Muslim women in Los Angeles start a mosque of their own

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A downtown Los Angeles interfaith center that once served as a synagogue was the site of a historic worship service on Jan. 30, 2015, as dozens of women gathered for Friday Muslim prayers in what is being dubbed the first women’s-only mosque in the United States. Photo courtesy of Alexa Pilato

A downtown Los Angeles interfaith center that once served as a synagogue was the site of a historic worship service on Jan. 30, 2015, as dozens of women gathered for Friday Muslim prayers in what is being dubbed the first women’s-only mosque in the United States. Photo courtesy of Alexa Pilato

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(RNS) “It’s meant to be a space for women to come together and talk about the female perspective,” said Sana Muttalib, the co-founder of the Women's Mosque of America.

  • Stephen Lewis

    This is good news! I have prophesied for years now that it will be Muslim women who effect the coming Islamic Reformation as they have been the most oppressed group by Muhammad’s religious ideas which need drastic overhaul as many of them cannot be inflicted upon 21st Century Muslims.

    Sooner or later intelligent Muslims are going to figure out that Muhammad worship has become idolatry and idol worship is not of God. All the satanic verses in the Quran of which there are many and I’m not talking about the triple goddesses verses either but all those verses urging violent treatment of non-believers and subjugation of believers to one man’s rule have to go, it’s pure religious totalitarianism as is and cannot be allowed to rule 21st Century societies protecting human rights of individuals to form whatever relationship with God accords with them, not with the opinions of others or edicts of paper and ink books.

    I do hope Muslaminas stand firm against male dictatorship and Reform Islam to make it truly a religion of peace and not this ugly religion of war that Muhammad created only halfway divinely inspired. Follow the Ahmadiyyah lead in how to deal with Muhammad’s bad religious ideas is my advice. Actually, all the Abrahamic religions need overhauls to be fit for modern societies protecting human rights.

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  • Larry

    “I have prophesied for years now that ”

    Is anyone else getting a “lets set up a community in the jungles of South America and distribute tainted instant beverages to all” vibe from that statement?

  • Larry and anyone who tries to trash my spiritual work, when you resort to slander and character assassination to “win” your argument you’ve already lost it. Grow up and start realizing Europeans can’t go around taking non-European peoples land and lives away from them forever. It’s going to stop as it has everywhere else in Palestine. Pals will never let their country go to European Jewish convert descendants lying to the world just about everything to do with their invasion and takeover of Palestine with European/American support to the point of breaking the U.N.’s own Charter protecting the Right of Self-Determination for Indigenous Peoples, that right resigned by Pres. Obama in 2010 and being broken every day by our government’s economic and military support for racist Zionist controlled Israel.

  • The only silver bullet to improve humanity is the emancipation of women.
    It works every single time.

    My best wishes to these brave women.

  • The Great God Pan

    I don’t think there’s much to worry about unless he is a lot a more charismatic in real life than he is online.

  • ibn Aleeyou Bn Dawud

    Sorry……… Man why do u behave like cow

  • The emancipation of women begins with restoration of the Divine Feminine back into the Godhead. Without a Goddess above to model spiritual power, women below suffer the consequences of male domination of society. So, atheists, help women by helping me spread word of Her coming! I know you all want to help so this is your chance to not let silly materialist ideology stop you from aiding the Women’s Movement.

  • Larry

    Jim Jones started out preaching about racial equality and universal love. Somehow that all ended with setting up a quasi gulag in a jungle and mass suicide/murder.

    Religion messes up simple ideas for the betterment of humanity. Good intentions get washed away by egotism, arrogance and tribalism.

    Good luck getting that cult started.

  • Jay

    The woman was THOROUGHLY DECEIVED. Eve believed the lie that she could be “like God”. She fancied herself a goddess. Feminism is demonic and not to be trusted.

  • Jay

    You entire statement REEKS of the devil. Why would “atheists” want to help with anything having to do with spirituality?? Atheists dont believe in God or a “godhead”. You are a wicked person to your core and sadly you dont even know it or understand it.

  • Larry

    Female empowerment, equality among genders, is a worthy goal. One befitting of even the most unreligious minded person.

