Jesus may have been tried here: Archaeologists uncover Herod’s palace

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JERUSALEM (RNS) Discovered under an abandoned prison building that is part of the Tower of David Museum grounds, the trial site is one piece of a vast excavation undertaken by archaeologists from 1999 to 2000 but sealed off for the past 14 years.

  • Larry

    The discovery of a part of a fantastic palace belonging to a well known figure of note of antiquity, that was at one point full of luxurious accoutrements by standards of 2 millennia past is not good enough for some people. Jeez.

    The point of note is there is a possibility (but no evidence) suggesting that Jesus may have passed through it.

    Talk about a lack of perspective!

    Christians feel the need to steal the thunder of actual scholarship and archaeology just to satisfy their itch to confirm their religious beliefs. 🙂

  • What a shallow and ill-informed view of Christians you have, Larry.

  • Larry

    1. I was being a bit facetious. Hence the smiley. Don’t break out the fainting couch yet.
    2. I admit the emphasis on Jesus was only really in the title of the article.

    The reference to Jesus’s trial was treated as a footnote to the story like references o legends attached to an actual place.

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  • Brian

    If Christians are right, Jesus is God incarnate, an eternal, omnipotent, omnipresent source of all life, matter, energy, time and space; the Creator of all creators. If they are correct, this unimaginably wonderful power takes a personal interest in you, so much so that He would die for you. And me. And for each of us as if we were the only child He ever had.

    He may have been in this building in bodily form.

    Given their sincere belief, I think their perspective is perfect.

  • Alan

    If Christians are right and God was omnipotent and omnipresent yet he needed to send his little boy to die for the sake of not torturing his own creation than Christians are twisted people with quite a warped perspective.

    So while it is understandable how such warped people would think that everything is about their stories – it certainly doesn’t make that perspective justified let alone perfect.

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  • Jack

    Alan would repeat what he just said to any Christian without flinching.

    But Alan wouldn’t dare criticize Islam with such force to a Muslim’s face.

  • Doug

    You and Alan have the same problem with understanding the Christian perspective, you fail to understand the sacrificial system under Jewish Law, you fail to understand that God does not torture his creation instead Satan does, and you fail to understand that Jesus IS God, that his death is an act of sacrifice and self sacrifice.

    To formulate an opinion on Christianity without even trying to understand these three things shows a warped perspective.

    But your spelling was very good, I’ll give you props on that.

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  • Ilan

    Only problem is with the title. When you take the time to understand 1st century Jewish and Roman laws, you realize :THERE IS NO TRIAL FOR JESUS. What is done is a dirty deal,behind closed doors, in the cloak of darkness.