• I am a victim of violent crime (I was shot and seriously injured). It is easy to transform justice into revenge. As a society we should be better than that. Labriola seems to suggest that public consent hinges on killing them quicker. I sure hope that he is wrong.

    My personal opinion is that “life-without” is a far harsher sentence than capital punishment. It’s also less expensive. And, by the way, we do make mistakes from time to time. We don’t get an “oops” when we kill someone.

  • Fran


    Sorry you had to go through that experience of being a victim of violence.

    I agree that sometimes a person can be convicted of a crime he did not commit; and I am against capital punishment for that reason. I also believe that life without parole for those who actually did commit the crime is a reasonable and fair sentence.

    Some innocent persons who have served much time have been released, and may have received monetary sums therefor.