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  • The Great God Pan

    “Religious” is kind of a vague descriptor, no? The Phineas Priesthood is a Christian movement, like the KKK and the Army of God.

  • Greg

    “Unbiased.” That’s funny. Thanks for giving me a laugh.

  • Charles Freeman

    Lauren Markoe: You said “don’t call it Muslim-on-Muslim violence”. Boko Haram is a Muslim group with somewhat different beliefs and culture than much of the population of Nigeria. Are you hinting that one Muslim group or another is to be considered “true” Muslim. Your think9ng is fallacious and harmful. Perhaps, you could read some Christian history: first, the rejection and murder of deviant Christian belief groups in early, middle and later Christian times into the eighteenth century; second, Christian instigated atrocities like burning of witches, jews, and those holding opnions contrary to the Church (like Giordano Bruno), and third, the continuation of the Office of the Inquisition as a censorship and Catholic propaganda machine. All of the Abrahamic religions have punished deviancy with lethality. The Boko Haram appears no different. It justifies its actions, at least partially, from its Islamic faith. Your request not to hold these malevolent Islamists as acting from non-religious motivations appears completely false. This one reference taints your whole piece for today.