• Theophilus

    The good and the bad about this article…

    The good is that it identifies a real problem on the rise, that of intolerance.

    The bad is that — as secularists are wont to do — it implicitly treats all religious groups the same. The problem identified is not being promulgated by Christians. In fact, the countries who engage in this type of attack on secularists are also inhospitable to Christians.

  • Larry

    Absolutely wrong!

    Its just the most grave offenders are those who are also inhospitable to Christians. At no point does Christianity get excused from this. If you actually look at the report you would realize most nations have some level of organized intolerance against atheists and humanists. Christians are entirely the cause for this in the US and other developed nations. It takes much milder forms of abuse and oppression, but it exists nonetheless.

  • Jack

    Most people don’t realize that religious freedom includes the right not to believe as well as the right to believe, and thus the author is correct in saying that Article 18 covers atheists as well as theists. We should stand for the right of atheists not to believe as strongly as the rights of theists to believe.

    But as if on cue, here comes Larry, foaming at the mouth against Christians again. He should be praising the writer of the article for doing a pretty good job in defending the rights of atheists rather than using it as a springboard to attack Christians.

    So let me do the honors instead: Good job, Bob Churchill. I’m not an atheist at all, but I will defend your right not to believe as strongly as my right to believe.

  • GordonHide

    Perhaps the general persecution of non-Muslims in Muslim majority countries is a sign of panic by those in power in said countries. Part of the death throws of a world view no longer fit for purpose.

  • Ben in oakland

    Thank you, Jack.

  • Ben in oakland

    Well, As a gay man, though I was mentioned, I feel decidedly left out. I thought I was the biggest threat to faiith, freedom, and civilization the world has ever seen, and here, I barely didn’t even make the team.

    What do I have to do to prove my mettle? destroy civilization by getting married? Perhaps I can destroy freedom by insisting that I have the same right to live my life, free of the “love” or animus of some the believers, as do the believers? Maybe I can still demolish morality by rejecting just the itty bitty little ditty of antigay theology, rather than the entirety of religious belief, as do the atheists? It would be much more efficient use of my resources. Is there any room left for dismantling society and authority by being liberal, caring about my neighbors, and not declaring war on anyone?

    Oh, the choices forced upon the gay, liberal atheist who prefers to live his life in peace with his neighbors, as he has always done.

  • Ben in oakland

    The attacks are, in fact, being initiated in THIS country by SOME Christians– those with conservative religious beliefs, those with dominionists beliefs, where those beliefs happily coincide with their political beliefs and economic interests.

  • Larry

    Hey Jackie, it is hardly foaming at the mouth to correct an intentional misstatement of fact. Theosophius was making a ridiculous statement that Christians as a faith have nothing to do with global campaigns against atheists. Something completely at odds with the report and news around the nation.

    “We should stand for the right of atheists not to believe as strongly as the rights of theists to believe.”

    Good for you.

    So we can count on you to stand up when people state:
    “The US is a Christian Nation” and
    “The Separation of Church and State is a myth”

    If so, kudos. I welcome such remarks from you.

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