• Brooke

    There is absolutely ZERO difference between this billboard and the “Conversations with God” ones that I see on the highways. The group paid for them…nothing to be outraged about here.

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  • American Atheists, a national group with headquarters in Cranford, N.J.,

    It’s a P.O. Box. After Madeleine Murray O’Hair, her son, and grand-daughter disappeared, the residual board members dumped the presidency of the organization on a New Jersey housewife, so they relocated from Austin. And, what do you know, the current president Mr. Silverman lives in .. Cranford, N.J. Nice of him to donate his desk as the organization’s headquarters.

    Given time and diligent efforts, next year they’ll scrape together the funds to put up two billboards.

  • Jack

    Someone put up a billboard that said one thing….another put up a billboard saying the opposite.

    In further news, the sun rose today in the east and set in the west.

  • Heya

    Heya but they don’t have to pay for wine and communion crunchies and church roof replacement so god’s rain won’t get in and printing of song books so god can hear how badly most of his sheeple sing. Heya!

  • Heya

    The sun did not rise on Zorba 7!

  • Jim

    I am an atheist, but I don’t see how this billboard helps people understand us. It makes more enemies than friends. We should recognize that we live in a predominantly Christian society and not pick a fight with them on one of Christians’ major holidays.

  • Ben in oakland

    By picking a fight with them, do you mean giving the majority population– or, more accurately, the conservative, dominionist portion of that population– another excuse to claim they are being persecuted for their beliefs?

    All tha majority population has to do to not be affected by the billboards is to ignore them.

  • Ben in oakland

    Jack, you’re going to have to stop making so much sense. People are beginning to wonder about you.

  • Larry

    As usual, Artie goes for personal attacks and innuendo rather than address anything of substance.

    Stay classy

  • Jessica

    These so-called atheists are actually organized anti-Christian bigots. If they were true atheists, they wouldn’t care about Christians or Christmas. They would simply not believe in God. They would ignore Christmas, like they ignore festivals practiced by other religions.


    Organized anti-Christ fanatics choose the most celebrated Christian celebration to assault and harass Christians. That is called anti-Christian bigotry.

    Why don’t they put up their billboards on St. Valentine’s Day, or the 4th of July? If they were true atheists, they would put up their anti-God messages all year round.
    But then they wouldn’t have a specific group to insult and degrade.

    They have singled out one group, not Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Mormons, or Hare Krishnas – just Christians! Yeah, they are anti-Christ alright, and therefore should be prosecuted under religious hate speech discrimination laws.

  • Abby Marquart

    Jessica – What?

    Got any proof to back up what you said?

    Do you even personally know an atheist? You know, they aren’t all the same either, so do you even know two?

    Your hatred is palpable.

  • Jessica

    Hatred of being spiritually assaulted by anti-Christ bigots while trying to enjoy the most Holy Season practiced by Christians? You are the hater. Who in their right mind would try to kill Christmas? We are a Christmas based economy! Everybody in this society benefits from Christmas.

    Your mindless bigotry be the problem, oh Christ hater. You definitely are the problem. If you have no god, then you should be quiet when those who do, celebrate the God that was the author of the foundation of this nation. You also benefit from their practices.

  • First of all an atheist is just someone who does not believe in a god, so anyone who fits that definition is a “true atheist”.

    Second, we are talking about a few billboards across the country to promote an upcoming convention, and here you are screaming that you are under attack. It’s amazing. Especially when you consider that religious billboards can be found year round, and are also displayed on every church on ever corner of many towns. All tax free, by the way. Not to mention the hatred of atheists that is preached in many of those churches on Sundays. We could also talk about the monopoly of religious elected officials, the apparent elimination of atheists as recognized citizens by the inclusion of under god in the pledge, and in god we trust on our money, in direct conflict with the wishes of the founders.

    But you say are the one being attacked by a couple of billboards? Perhaps what you really mean to say is since when did atheists begin to think they have something called free speech in this country. We have always crushed them into silence with mass condemnation in the past, why not now?

    All I can tell you is to get used to sharing the country with people who don’t believe like you do. I know it’s difficult, like a spoiled child suddenly having a younger sibling, you will just have to understand you will never again be able to scream and holler and get your way. You will actually have to show that what you want is in the best interest of everyone, and not just you. Very difficult transition period for you. Good luck.