrong, be it murder of self or some one else… IF more and more reflect Gods teaching on this it just might stop some teen from self murder because the gIrl or guy they wanted to date does not like them .. to many teens who have killed them selves rejection is about as worse as having a terminal brain tumor.

    no matter what happens to a person in life murdering one self sets a bad example for other to follow.

    Homosexuals think Christians hate them yet they never even thought of who of any group of people would be totally against them murdering them selves or having other murder them .

    we don’t want to see any one hurt them selves or others they are important to God we know this by Gods commandment do not murder

    one life is a time of Gods grace shown to us in Jesus’s sinless death for all of us sinners and perfect life for all of us sinners…

    Jesus did not come to save people who only pretend to be sinner’s one must bare real and true sins to be saved,

  • rob

    Jesus death was not suicide YOU AND I CAUSED IT .

    tell me do you believe one of our united states solder’s going to war because
    they want to defend American people are committing suicide
    if they die..

    well Jesus even had a more selfless reason to die he not only died for you and me and that American solder to save them from their sins BUT THE WHOLE WORLD ALSO . those who hate him as well as the few who love him..

  • rob

    using your though system people like you must also think American solders who went to war to protect us and die committed suicide.

  • L8rMom

    Committing suicide in any form for any reason is not a cowardly action. If you think it is, imagine choosing to leave your family, friends and going to the unknown. Even knowing there is heaven, none of us knows exactly what happens between here and there. It was because I was a coward and selfish that I chose not to commit suicide. The following reveals my true belief at the time.
    “I am a horrible person. I say stupid things, I do stupid things. I even look stupid. I’m inadequate in every area of my life. When people see through to my true self, and someday I’ll slip up and they’ll see me. They’ll know I’m a fake. That I pretended to be happy and that I’m not the person who has it all together like they thought. They’ll feel betrayed and wonder why they ever spent time with me. If I’m gone they’ll never know. My family won’t live with a weak wife and mother, a person who can’t “snap out of it” or just get it together. A smart person could do that. If I’m dead my husband can find a woman who is more compatible and better than me. That will be easy for him – it doesn’t take much to be better. I love my children more than life and this way the could have a better mother. The kind of super Mom I want to be but never will be. Besides, what am I teaching my children? That it’s ok to be fake? What is the matter with me. How could I do this to them? Suicide will fix it all.”
    I began to plan the “accident.” While I did, I started thinking about how my death would affect my children. “Will I be able to convince everyone that it is an accident and not suicide? Would they understand that they are better off? Does it matter?” Then “Do I want to leave them even if it is best for them? Can I leave them and never, ever, hold them again…” I was too selfish to deny myself a life with my children even if it was better for them. And honestly I think I was too afraid to go through with it because it was permanent.

    Later I thought about the sin of suicide/self-murder and what I would have faced. Not hell because I don’t believe God would send me there because I was sick. But I did think about facing Him and saying, “Father, I’m sorry that I didn’t trust you to help me.” So glad I didn’t have to do that.

    You can judge me all you want for having thought so poorly of myself. But that was my reality and no one could shake me out of the downward spiral I had been in for years.

    You still think it’s cowardly? Imagine sitting there with a gun to your head and pulling the trigger or crashing your car in a way that you can’t survive or taking enough pills to make sure you’re not revived. It takes courage to follow through.

    I do think it’s sad that Ms. Maynard chose to end her life. No one really knows how much longer she had until the pain became too much to bear. But she did deny herself and her family the time they could have had and the memories she could have given them. I can’t support her decision, nor can I judge her for it. I can just pray that she is resting peacefully and her family finds comfort during this difficult time. No matter how it happens, it’s never easy to say goodbye.

  • L8rMom

    Because he’s the example of what a Church leader should be. A person who teaches by example and words, but only when necessary. He lives what he preaches: To help feed and clothe the poor, the orphaned and widowed. To live a modest lifestyle. And most importantly to love and accept all people as God does. Do not mistake the Church’s and his position as a lack of love/acceptance. Even a parent scolds a child to teach them right from wrong because of the love they have for their child.

  • L8rMom

    What should he know better about? Please enlighten me. thanks!

  • L8rMom

    I agree, God’s love and mercy have no limits or bounds. In fact I didn’t read anywhere in the article where Pope Francis denies the compassion of our Lord. He states the that the Church doesn’t support or allow Ms. Maynard’s sin of self-murder. The purpose is to educate the world and help them avoid sin. Had he not said anything, it would be the same as condoning it.
    If after learning this, people choose to ignore him, as always it’s between them and God. But he has kept his promise to God to lead as God commands. How is that showing a lack of compassion? He does not condemn her or anyone else. Knowing that it’s a sin, should he have just shouted, “Hooray! She did it! And I don’t care what happens to God’s people. Let them do whatever they want regardless of God’s commandments.” As I recall, when that happened in the Old Testament, it didn’t turn out so well.

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  • David

    I have often wondered about the people of Masada. History, and their decendents consider them as honorable for commiting mass suicide to avoid Roman enslavement. Acording to relevant dogma, their last act was a sin with no chance for contrition.

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