• David Marks

    Of course, it’s quite a stretch calling members of the Conservative and Reform movements “Jews”, but whatever.

  • Garson Abuita

    I’ll remember such hateful voices as yours when I read Torah this Shabbat at my CONSERVATIVE synagogue — and my wife THE RABBI reads the haftarah. Chag sameach.

  • D123

    You will have to answer to god for your sinful comment … Good luck getting out of gehenom

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  • I. Glaser

    Appealing to right-wing parties in Israel is useless – the only hope for such appeal is with “center” parties or left parties. However, currently there is likely to be near balance between left and right in the coming election, so religious parties, mostly ultra-orthodox, are likely to serve as the “king maker” and these parties are very supportive of the orthodox Israeli Chief Rabinate.

  • I. Glaser

    According to the Halacha, which I expect you accept, being a Jew is decided by birth, not which synagogue one goes to. Most differences between Orthodox and Conservative Jews are customs and minor changes in interpretation of the Talmud, not in essential mitsvoth.