GOP abandons anti-abortion bill, angering religious conservatives on Roe anniversary

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Anti-abortion demonstrators pray in the hallway outside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's legislative office on Capitol Hill in Washington on January 22, 2015. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst 
*Note: This photo may only be republished with RNS-ABORTION-DEFEAT, originally published on January 22, 2015, or RNS-ABORTION-MARRIAGE, originally published on July 2, 2015.

Anti-abortion demonstrators pray in the hallway outside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's legislative office on Capitol Hill in Washington on January 22, 2015. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst *Note: This photo may only be republished with RNS-ABORTION-DEFEAT, originally published on January 22, 2015, or RNS-ABORTION-MARRIAGE, originally published on July 2, 2015.

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(RNS) The sudden reversal stunned abortion foes who had expected to celebrate House passage of the bill as they gathered for their annual demonstration against the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling by the Supreme Court legalizing abortion.

  • Ken

    Why do these Christians care what reprobates do with and to their offspring?

    This is evolution in action. The weak and worthless don’t breed. The Christians may not believe in evolution but the degenerates do. They should back off and cast off the dust from shoes and move on to more worthwhile people.

  • Larry

    “Why do these Christians care what reprobates do with and to their offspring? ”
    “They should back off and cast off the dust from shoes and move on to more worthwhile people.”

    I can only wish that were the case. Christians who respect privacy, civil liberties and the beliefs of others to leave other people well enough alone.

    If it makes you feel any better, nobody believes in Evolution. Nobody has to. It is not an act of faith, but a scientific theory. They accept it as valid because it is objectively proven to be so. Supported by evidence, honestly evaluated and methodologically sound. Same can’t be said about any of the “alternatives”. Your failure to accept it does not make it any less valid or useful in the field of biology.

  • Karla

    Ken-Read Romans 1:18-32. Evolution is impossible. God/Jesus are real.
    You can trust the Bible because of prophecy accuracy like Psalm 22:16-18
    and Isaiah 53:3-7. The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel is a good book and
    Jesus among other gods by Ravi Zacharias is good book too! God bless.

  • Larry

    Karla, come back to me when you get your degree in Biology and can speak of the subject with any amount of knowledge. Until then you are just pushing sectarian ignorant voodoo for its own sake. Feel free to be offended and to pray for my eternally damned soul. 🙂

  • Karla

    It’s great that Christians want to take a stand against abortion but many other
    sins are just getting swept under the rug. 1 Corinthians 6:9-12 lists many sins
    right along with the homosexuals so all sin needs to be confronted not just the
    abortion/gay marriage issue. Bible says all drunkards go to hell and so do the
    greedy coveters and mean people who gossip/don’t bridle their sharp tongue.
    Bible says if you have a sharp tongue your religion is worthless so all of the
    jealous people with inferiority complexes need to bridle their sharp tongues.
    Bible says Repent and believe the Gospel to be saved! We all must Repent!

  • Karla

    Larry-I do pray for you. I hope one day you will come to Christ cause
    you are loved by Christ and I hope to see you in heaven! I have done
    my research so I hope that you will do some more research and stop
    denying the Truth. Evolution is impossible! God is very real! God bless.

  • Fran

    The “only promising” future for mankind in all nations will be realized through God’s kingdom or heavenly government (Daniel 2:44; Isaiah 11:1-9), and not through any of man’s governments.

    Man’s governments do not possess the power nor the love for the masses of humans today who are fed up with their corruption, greed and injustice.

    God’s heavenly government does have the power and love to set all matters right on our forever home, earth (Psalm 37:10,11; Revelation 21:1-4); and it will soon intervene in man’s affairs to make it happen!! Love, justice and righteousness will finally dominant qualities during its rule as well as among mankind since the wicked ones will no longer exist!

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  • Greg

    Karla: yes we all need to look inside at our failures, and express sorrow to the Lord. And you are correct that there is no fossil evidence for evolution, we have no transitional fossils, only distinct types, but it certainly could have happened. And if it did, there is no real contradiction with Scripture.

    There is a certain way a Christian would need to understand it though. To believe in evolution, he must believe that before there was a universe, there was nothing; that is when God would say, “let there be light (radiation)”, and there was light (an explosion, a big bang). And the universe would then begin to hurl outward and develop, with planets and stars coalescing. Galaxies and solar systems would begin to come together through the physical attractive forces of the atoms, ions, and energies (designed into them).

