Should Pope Francis visit your city?

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Religion News Service graphic by Tiffany McCallen

Religion News Service graphic by Tiffany McCallen


Pope Francis is coming to Philadelphia in September 2015. Where else should he visit? Below are some cities where a visit could highlight the church’s interests and causes. Pick two or add your own suggestions for cities in the comments section below.

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  • Bob Smietana

    Nashville of course, to visit the Baptist version of the Vatican.

  • Cincinnati (in order to bless the Bengals).

  • MarkE

    Why not St Louis (Ferguson)?

  • Richard Baranski

    An outdoor luncheon with Gov. Perry and militia members at the wall along Mexico’s border with Texas.which

  • German Cilliani

    more than Hollywood he should come to Souther California

  • Andy

    I say he should visit anywhere he wants

  • Emilly

    Green Bay, Wisconsin — first U.S. Marian apparition site !

  • Pope Francis should visit Salt Lake City, Utah!

  • Mcronin

    Pope Francis should visit Phoeniz, Az where we have more catholics and filled churches than most other places.

  • Art

    He should visit Portland Oregon and go to Voodoo doughnuts and bust up those cult sugar freaks…

  • He should visit hell,that’s where he and all the demons or going and don’t leave out the antichrist ,Satan claiming to be God.

  • JJ


  • Patrick

    I’m sure you will give him a hot welcome there.

  • Michael Scott

    Hollywood – not because of “celebraty” but because Los Angeles archdiocese has over 5,000,000 Catholics and many many immigrants.

  • Tom Prost

    My suggestion would be to visit a church in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Mo. I believe the pope could be a major influence in helping to bring healing to our community.

  • Mary

    Des Moines IA, like John Paul the II the Great. To challenge the US to contribute in feeding the world by sharing commodities and agriculture technology with developing nations. Also for the world to accept modern agriculture. The Arab spring and other violent movements of today are fueled by food crises and decrease in the planet’s natural resources.

  • lember

    He may Not be Pope any longer.

  • roger

    He should visit St Louis MO and La Crosse WI and say he is sorry to the people of these diocese for the disgraceful way he has treated Cardinal Burke.

  • Geoff 21

    Sierra Leone.

  • Peggy

    How about Baltimore, Maryland, first Diocese in US?
    First Bishop. John Carroll.
    First American Native Saint. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
    First Seminary and home for many first Bishops- St. Mary Seminary

  • Mariama

    I agree that he should go to Ferguson.

  • Cremulent The First

    The Pope should go to Pensacola, the first Spanish (Catholic) landing in the US (Tristán de Luna in 1559). The beaches are nicer than Ferguson, the weather is warmer than Des Moines and it’s a good place to kick off those red shoes and just chill with the people. There’s enough space on the beaches for a mass with five or ten million people, and with nearby water baptisms would be easy….