• Frank

    Encouraging your child to sin is nothing short of child abuse. Yes love them and keep them close, don’t reject them, but teach them the truth that their sexual attractions are NOT who they are. They don’t have to surrender to them.

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  • Earold D Gunter

    Teaching children to believe in anything by faith is far more immoral and mentally abusive than just about anything you could do to a child. It is tantamount to teaching them to not believe in reality. Allowing them to be who they were born to be is far more moral. Parents need to learn to do what is best for their children in this world. The only world that we have evidence exists, not what they feel is best for another world of which no evidence exists.

  • Crash2Parties

    Do tell. Exactly what sin is being committed by a child who proclaims they are not the gender assigned to them at birth? Please be specific and use Biblical citations, if at all possible.


  • Frank

    God created them male and female.

    Any confusion is caused by sin.

  • brie

    It’s also a sin to judge others. God is only allowed to judge. If the only way your kid is going to be happy is by changing their gender then so be it. Would you rather them kill themselves or be happy in their skin? Child abuse is when you deny your child of so much happiness that they want to die. Instead of spreading hate, spread acceptance and love.

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