• Daniel

    It’s a pity that this woman consider herself christian and theologian and can’t undestand what Bible realy says.

    God loves the sinner but hates the sin.
    The devil never control her, she just loose in the mind game of him that make she think she have problem all this time…

    “You can’t keep the birds from flying over your head, but you can sure keep them from building a nest in your hair!”

  • Larry

    “God loves the sinner but hates the sin.”

    What a worthless, overused and badly translated statement.

    It is obvious that the theology attached to such quotes is toxic with excuses for hatred and treating others badly. Somehow “love thy neighbor” becomes a conditional statement. “Hating sin” becomes an excuse for actions the very opposite of showing love. Spiritual or otherwise.

  • Jim

    Daniel; with all due respect, how can we be absolutely SURE what the Bible truly says on the subject, since that wonderful book has been translated time and time again by mortal man, often with personal theologies and biases entering in to the process. In addition, several areas of scripture have taken on new meanings as scientific discovery and other factors have changed our understanding. For instance, slavery and the thought that certain races were somehow less human were once common – now both are anathema. Science is finding that same sex attraction is not a mental disease or a matter of will but has organic and physiological roots, meaning it stems from birth (i.e. creation). It is blind faith, or even willful ignorance that doesn’t see that this discovery has to challenge earlier conceptions on the subject. Our walk with Christ was never meant to be a ramble down a primrose path, but we should challenge our faith daily, with open eyes and a receptive heart. We are called by Christ to love – unconditionally. The modern conservative church falls short of that far too often.

  • Doc Anthony

    I’m sure he wasn’t invited to the Gay Christian Network shindig, but Dr. Robert Gagnon has responded online to Vicky Beeching a couple of times in the Christian Post online (Aug. 19, 2014 and Sept.1, 2014).

    I think it’s important to point this out, because Beeching’s future book and her current high-profile visibility is likely to be influential to some degree.

    So Christians seriously need to know (at least in general) where Beeching’s pro-gay arguments regarding God and/or the Bible, might come up short. Gagnon has pointed the way in a down-to-earth, reasonable, non-holier-than-thou manner.

    Beeching will continue to be a high-profile gay-activist voice, from the United Nations to the Gay Christian Network to elsewhere. C’est la vie. But what is important now, is that Christians understand what gay-activist arguments she subscribes to regarding God and the Bible, and how to respond to those arguments. With that in mind, here are Gagnon’s responses:

    “Christian Singer Vicky Beeching Appeals to God’s Love to Justify Her Lesbianism”

    “Message to Vicky Beeching: The Logic of Creation, Not ‘Psychoanalysis by a Stranger'”

  • Dave

    You did not hear a word did you?

  • Tristan

    Ah yes, another delightful straight person explaining how it is to be LGBT. 🙂

    (Sarcasm, in case you didn’t get it…)

  • Her sexuality shouldn’t affect our appreciation of her music. I’m talking to you homophobes out there. And even if she’s gay, there’s nothing wrong with that. Unless, you’re disgusted by gays and you’re afraid your children will be gay so you plan on preventing that by making it the law that nobody should be gay.

    Well, good luck with that. I’m just going to continue singing: http://nonotesinging.com

  • Kenneth

    The real pity is people like you who regurgitate the same old lies that the extreme right wing republican party has been trying to shove down everyone’s throat since the 70’s. Do yourself a favor and research what the bible REALLY says in true context about homosexual RELATIONSHIPS, not gay sex.

  • Hans

    Actually, His grace is not always enough. It wasn’t enough for Adam, He said so Himself.

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  • LT

    Huh? Who told you the Bible was translated time and time again? The translations we have are from the original languages. They are not translations of translations.

    So yes, we can be very certain what God says about homosexuality.

  • Joe

    Apologetics come into play on this as in any issue regarding sin.
    We all are fallen. We all sin. The problem is where we try to redefine our sin so it no longer is prohibited by God in His word. We attempt to say our situation is different because of … whatever reason. We do this in order to shun the guilt and stain of our sin. We stop confessing it and the nature within us that leads to it. When we do so, we are wrong.
    Simply, the Old Testament statutes regarding our behavior have not been rewritten by the New Testament and the grace found in Christ. He came not to destroy the Law, but to fulfill it. There’s never a reason for Christ to address homosexuality because it was settled in the OT.
    I’m not a ‘phobe nor a hater. I’m, instead, deeply saddened by the continuing slide away from biblical truth and leaders willing to stand – in love – and proclaim it. I am saddened for those who cover their eyes to truth and attempt to justify living separated from God by revisionist application of God’s word. Moreover, I’m saddened by the failure to see that this is fulfillment of prophecy regarding the coming end of days.
    I am a sinner. I fail daily. My sin is ever before me. I cannot run from it, hide from it, or deny it for any reason. Further, I have no excuse for it except for my selfish human nature. I cannot defend it by saying I was born this way. Once I accepted Christ, my nature was changed. My sin happens where I fail to recognize His power in my life to overcome it. Thankfully, I have forgiveness of my sin and redemption through confession of the same and repentance.