• MarcusPrometheus

    I am an italian (100% italian catholic origin) strange men, 100% filo zionist,
    I love Israel, I wrote a letter to Israel embassy to volunteer in the first day of the 6 days war of course I did not contribute to it (I was the in High school then). I am atheist and I admire modern judaism developments which if I understand correctly I subjectively find, is just stressing ethics much more than theology.

    I like Maccabees story and if I was jew I would be proud of it as ancestral glory.

    But I am sorry to say, in my humble opinion generally the sons of Israel and the whole world would have better off without monotheism and inherent fanaticisms, much greater than in polytheism (not totally innocent either, the word fanaticism from greek fane’ = temple was created already in pagan times).

    My excuses if I offend somebody. Long Live Israel.