• Kraig

    It is interesting to me that in this age of political correctness, if one tags a word with “Phobia,” it makes the person who is uncomfortable or even afraid for their own safety into a villain.

    A Pew Research Poll from SEPTEMBER 10, 2013 entitled “Muslim Publics Share Concerns about Extremist Groups” shows that in many Islamic countries, the range of support for suicide bombing rates on a low end of 7% of Muslims supporting it to a high of 74% in Palestine. There are many kind and generous Muslims in the world, but they are overshadowed by those who would do violence.

    I am a Lutheran Christian, what percentage of Lutheran Christians would have to support violence before Lutherans were feared?

    A “phobia” is defined as “extreme or irrational fear or dislike of a specified thing or group.” An informed fear does not qualify as a phobia. Since 9-11, especially for those of us who saw the carnage first hand, in my case working with the recovery crews, a fear of Muslims is not irrational, nor extreme, but it is informed. How is one to distinguish which are the peace loving Muslims and which are the ones who are wanting to cut off your head in the name of their God? There are stories of militant Islamists in our midst who love their families, who love their neighbors, but when the call comes for them to go out in a blaze of glory, they will take up that mantle for their god.

    Phobia? Irrational? Hateful? Or just realistic? Smart people recognize potential danger and shy away from it when fools rush in.

  • Fourth Valley

    Very, very close to where I live a Christian attacked a Sikh Temple killing six in what he defined as a “racial holy war”, apparently believing the people he was shooting were Muslims.

    As a member of a Middle Eastern yet not Muslim religion, living close to a place where Christians have slaughtered people who they mistakenly believed to be Muslim, should I thus fear you?? You are a Christian. I could be mistaken for a Muslim. And I live in a place where people mistakenly identified as Muslims have been killed by Christians who, just like you, feared Islam.

    This is an informed fear, is it not?? Since Christians who fear Muslims in my area have acted on that fear and mistakenly killed people in Muslim-appearing religions. Should I fear and hate you justifiably??

  • Earold D. Gunter

    This social media campaign is a good thing in that it fights against stereotyping. We all need to understand that there are many people who claim the same religion as others, but do not believe, or act the same.

    In that regard, it would have also been great to hear about other campaigns driven by all non-violent believers in a religion condemning the violent actions others do in the name of their faith.

    I’m not Twitter savvy, so maybe there is and I just don’t know about it, but if not, may I suggest #thatsnotmyfaith.

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