• Two of New York’s most powerful figures, Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Mayor Bill de Blasio have forged an unexpected friendship. Lately, the two men are in cahoots to bring Pope Francis to New York City in September.

    A. Doubtful. de Blasio (unlike Ed Koch) is too much of a sectary to maintain a personal friendship with anyone not on board.

    B. Still disgusting. Most Catholic bishops in our time seem to be starf***ers (see Cdl. O’Malley’s part in the hagiography of Ted Kennedy, drunken lecher, vehicular manslaughterer, and abortion promoter).

    C. Neither New York City nor any other place benefits from a ‘visit’ from this pope. Francis needs to repair to his chapel and to appoint someone competent to take care of the business affairs of the Church.

  • John McGrath

    Many of American Evangelicals (Bible literalist variety) and Pentacostals and Fox News viewers deny modern science. Others want to hasten the Apocalypse. So is any wonder that they think climate change is not a problem?

  • John McGrath

    19 Kids and Counting: Best to promote your views through positive example, not attacking any group. Holds true even when the group you attack is not powerful.

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