    Then at one point, billions of years later, a planet would form that could sustain life. So at that point, God would initiate a generative aspect to this creation, which could duplicate itself, and adapt to its environment: plants, animals, then finally man — all being at certain periods, ready to move to a higher order of being, at which point God would escalate each of them, each to its higher state.

    At one point, though, the biped would begin to develop into a creature that acted more through its learning, than by instinct. He would begin to look at the stars and wonder what they were, he would begin to look at the trees, and understand their cycles; he would begin to plan for winters, summers, for food.

    At this point, God would have infused this creature with an immortal soul–He would breathe into his face, the breath of life. That might have been 20 or 30 thousand years ago, but it was when man would become a living soul, as is stated in Scripture.

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  • Karla

    Greg-Thanks for the feedback. We are thousands of years from the fall
    when Adam and Eve were deceived in the Garden by satan then they
    sinned but nobody knows how long they were in the Garden of Eden
    before the fall .that’s why so many still get confused about how old the
    earth is but what we do know is that God/Jesus spoke the universe into
    existence which is what the Bible says. In the beginning God created
    the heavens and the earth then sin came into the world through the
    deception of the devil and now look at the mess we are in. So many
    people today don’t follow the Bible/God/Jesus but if we would’ve just
    stuck to what God/the Bible said we wouldn’t all be in this huge mess.
    So many people today want to disobey the Lord and we see the results
    all around the world because of all our/mans disobedience. God bless.

  • Larry

    Greg, you are not even close to correct on any of the above.

    Since there are plenty of sites where one can actually learn about the subject from reliable sources, I feel no need to act as a remedial science teacher to you. Since such things are easily gleaned, the only excuse for such a lack of knowledge is willful misstatement. Creationist arguments were demolished philosophically a century before Darwin’s birth in the works of David Hume in the 18th Century.

    Creationism is complete and total dishonesty.

    As a creationist all you people are liars. People who bear false witness in service of the Lord.

    Creationism posits the notion that your Fundamentalist Christian sectarian faith can be proven true by objective evidence and credible research. The problem is, none of you will ever ever accept evidence to the contrary should it come up. Because you have no regard for methods which ensure credibility. So the initial premise was a lie.

    Greg you are lying about the evidence for evolution and what is required for its acceptance. There is over a century of evidence supporting evolution. But you will never bother to look at it.

    Most importantly, all creationists lie about their religious faith. They all deny that faith is required for belief. Faith being the absence of evidence. They claim they can logically and credibly prove God’s existence. But none of them are willing to hold themselves to the rules of logic or rational discussion. Obviously their belief is based on faith but they don’t want to admit it in public.

    The only purpose of Creationism is to lie to the public and try to coerce people into accepting religious beliefs the speaker takes on faith.

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  • J.C. Samuelson

    Unexpected, but also unlikely to be the end of such bills. Congress critters wrangle over language all the time. However, future bills taking as strong a stance may be less likely to pass muster with Republicans trying to woo the voters they want in 2016, so when it comes up again it still won’t satisfy the anti-abortion crowd.

    In any case, there are better ways to be “pro-life” and reduce abortions, in my opinion, than by outlawing abortion. Contraception, for instance. Comprehensive sex education too. Why the anti-abortion crowd doesn’t seem to want those things is hardly ever talked about, but I suspect it may have more to do with self-righteous moralizing about sex than it does with actually saving lives or helping young mothers. With that being said, I reserve the right to be wrong.

  • Ben in oakland

    Of course the GOP tossed the anti-abortion bill. No one in the anti abortion industry–and least of all the GOP– wants abortion to go away. They’d have to go out and get real jobs if they did that. Better to keep the anti-abortion Chrstian cow in the anti-abortion barn so that the GOP can continue to milk them for votes and money.

    Roe v. Wade was over 40 years ago. There have been GOP majority congresses and GOP presidents at the same time. Yet abortion still continues on. Why? Because the Christian cow is a stupid cow, like every cow that was ever born. The GOP can convince a farmer in Kansas to support them by getting him hot over two guys getting married in California, which he will continue to do while their farm policies and their banking policies relieve him of his farm.

    that’s why the GOP does nothing about abortion and gay rights. THey would lose the cow if they did anything but lead it to the slaughter.

  • Ben in oakland

    With respect, You are wrong. See my comment below.

    Not to mention, the Christian right is sex and sin obsessed. As you have seen in these pages, this is really their major concern. So birth control and sex education are almost as dirty as abortion

  • Atheism Smells Bad

    Larry, talk about cement-minded ideologues! Nothing is as frozen in time as the zombie-marching Darwinists.

