• The Great God Pan

    “Under Islam, depictions of the prophet are forbidden.”

    Oh, RNS. How many days ago were we reading in your virtual pages that Muslims don’t care about images of the prophet and it’s all just a big, unfair stereotype?

    Just throw it all against the wall and see what sticks, RNS. And don’t stop waving those hands!

  • The Imams and Ayatollahs are not our bosses.
    We shall do whatever we damn please.

    ALSO – while we are at it – may Americans condemn their own religious wackos and Christian Sharia creeps who claim we must shut up regarding their religious claims.

    “Get out of my way so I can serve my Lord” – Osama bin Laden

    No more religion, don’t trust the establishment.
    It turns out the Hippies might have been right about everything.

  • “…you’re taunting bloodthirsty and mad terrorists,”

    That is a great argument against appeasement.

    If you believe in Bigfoot that is your right.
    But to force me to believe in bigfoot and tell me I am subject to bigfoot’s rules – is an outrage.

    For the spread of secularism and The Separation of Church and State

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  • Edward

    I must confess I am surprised at the bravery of the media in France. In the United States no one can dare do anything that might rub the Muslim world the wrong way. Of course no one cares a hitch about hurting the Christian world. Jesus has been depicted in all sorts of negative ways in the US. But the Muslim faith is respected even in the public square. France you are a leader in freedom of speech. Can the US learn anything from this? Of course they can, but will they!!!

  • Stephen Lewis

    America is controlled politically, economically and culturally by Zionist Christians and Jews who cannot afford to allow Americans real free speech lest we start asking embarrassing questions about Jewish religious idols and icons nobody is allowed to question: such as Israeli Apartheid or here’s the big one: who is this “Abraham” character to give any deed to Canaan to Hebrews that Zionists use as their right to seize as foreign invaders, the land of other people there for thousands of years as genetic science proves. The actual descendants of ancient Hebrews are the Palestinian Muslim and Christian “Arabs”, that term misunderstood as a racial nationalist classification when darker skinned people of many countries in the Near East speak Arabic instead of their native languages, e.g Canaanite or Aramaic. No, we Americans can’t talk freely about issues that might offend Zionist Jewish or Evangelical Christian feelings based on religious bigotry against anyone who disbelieves the Abrahamic tall tales.

  • Stephen,

    “who cannot afford to allow Americans real free speech”

    Nonsense. You have freedom of speech but you choose to not use them – that is nobody’s fault but your own.

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