Fox News declares war on responsible journalism in dangerous tirade against Muslims

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“We need to kill them.” Fox News host Jeanine Pirro’s us vs. them call to arms against “radical Muslim terrorists” -- and Muslims at large -- is the most dangerous example of hate speech I’ve seen on American television.

  • I take it that Kevin Eckstrom is not jonesing for appearances on Fox (and that PBS has not figured out or does not care what Religion News Service actually is).

    Flagrantly silly article.

  • Ben in oakland

    “Asking Fox News to exhibit a modicum of sensitivity and nuance in its reporting isn’t a call for censorship or for political correctness. It’s a call for responsible, informative reporting from a cable channel that brands itself as news.”

    Well,cohere you have the whole problem.

    The first sentence is a total contradiction of the second.

  • Fawaz

    And, just what is wrong with killing the “radical Muslim terrorists”??? How else are we going to deal with them? We had to kill enough of the Germans until they surrendered unconditionally, and we need to do the same with the Moslem aggressors who declared war on us unbelievers 1400 years ago. The judge is absolutely correct. This does not mean that we have to kill all Moslems, just like we did not have to kill all Germans 70 years ago. Let’s face it. We are at war whether we like it or not. We did not declare it; Islam did. We need to recognize that fact and deal with it responsibly.

  • You’re defining ends and drawing a connection between ends and means. That’s a no-no at Religion News Service.

  • Earold D Gunter

    Fawaz, I agree that those who use the teachings of islam to justify behavior that is not in accordance with the rest of humanity unfortunately must be dealt with. Also unfortunate is that that the position they take is such that they leave no room for compromise of any kind.
    However, that is quite different than to say “We did not declare it; Islam did. We need to recognize that fact and deal with it responsibly” Their are millions of muslims who do not condone the behavior of these radicals, so to paint all of islam as being at fault is not correct, and is not dealing with it responsibly. It would be similar to say that the west borough baptist church represents all of christianity, which it does not. My preference would be that all religions go into the dustbin of history, but that is not going to happen today. So, we must deal with those who’s faith based beliefs have negative impact on the lives of others. This not only includes radical islamists, but radical chrsitians, radical buddhists, etc…

  • Ben in oakland

    Strictly speaking, you’re right. We didn’t declare war on radical Islam. Congress hasn’t declared war since Pearl Harbor, despite the large number of wars we have been in.

    Nevertheless, we destabilized the entire Middle East with our undeclared wars in Iraq,afghanistan, and our military non-war actions in Libya, Syria, and so forth. We supported Saddam in Iraq, switching sides back and forth between him and Al Qaeda depending on our targets.

    We will continue to pay the price for that for some years to come.

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  • Ken

    There is not even a shred of untruth to anything Pirro declared. The idiocy of not being able to see the history past and present of islamic tyranny is killing innocent people all over the world STILL. Some of them are even Muslim.

    Pirro is great and no one is her prophet.

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  • Jay

    Sorry Brian. But you’re being naive. Pirro is right. Political correctness and feminism vs. islam are (which are diametrically opposed ideologies) just proves that a divided house CANNOT STAND. Everyone is so concerned with “hate speech”. Its GOOD to HATE what is BAD. Its GOOD to hate EVIL. Its GOOD to HATE LAWLESSNESS. It is GOOD to HATE IMMORALITY. It is GOOD to HATE WICKEDNESS. These evils are ACTUALLY being perpetrated around the globe and your worried about “hate speech”? You’re a fool. It will be your undoing.

  • Imagine20

    3 Muslims have been killed, will FoxNews be called to answer for this garbage? they’re spinning the propaganda wheel and calling it a dispute over parking. Hmmmm.