• Kim Bannerman

    Great article! I’m sharing this WIDELY with all of my friends.

  • If more Christian parents were like this, I wouldn’t be so angry with religion!

  • Katherine

    I have the pleasure of knowing Lisa. She and her family exemplify Christian love to the fullest extent.

    To Shaul: Your comment from Hosea is out of context, as is the verse from Deuteronomy. For one, Hosea is speaking of God’s charges against Isreal at a certain point in history, and not speaking globally for every human ever created. Deuteronomy 32:5 isn’t the verse you posted. I hate to say this, but it does alter how I perceive your knowledge of the topic and therefore your argument. That is from Deuteronomy 22:5 and is written in the context of property. A man is to help another man rescue is property in the previous verse, and a woman is not to impersonate a man, a property owner. You see, in this culture and time period, women were property of men. The next few verses discuss rape, but only in the context of how men must repay the price of the lost property to the father of the woman who was raped. Therefore, the context of the passages tells me that these aren’t what you’re trying to make them into.

    As you said “my (God’s) people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”… To fail to love the least of these is to reject the image of God.

  • Debbie


    Guess I shouldn’t ever wear jeans….I have been doing so for much of my life. Remember, we have been set free from the law.

  • Debbie

    Thanks for the clarification, Katherine.

  • Jacob S. George

    Your opinions and facts are completely validated. However, I would like to read examples of how you follow the Old Testament verbatim. The child mentioned (and his brother) have started becoming who they are as the way they want to be. Not anyone else. If you do follow the rules set in the Old Testament, then I respect you very much, as it is extremely difficult to do so.
    I grew up (though still young in age) learning the Bible and reading it many times over. Religion is nothing to be battled, but is something to take great care in deciphering. Everyone views it differently. For example, I view Christianity to be loving and accepting. Lisa and her husband make sure their children know the difference between right and wrong in Jesus’ context. In this religion, that is all we can ask: to live as Jesus did.
    Much love and respect,

  • Well if I’m wrong and there is a God, you think maybe God, in all God’s infinite wisdom, would kinda already know that gender is a social construct?

  • sam

    Oh and by the way, he also loves Sophia the first, My Little Pony and baby dolls along with teenage mutant ninja turtles and thomas the train 🙂

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  • Bob

    Funny that your “god” can’t come up with a better way to communicate than one that is so susceptible to such context and interpretation issues. Other sub-cults of your superstition interpret many other passages differently too.

  • As a Christian mom whose child didn’t stop at princess dresses but who declared herself to be a girl on the inside, I’ve been assaulted with a lot of hate from both within and outside of the church. It makes me so happy to see other families sharing their stories, too, so that we can start to change the mindset and incorrect interpretations of the clobber verses. God gave me a beautiful (trans) daughter, and I celebrate her every single day.

  • My last comment was in response to a homophobic troll, just in case anyone’s wondering.

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  • Jackie Burnett

    I love the phrase “clobber verses!” So accurate!

  • Debi,

    “incorrect interpretations of the clobber verses.”

    Just proves that people who rip out big chunks of the Bible start behaving better immediately – that should tell you something about what use that pile of rubbish called religion really is.

    The proper interpretation of all Bible verses is ‘Nonsense’.
    We don’t need a Holy Book to tell us how to love our children – if we did, humans would never have made it this far!

  • Very well researched and explained. Thank you Katherine.

  • Momof4js

    Lisa, you’re such an amazing parent. I’m so impressed. Thank you for sharing your important story. I hope many get the chance to read it. It’s also terrific to learn about the influence The Reformation Project has had in your life. It’s pretty transforming! Praising God for TRP and the courage you have to tell your story. Blessings to you and yours,
    An Orange County, CA mom

  • Momof4js

    Well said, Katherine.

  • jo

    thank you for your love and support!

  • jo

    …just WOW……the closed mind on this one…..

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  • Angel Peterson

    Adam, you probably have not been around very many young children. It is very common for boys as well as girls to try on their mother’s clothes and shoes, if allowed. Preschools have dress up clothes and all children have their favorites, but it is not uncommon for them to copy each other. One little girl will put on a dress, and next thing you know all the little boys are, too.