    ” . . . problem is, none of you will ever ever accept evidence to the contrary should it come up.”

    Hello? You are literally describing AND defining fundy-Darwinists. Oops, I mean evolutionary scientists and their legion of propagandists in the New Atheism business.

    Unless you Fundy-Darwinists can show nothing creating something, anything, without anything else causing something to happen, the “theory” of evolution is simply a hapless bet made in an immeasurable casino.

    You demand that we all agree that you Fundy-Darwinists can actually, really, toss a pair of dice into eternity and demand that we all bow our heads that you will role a 13. No chance pal. (That’s a pun showing who is the real liar. And it’s NOT the Christians. Whose math nature NEVER refutes.)

    Actually, evolution makes abortionists and those who choose abortion simply or complicatedly worthless to nature and to the human animal species. You may check your mind at the door of reality, like a true liar, but the reality of evolution showcases the abortionists and their pitifully valueless victims as worth zero times zero to the power of as many zeroes as you have time to write them. But the insane may not know they are lying so evolutionists may get a pass via insanity (?).

    Evolutionists (and their soldiers the Atheists) that deny a designer – whether they maniacally hate the Biblical God or not, are left with an impossibility that they try uselessly to force those of us that can think to follow.

    Go and continue to sell your lies to reprobates and the morally bankrupt that inhabit our mental health institutions and academic shrines of debauchery and peddle that insanity elsewhere. No matter how much you foam at the mouth and hate Christians, chaos does not produce order and something cannot come from nothing. And killing your unborn offspring is murdering your children. DNA proves that, genetics proves that and every other use of reality proves that.

    Hey pinhead, ever wonder why a “pro-choice” person holds a “Baby Shower” for something they truly believe is just a blob of cells in their abdomen, no different than a descending mass of fecal matter? And yet want free stuff given to their “baby” before it is born?

    No, I’ll bet my house you never do.

    Puts the real meaning to pro choice huh. Selfishness uber alles!

  • coffemidget

    “Fundy Darwinists” are a lot like “Fundy Gravitationalists”.

  • Nick w

    I won’t even dignify your comment with an argument, as your mind has already been set and will not be changed by any amount of people far more intelligent than yourself. But I would like to, comically, point out that anything to the zero power is 1. Which would mean, by your example that you gave, something came from nothing.

  • J.C. Samuelson

    We have complementary views. It’s an oversimplification to say politics is about power, but if a party successfully panders to its base while simultaneously gaining the endorsement of enough voters at the other end of the ideological spectrum it can improve its chances of climbing to the top and staying there. Thus, both parties try to straddle the fence to the greatest extent possible while trying to appear principled. It’s absurdly Machiavellian, and would be laughable if real people weren’t on the receiving end.

    As for sex obsession, like I said it has more to do with self-righteous moralizing (and, on reflection, I would add projection) over what should be accepted as a perfectly normal, healthy human activity.

  • Larry

    ASB, as a creationist, I have already shown why you are a liar for the Lord. Your petty and ignorant insults mean little from someone who must make false declarations to support their religious faith. You have done nothing to refute what I say. You are just offended that I have the nerve to call people like yourself out on such obvious dishonesty.

    I can’t help it if your religious delusions are so overwhelming that you have to deny a century + of scientific advancement and knowledge to feel better about yourself. I can’t help it if you are a compulsive liar. Someone who has to pretend their belief is based on something other than faith.

    I do not foam at the mouth with hatred. That is your job. I don’t respect your POV enough to hate it. I simply dismiss claims of intelligent conversation, knowledge and vigorous debate coming from people such as yourself.

    “ever wonder why a “pro-choice” person holds a “Baby Shower” for something they truly believe is just a blob of cells in their abdomen,”

    Because its CHOICE to bear children. Ever see someone have a baby shower for a child of rape, incest or one they know can’t be supported? Maybe among your circle. They are a fairly dogmatic and ridiculous bunch. But among sane people it is not likely.

    Why do you hate women so much that you think they are incapable of making decisions about their body? The whole point of anti-choice is that self-righteous wingnuts think they are so morally superior to everyone on the planet, so therefore they have a right to make personal decisions for everyone. You don’t want an abortion, don’t have one. If its not your body, its none of your business.

    “No, I’ll bet my house you never do. ”

    Feel free to sign the deed to your shack to me at any time.

