• Julie Carter

    Tom Ehrich you are so right. In the early 1960s when my late husband, Presbyterian USA minister, tried to get a small congregation to volunteer in community centers, homeless shelters, etc. and invite migrant farm workers to church, he was called a communist and/or socialist and fired. They admonished him to “stick to preaching the bible” which, of course, he was.
    Many churches have seen the light but too many still want only their comfortable pews and rituals and to build ornate edifices “to honor God”.

  • Philip

    “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? For I have come into this world to bear witness to the Truth. Everyone who sees the Truth hears my voice.”
    If you know your Bible, you will have already finished the sentence; for those who don’t, the three words that elude mankind are, “What is Truth?”
    Advent is a time of preparation for the birth of Truth. Where can we find today’s mythical characters, the John Does of the world, the Mr. Roberts of the world? Are they only in movies, where truth is as thin as a 35 mm film? Where have men with vision and hope and clarity – King and Kennedy -all gone? With a bullet through their brain. Paraphrasing another movie character,” We ,as people, cannot handle the Truth.”
    Today, where do you stand? Are you a high priest, fearful of losing power? Are you the mob in the street, screaming, “Crucify him! Crucify him”? Are you those who feel they have no power but just to watch? Are you the cowards who hide behind closed doors? Or just the mass of people who are more concerned who live lives in their own small world?
    Mr. President Obama, which one are you?
    Congressman, which one are you?
    Senators, which one are you?
    That all Black children and those in poverty can choose the school they wish to go to. That legislation should be enacted to tear down the dilapidated buildings and people in there that they call “Education.”
    Congressmen, Senators, Mr. President, make the cities, the neighborhoods, the streets safe for Black little children and those of color can walk in safety. Pass the legislation, sign the legislation!
    John Does of American, stand up! Jane Does of America, stand up! Text, email, help save the Future! Help save our most precious commodity America has, its children!
    The last words My Savior said was, “It’s done.” His journey, hopefully like ours, has just begun.
    PS If you’re wondering in a reincarnated world where I would have been, I’ll give you two choices: Simon or the street sweeper following behind the Imperial horses. . .