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  • The biggest story out of Israel is that the cabinet moved to define Israel as Jewish. I am Jewish and that makes me uncomfortable. It represents a subtle move from secular democracy to theocracy. It reminds me more of Israel’s neighbors.

  • John McGrath

    Years ago i knew some young males who transferred out of UVA to lesser ranked schools. Their reasons? They wanted to stop crawling (literally) home drunk every night. They also mentioned the crude sexual habits of the frats. They saw themselves as not strong enough to stand up to these aberrations by themselves and felt they needed an environment where it was easier not to drink so much. After being at their new schools for a good while, they told me they drank to a good buzz (not drunk) one night, maybe two, times a week and were really enjoying focusing on what they were learning in cass.

  • Ira Rifkin

    David: I understand concerns that this is a theological move, and for some proponents it undoubtedly is.
    However, the wording of the proposed law does not mention Judaism, the traditional religion of the Jews. Rather it refers to Israel being the nation-state of the Jews, which I interpret to refer to Jews as a nation, culture and ethnicity. It’s a statement about peoplehood, not religious faith. The majority of Israeli Jews are secular, meaning they ignore or outright reject Judaism’s core theology.
    But either way, this legislation is untimely and politically dangerous and should not now become law.