    Wicked is telling people they are inferior or should be treated as less than people because your religious beliefs command it.

  • Jay,

    The Three Little Pigs were eventually smart enough to outwit the Big Bad Wolf so all is not lost. Pigs are probably smarter than Wolves.
    We can learn many lessons from fairy tales. Adam and Eve may be your favorite fairy tale. I happen to prefer Pinocchio.

    Remember how smart Tinkerbell was? Yet, she was a woman so there’s that.

    But relying on fairy stories is very childish.

  • sakinah

    Clearly you don’t have an understanding of Islam because if you did you wouldnt make the comment that you made no one who is a true Muslim worship prophet Muhammad pbuh we only worship 1 god Allah and if you do other wise then you are commiting shirk. As a Muslim women this is wrong women are not suppose to lead the prayer people are trying to change a religion that Allah has made perfect by chasing after their own desires this is a sad state of Islam and until people truly start reading and learning about the deen following the sunnah and understanding and putting the Quran in their lives its only going to get worse

  • @Sakinah,

    If you are really a Muslim it is really good to see you here.

    I disagree with you 100%. I think Islam is just as awful as every other religion except now Islam is a danger to everyone because it insists non-muslims must care about Allah – I reject Allah completely.

    But I’m glad to see you speaking up so people can hear your views.
    I wish other Muslims would speak at RNS.

  • umma

    The following link is by a former Jew who turned to the true path.

  • Muhammad’s rip-off of Judaism’s religious ideas will only land Muhammadan idol worshipers, the worst kind of paper and ink idolators because they will kill people who disrespect their idols–the man Muhammad and his paper and ink book, in the same historical la-la land that Judaism is now in–because Israeli archeology has exposed the authors of the Bible stories, all three Abrahamic religions take as historical gospel, as Jewish mythology, Jewish myths of origin, and not a bit of it any truer than the foundation of Rome by Romulus and Remus suckled by wolves. So intellectuals, if they are such, will shun going backwards into superstitious false man-made religions, especially of the religious totalitarian fascist variety of which Muhammadism with its Sharia Law copied from Mosaic Law, is especially odious to modern concerns for human rights.

  • Larry

    Hey Stevie, you found your first disciple!

  • Sakinah, wake up! You are allowing an ancient man to brainwash you and wash away intelligence. Can you point to Allah’s words recorded in Muhammad’s book coming from anywhere else than the one man Muhammad? If you attempt to point to my people’s Scriptures that Muhammad used to verify himself, I will ask you to take your beliefs to any recognized higher university in the West and see if you can get Muhammad’s views of our people’s stories about supposedly historical figures confirmed by archeological and historical science. You will not be able to do this as archeological science has already shown the Bible stories about all those prophets and their mighty deeds to be completely fabrications of ancient scribes and priests of Judah about an early history that never happened, Jews weren’t even in existence until a thousand years later but wrote about mythical men and unbelievable events. Being in denial of true history is not a spiritual path nor is idol worship of a man on earth falsely claiming knowledge he never had. Please, stop letting your brain be violated every day with one man’s bad ideas and you know in your heart they are bad because look at the news at how easily it is for Muhammadans to slip into rage and become violent animals acting out Muhammad’s words in his book that keep Muhammadan minds backwards and easily led into social violence.

    You exhibit the Stockholm Syndrome that most Muslim women suffer from and don’t know it, that is you have been taught to love your oppressor and never question his oppression of you, “for your own good” of course, the way males have kept down women for centuries. Join the women who are waking up from centuries of slumber..

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  • US Islamist

    Congratulate these women for making a stand.
    Question is, if a vote came up to replace the US Constitution with Sharia, which way would they vote.

  • Artiewhitefox

    Islam is real satanism without saying satanism.They see God outside of them even as a devil see God outside of them. God is fire to them. Muslims need to tear down whatever building they build calling it a Mosque. Muslims must be cast out of whatever building they adopt. They obey a being that Masqueraded as Gabriel. That being was Satan who was called Gabriel. He wants to stand on the earth to be seen by people like Mohammed saw him. Get away from him when seen. Mosques by others must be destroyed when Muslims themselves refuse to do so.