• Doc Anthony

    Umm….”the spirit of Janus”? That’s an okay deity within the Episcopalian faith?

  • Thecla

    Ugh. Ugh especially on Item 3: ‘Celebrating Individual Faith’. Institutional religion provides the machinery for getting religious experience–the buildings and their furnishings, the art, music, and ceremonies–and above all, liturgy and sacraments. I have no ‘individual faith’ and the ‘individual faith’ of others is of no interest to me if it doesn’t contribute to maintaining the institutional infrastructure. ‘Individual faith’ does not provide, for me, any relationship with God, if there is a God. God, if there is such a being, is in the buildings and ceremonies, and if they can’t be maintained then for me, and I suspect for many of us, there is no religion.

  • Joe DeCaro

    “Right-wing Christianity has been an apologist for bigotry and moral bullying. Under the pretext of ‘defending’ God and the Bible, the hateful and smug have turned Bible passages into weapons,” so the left-wing apologists of the Episcopal Church “lovingly” rammed a homosexual agenda down the throat of every conservatively orthodox Bible believer, making it impossible for them to stay.

    And after they and their plate & pledge left for Anglicanism, the remnant of continuing Episcopalians sold the church buildings they could no longer afford to maintain to Muslims who turned them into a mosques.

  • Thecla

    No one is ramming a homosexual agenda down your throat: you can believe whatever you please and, as most of us have always done, ignore the silly clap-trap of priests. They’re just trained monkeys doing the magic act. Read the program during their idiotic sermons and ridicule these dumb bozos during coffee hour. Their job is maintaining the buildings and organizing the rituals. They have nothing to teach us and their pretensions to “leadership” are pure arrogance. Of course they say stupid things about sexual ethics and everything else: they’re stupid, arrogant, politically correct ignoramuses.

  • Joe DeCaro

    Just realize that as you ignore the “silly clap-trap” of priests, they consider you to be “irrelevant”.
    As far as the politically correct are concerned, you’re not even there.

  • John LeMond

    Well said! An exciting time to be a Christian. Frighteningly exciting.

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  • What we are witnessing today is the spiritual condition of the last days. It is immoral. The answer to declining belief or church attendance (which are not the same thing) that many so called “teachers” offer us is that we need to set aside the Word of God and welcome immoral behavior. This too is symbolic of the last days spiritual condition. To those of us who actually read the Bible and take it for what it says these things are not surprising. Jesus said the love of many would grow cold and when the Son of man returns it would be like the days of Noah. The immorality and corruption was foretold. It is no surprise. Jesus is our only hope to escape God’s judgment upon sin and rebellion. Receive Him and turn away from immorality and know His peace and power and truth.

  • Karla

    Mark-Amen/very well said! 1 Corinthians 5 and 6 the whole chapters and
    also Luke 13 need to be taught today. Many today only want to talk about
    gay marriage and/or abortion but forget that 1 Corinthians 6:9-12 lists many
    sins right along with the homosexuals. Sexually immorality and drunkards are
    two of those sins yet people get drunk and sleep around today like it’s not a
    big deal. All the sins need to be confronted not just some. We all must Repent!