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  • John McGrath

    despite his current nice words, Bishop Chaput of Philadelphia could possibly not restrain his desire to scold the pope. Planning for the Pope’s visit is said to be badly organized. the visit will certainly induce the media to promote greater national knowledge of Philadelphia’s mess. The visit could could be an overall negative for that diocese. The visit certainly won’t solve the diocese’s financial mess either. That wishful thinking. Chaput may be in over his head administratively. His chief “virtue” for Benedict was his ultra-conservatism and his fondness for culture wars.

    This visit will end the liberal romance with tis pope. He will clearly come out against gay marriage, say strong things against abortion (but maybe not contraception) and otherwise sound like Benedict. Unless he focuses instead on economic inequality and how it helps to destroy families. Same for the US’s immigration policies, or lack of them.

    if the pope were PR wise he would invite the Jesuit founder of Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles to play a role in this visit. You can watch some clips on YouTube.

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