• “Britain is a fantastic place,” she added. “It offers all religions and minorities freedom. Britain is one of the best countries in the world for Jews.”

    The man in the street in Britain may be perfectly unproblematic, as he generally is here. The trouble is, Britain’s elites have promoted immigration from Pakistan and other realms since about 1962. This creates a knot of problem people in Britain, and one of their troublesome aspects is hostility, occasionally violent hostility, to British Jews. That aside, Britain’s journalistic and academic establishments are hostile to Jews by default. Carolyn Glick of the Jerusalem Post has said the behavior of the audience at her most recent talk at Oxford was so disagreeable that she did not think she’d ever travel to the UK again.

  • Jack

    What a difference a century (or more) makes:

    By the mid-late 19th century, a religious revival in Britain made it the most philo-Semitic country in the world next to the United States. It’s no coincidence that Zionism began there….and as Netanyahu keeps saying, it began with Christians, not Jews.

    So what happened? The fires of Victorian revival burnt out and the next generations were cynics embarrassed by their Victorian parents or grandparents and decided it was cool and hip to reject their beliefs and mores wholesale.

    Of course, WW I didn’t help, either. It deepened the cynicism.

    Result: New generations of Brits who “knew not Joseph.” They were hostile or indifferent to Zionism. Oil interests also played a role; they were eager to appease their Arab Mideast partners….even before nationalization.

    Britain’s story is a cautionary tale for America. Right now, grassroots American support for Israel is at its high-water mark, with baby boomer evangelicals and Catholics being its core.

    The problem are the tens of millions of the Millennial generation, who, like the next British generation following the Victorians, think that being cool and hip and progressive means being reactionary and contrarian regarding their parents — ie noting their values and wishes and doing exactly the opposite for its own sake.

  • Larry

    You seem to forget Britain’s modern hostility to Israel comes largely from two 20th century sources:
    1. Heavy involvement in the Arab world both politically and economically
    2. Being the former imperial overlords of Palestine prior to independence.

    Jerusalem was divided thanks to the efforts of the British trained and armed Arab Legion (setting up the situation with a separate Palestinian territory from Israel and Jordan)

    British antisemitism was always more of a default in modern times. Outside of WWII, there was never a time when Jews were considered fully integrated into British society.