Sarah Silverman attends Western Wall Hanukkah menorah lighting in support of women’s rights

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A photo of five women, including Sarah Silverman, holding a lit menorah at the Western Wall.

courtesy Women of the Wall

More than 100 women, including comedian Sarah Silverman, second from right, participated in the first-ever Hanukkah candle lighting in the women's section of the Western Wall.

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JERUSALEM (RNS) For decades, the site’s sole menorah has been lit on the men’s side of the wall, a fact that has angered Israeli and American women’s rights activists.

  • philip

    First, let me congratulate the women of Faith who stood up against what many religions like to call Tradition. Mind you, tradition is a word used to keep power. The only umbrage I will take is equating feminism with the Faith, Jewish or any other.
    Throughout the millenia, women have suffered and died for their Faith, even today. Blessed Mary wasn’t a feminist; Mother Teresa wasn’t a feminist; the list of women who fought for their Faith is written in history with their blood, sweat, and tears.
    Are women negatively affected by their Faith? Yes.
    Do women deserve better treatment from their Faith? Yes.
    In lighting the menorah, this is the beginning of change by women of strong Faith, whether they want to be called feminists or not. Remember it was a woman who was the Mother of Jesus and the Wife of God.
    PS. Know that fact, use that fact, live that fact!
    Feliz Navidad. Philip

  • Jack

    They should let women pray there if only to deprive Sarah Silverman of an issue so she can take her narcissistic road show somewhere else — like Mars, perhaps.

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