  • Larry

    The House already passed a denuded form of the bill which tries to cut off Obamacare funding to abortion. The senate hasn’t heard it yet.

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  • Greg


    I did not say that I believed evolution was bunk. As far as I am concerned, neither you, nor I, nor any scientist, can say with certitude what caused the Big Bang. I say God caused it, Science says that some infinitesimally small point of matter (less than a pin head), that was so dense, suddenly became unstable, sending an atomic style blast outward into the empty “nothingness” from which it was housed, and developed planets, stars, and various matter into orbits based upon magnetism, and other free energies. Then one of these planets would develop an atmosphere that was 20.95% O2, and matter underwent a generative thing from the proteins and other matter, becoming a “living” planet. Trees sprouted up, living beings of all sorts began to form, morphing and changing into mobile types that traversed across the land. And that this ultimately led to humans with fully functioning bodies, with digestive systems, immune systems, blood systems to carry support to the cells, a brain that thinks, and the like. I’m sorry if I am a cynic, but that type of development doesn’t happen all on its own. Outside of a greater being we Believers call “God,” I find the evolution theory to be void of all sensibility. As I alluded to earlier, I believe the first chapters of the Book of Genesis to be written from the perspective of 20,000 feet, and not to be taken as strictly literal, but that doesn’t exclude God from the picture. To me the creation story in the Book of Genesis was a vision that was granted by God to a secretary (possibly Moses), and he just wrote down what he saw, sort of like watching time lapse photography. The vision was broken down into 7 periods, which are referred to as Days. I find this understanding of the world’s beginnings to be just as rational, and feasible, as any of the evolution theories. To me the so-called scientific explanations of our world, apart from the Hand of God being in the midst of it at certain points, is a religion in and of itself. What if you were walking through the woods, and found a car sitting there? It was totally surrounded by fully grown trees so that the car could not be driven out. And then suddenly a scientist came by and said, “this car is here because it evolved all by itself?” You would rightly turn to the fool and say, “you are nuts!” Man created this car, and put it here, but instead he dug his heels in deeper, and said no, “it evolved.” Well that is the same argument from me. All I see when I look out at nature is wow, God is great. To me our “smart, adaptive” world is a blend of natural causes, evolution, and LOTS OF DIVINE HELP.

  • ATF

    J.S., thanks for a bit of sanity and truth telling. The reason there are millions of abortions in this country is because there are millions of unplanned pregnancies, The way to reduce unplanned pregnancies is to make effective contraceptives and good health care widely available, and to promote the idea that pregnancy should be intentional, not accidental, and that the decision to have sex and the decision to have a child need to be two separate decisions.

    If stopping abortion is a public issue then so too is family planning and in this country and this century, family planning is access to contraceptives and health care. Reduce abortions by assuring access to effective contraceptives. Otherwise it is just playing games.

    This law would have had a better chance if it had not included that stupid limitation having to do with women who had been raped. So typical, keep trying to squeeze in minutia until the whole thing becomes a messy controversy.

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  • John from Nebraska

    Ben I’ve been saying the same thing to my Christian friends for the past 6 years. The GOP will never make abortion illegal. That would dissolve a lot of energy among their base and they need those people who only vote one issue despite their policy of advocating for those who pay them the most.

  • Larry

    Greg, don’t waste my time displaying an ignorance on the subject which could have been remedied by reading reliable scientific sources. You won’t because your religious views extol willful ignorance and dishonest arguments.

    “I, nor any scientist, can say with certitude what caused the Big Bang. I say God caused it,”

    Which is never a rational or scientific answer ever. Why? Because saying, “God did it” adds nothing to our knowledge, leads to no advances in research, and cuts short any attempt at reasonable inquiry. It is an answer for the lazy who want to excuse their ignorance and lack of willingness to learn more about the universe they inhabit.

    Your attempt to pretend to have a scientific reasonable basis for your belief in God falls short and is woefully dishonest. You believe in God because you have faith. You construct a psuedo-reasoned argument to deny such faith and to justify such belief. Your argument comes down to an appeal from ignorance. I don’t know, therefore God. The very opposite of reason since you are taking belief without evidence. It is pure assumption.

    Although science gets things wrong sometimes, it corrects itself. Superstition and religion get things wrong all the time and avoid correcting themselves. In fact people construct elaborate nonsense to avoid making corrections to their religious views. So when in doubt, religion is not a form of belief which anyone can take seriously. It is neither honest in its approach nor seeks answers bey