Father Benedict * Atheist bans * Potus speaks: Monday’s Roundup

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Comic illustration of a priest.

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Comic figure of a priest.

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Retired Pope Benedict XVI says he would have liked to be known as “Father Benedict.” Atheists want to repeal state bans forbidding nonbelievers from holding office. Obama appears tonight on the Colbert Report.

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  • Re. Mr. Zamperini

    Faith is barely a footnote in Laura Hillenbrand’s (wonderful) book. Indeed, the story is Zamperini’s courage, resourcefulness and sheer determination in the general absence of religion.

  • Perry Bulwer

    “without something external putting spirituality in front of us weekly, I worry that my intention of sharing my spirituality with my children may go unfulfilled.”

    I would use a different word than “quaint” to describe that kind of thinking. Hypocrisy comes to mind. She claims to not want to force religion on her children, yet that is exactly what she is doing by forcing them to go to church and letting others do it for her. That she wants to call it spirituality instead of religion makes no difference.

    And why is it her ‘spirituality’ she wants to push on her children by forcing them to church? Why can’t she let them come to their own decisions, starting with whether or not they want to go with her to church or not? It seems to me it would be fairly easy to share ‘spirituality’ with her children without resorting to any kind of religious tradition at all.

    Children have a right to religious freedom too, which includes the right to be free from religion.

  • Kathleen Hass

    I am sorry, but parents have the obligation to raise a child responsibly. Children do not have enough sense to choose a religion. A religious upbringing builds (hopefully) a good foundation for caring for others and making wise choices in behavior. It is the “narrow road,” not the easy “wide road,” that brings one to eternal life with God. See Matthew 7:13-14.

  • Greg

    Conservative Protestants may have the highest divorce rate because they are actually *marrying*. The cohabitation rate is much higher now than previous decades, as faintly noted in a recent WaPo story on divorce that concluded it might have something to do with more relationships ending before the wedding.

  • Kathleen Hass,

    “Children do not have enough sense to choose a religion”

    Do you comprehend the problem?
    There is no evidence for Mermaids, no Leprechauns and no God.

    If you have no evidence for something, it is an OUTRAGE to teach it to a child. For shame!