Before pronouncing Fido in heaven, let’s consider human creatures (COMMENTARY)

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A golden retriever sits at the top of a stone structure.

Photo courtesy of Phil Stev via Shutterstock

A golden retriever sits at the top of a stone structure.

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(RNS) It is at the supermarket, not the pearly gates, where we grapple with pressing ethical and theological dilemmas about nonhuman animals.

  • Dolly

    To paraphrase Ghandi, you can judge a society by the way it treats its animals. Animal cruelty is a precursor to human cruelty. Those who are capable of torturing a living creature are capable of or practicing the torture of human beings. God created helpless creatures and gave humankind the ability to love and connect with His creation. Why wouldn’t all God’s creations have a place in His kingdom?

  • Fran

    We humans differ from animals in 2 important ways. First, humans are capable of knowing, loving and respecting their Creator. Second, whereas animals were not designed to live forever, humans were.

    But now, all people inherit death because the first man, Adam, rejected the Creator’s guidance (Genesis 1:27; 2:15-17).

    Regarding the way God made humans, the Bible says: “He has even put eternity in their minds.” (Ecclesiastes 3:11). Humans were created in God’s image, able to show His qualities such as love, wisdom and mercy; but animals were not.

    Jesus Christ said that to enjoy everlasting life, we must exercise faith and take in knowledge of God–things that animals are unable to do (John 3:16; 17:3).

    We should keep a balanced view of animals, not subjecting them to cruel treatment, nor aowing people’s concern for pets to take importance over even more important considerations. Sometimes, the lives of pets can seem more important than the lives of humans.

    God dearly loves his human creation; should we not, in turn, show a balanced consideration and affection for the animals he has entrusted to our care and oversight??