What’s in a name? The image of God (COMMENTARY)

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Protesters at the "We Will Not Go Back" march and rally called by Al Sharpton and the National Action Network to demand justice for the family of Eric Garner whose death was declared a homicide by the NYC Medical Examiner.

Photo courtesy of Thomas Altfather Good, via Wikimedia Commons

Protesters at the "We Will Not Go Back" march and rally called by Al Sharpton and the National Action Network to demand justice for the family of Eric Garner whose death was declared a homicide by the NYC Medical Examiner.

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(RNS) We can’t make injustice history until we make injustice personal.

  • Frank

    There was no injustice, systemic or otherwise, in the deaths of Trayvon, Brown, Gadner or Rice. Saying so only exposes ignorance.

    This however is true: “Every name of a life lost is an image of God. When we lost them, we lost a little piece of God’s image in the world. They are friends, sons, sisters, fathers and neighbors.”

  • Amy

    “There is no injustice, systemic or otherwise, in the deaths of Trayvon, Brown, Gadner, or Rice. Saying so only exposes ignorance.”

    Frank, help me understand you arrived at this belief.

  • Frank

    Help me understand why you think there is. On the surface and according to the facts there doesn’t appear to be.

  • Julie

    Frank, did you watch the Garner video?

  • Frank

    You’d have to live in a cave to not have seen it. It’s was tragic death.

  • Jp

    Frank, to have personally sat on all 4 grand juries and also being a legal scholar, I hope you have plans to write a book!
    In my opinion, making absolute statements, as you did, exposes ignorance…

  • Amy

    Sorry, Frank, that is not how I engage in respectful dialogue, in part because you have automatically assumed you know my position.

    If you’d like to share how you arrived at your decision so we can better understand one another, great! If not, dialogue doesn’t seem to be possible, let alone helpful.

  • Frank

    Oh the irony. Has anyone commenting on this case been on those GJ’s?

    Those that actually were concluded there was not enough evidence to even bring a charge. So the point behind your point is correct. Only the GJ had all the info to make an informed decision.

  • Frank

    Yes I understand that backing up your beliefs is a great burden as they are not supported by the facts. Believe me I understand the dodge.

  • Thank you for these insights. It is important that the victims of the institutions of oppression not be faceless and nameless.

  • Doc Anthony

    Let’s put Officer Darren Wilson’s name on that list too, for he has received a ton of injustice from all that Trial-By-Media and Trial-By-Mob and Trial-By-Politician.

    Just put your hands down already, Ferguson protesters — you don’t have any excuses any more. The New York protesters may have a case regarding the Eric Garner situation, but that don’t excuse the huge mess you Ferguson protesters made. You messed up. You did injustice to a lot of people.

    Oh, and would somebody please get that innocent Ferguson store clerk’s name too? The clerk that NOBODY has apologized to?

  • Frank

    And all the business owner who’s business’s were destroyed or damaged in the name of “justice.” No justice, no peace indeed.

  • Vincent

    May I just be the one to point out the original dodge? Looking at this conversation it seems like you avoided the question first. Which I understand, because your burden of proof is also substantial.

  • Agirlnamedmichael

    With all due respect, Sir, you are mistaken. Being retired from law enforcement myself, I assure you, that Garner should not be dead. The officer in that case used a control that was outside of his scope of practice, and was outside of his department’s SOP. Legally, the officer SHOULD have been indicted for manslaughter. The other cases are entirely different beasts.

  • Glyndon Morris

    I am astounded by the willful ignorance of people who refuse to see the injustice and racism in all of these recent deaths. It is unjust to impose the death penalty for theft, for selling cigarettes that may or may not have been taxed, or for any of the other men whose deaths have been ruled legal. The racism is subtle: the fear of the other and the ingrained mythology that these others are somehow more dangerous than any other other. I cannot imagine being an African-American parent today, trying to help their children sort out good and evil, right and wrong, or law and justice.

  • Frank

    I don’t know how anyone can draw conclusions in the name of God?

  • Frank

    Bill, your welcome. Its not difficult.

  • Frank

    Death is death no matter who’s its about.

  • Frank

    God carries the burdens of so many for us caring.

  • Amy

    Frank we understand why you would understand the dodge.

    Shields Up!

  • Frank

    And another dodge from you. Very telling indeed.

  • Frank

    Aww how cute I have a puppet named Frank. Thank you. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Keep up the good work “Frank.”

  • Frank

    The non lethal method he used is not only not banned but taught and preferred. Try again ex-cop.

  • Amy

    Dodge, Frank, dodge! Nice Chrysler there but try a Chev for some variation on your theme of lies next try heya!

  • Fran

    You are gods puppet not you’re own. Do not pretend.

  • Fran

    God will save us all so death here is beyond matter.

  • Timal

    That supposes public info is false and inadequate, which is not sure to be truth. Here we are a check on system and it is important to be active.

  • Fran

    God’s name is Jehovah (Psalm 83:18), and the name of God’s son is Jesus (Luke 3:22). These are two separate persons and Jehovah is Most High and above his son, Jesus (1 Corinthians 11:3).

  • Ben

    Harry Potter is one person, He is the son of James and Lily Potter, and was a close friend of the great wizard Dumbledore.

    Frodo Baggins is a relative of Bilbo Baggins and a close friend of the great wizard Gandalf.

    Those are far more interesting data extracted from far better works of fiction than the one known as the bible that you keep dumping on us from.

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  • They often tried to draw Jesus into the political issues of His day and He would have no part of it. We as Christians must keep our focus on eternal matters. Jesus was always about the business of the Father, even at the age of 12. We must be about His business also. We should not be entangled with the issues of the day for they are merely distractions from what really matters. Eternal life, preaching the gospel, Spiritual growth. Feeding the flock…etc. “Truly, truly I say to you, he that believes in Me has everlasting life.” Jesus, the Son of God.

  • Joshua

    God have mercy on us all. keep speaking truth Shane