Clerics denounce burning alive of pilot as un-Islamic

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A man purported to be Islamic State captive Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh is seen standing in a cage in this still image from an undated video filmed from an undisclosed location made available on social media on February 3, 2015. Islamic State militants released the video on Tuesday purporting to show Kasaesbeh being burnt alive, and Jordanian state television said he was murdered a month ago. Reuters could not immediately confirm the video, which showed a man resembling the captive pilot standing in a black cage before being set ablaze. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Social media via Reuters TV

A man purported to be Islamic State captive Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh is seen standing in a cage in this still image from an undated video filmed from an undisclosed location made available on social media on February 3, 2015. Islamic State militants released the video on Tuesday purporting to show Kasaesbeh being burnt alive, and Jordanian state television said he was murdered a month ago. Reuters could not immediately confirm the video, which showed a man resembling the captive pilot standing in a black cage before being set ablaze. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Social media via Reuters TV

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DUBAI/AMMAN (RNS) The Islamic State posted a religious edict on Twitter, which ruled that it is permissible in Islam to burn an infidel to death. However, senior clerics across the Islamic world argued that inflicting death by fire was always banned under Islam.

  • Yes, IS militants should have chopped his head off like Muhammad’s Allah tells them and Muhummadans to do to critics of the IDOLs, Muhammad and his god and his book. Or conversely, they should have blown the pilot up like they do themselves which evidently bombs blowing people to smithereens is OK with Allah and Muhammad, we don’t hear much at all about that from Muhammadans.

    Folks, we cannot tolerate another worldwide totalitarian fascist ideology trying to takeover any place they feel is weak enough to do so. Muhammad’s religion of war is religious totalitarian fascism and it must be exposed and denounced as such. It is not any real religion of God because if God tells us to chop off our neighbor’s head because he doesn’t agree with us, then that’s just plain sick and crazy. Zero tolerance for Abrahamic sick and twisted religions inflicting their violent ideas upon our world. 2500 years of non-stop Abrahamic religious warfare going on somewhere in the world is enough. If we are serious about wanting world peace, we have to reject violent Abrahamic religions with their proven historic ability to turn decent human beings into unconscionable killer apes.

    Only the Ahmadiyyah Muslims are worthy of our respect, the rest of the Muhammadan idolatry must be rejected if we want to stay clear of another world war against fascist repression.

  • You know, if I were a Zionist CIA or MOSSAD agency and wanted the world to come down heavy on Arab Muslims, what would be the best way to make that happen? The terrible part is that using Muhammad’s religious war manual, the Quran, can easily be used to control fanatic fundamentalists into thinking they are serving Allah’s purposes. When your religion tells you to fill your head five times a day with the religion’s only allowed voice of one man, you can expect no rationality in mentality as a result of this extreme brainwashing that goes on everyday with Muhammadan idol worshipers bending over just like people of old prostrated themselves before undeserved royalty or had their heads removed. Muhammadism is an attempt to freeze history at the 7th Century level and we see what that sort of effort does to world peace without religious wars of old.

  • The question of whether burning someone alive is Islamic or not
    leaves some wiggle room to find it permissible.
    It is better to approach these questions as a humanitarian who has no loyalty to any gods.

    Religion: “Bigfoot told me to burn him alive instead of cutting off his head.”
    Atheist Humanitarian: “I don’t believe in Bigfoot”

    Who would you feel more comfortable making these decisions?

  • Jack

    Believing in no god at all is a protection against fanatical forms of religion but is no protection against human nature, which history has shown time and again to be capable of just about every atrocity you can name.

    That’s a charitable view of your claim that atheism is the answer to inhumanity.

    At best, it is powerless to change it.

    At worst….well, you know the rest…..

  • One of the big reasons I am a Christian is due to the fact, historical fact, that belief in Christ can change human behavior in men, mellowing them out, down-grading their needs for aggressive territorial behavior carried over from animal days and built into our genes and brains. There is a phenomena that happens in social animals where the herd or flock gets all twitchy and nervous when there’s doubt about the alpha male’s leadership. We Americans saw this phenomena happen when Gore and Bush were tied for the Presidency for a month and it made everyone nervous. When the issue is decided, by male combat determining either the old bull stays or he’s ousted by a new bull, the whole group breathes easier, the alpha male is chosen. Jesus Christ played an interesting challenge as the highest alpha male to go up against alpha male Pilate representing Rome’s interest, the alpha males Sanhedrin of the Jewish community. Instead of fighting for his life, he deliberately folds the game and “loses”, but did he? Three hundred years later there is no Sanhedrin and the whole Roman Empire is owned by Jesus Christ people. In his way, Jesus toppled not only the existing alpha male dominators but the whole alpha male system by refusing to play the game. And this is exactly what needs to be done each generation of men. Each generation must learn how to Sacrifice Power over people, for Love of People, and Jesus Christ provides the world’s most pschologically powerful icon of self-sacrifice, it can literally change human behavior, especially in men, to know and understand this religious sacrifice of ego and self to empower the Meek in all of us, which not weak but the need to bring protection against male aggression to human rights of free peoples, without this change of the Meek inheriting the earth, the unmeek men will and are destroying it.

  • Jack,

    “believing in no god …is no protection against human nature”

    That is why we have the US Constitution
    and the Separation of Church and State.
    Religion only adds misery.

  • “Christ can change human behavior in men, mellowing them out”

    You obviously have no experience with Buddha.

  • The Great God Pan

    ““Christ can change human behavior in men, mellowing them out”

    Wow. What was Fred Phelps like BEFORE he found Jesus, then?

    At any rate, I think thorazine does the same thing with greater reliability.

  • Buddha was second rate sacrifice of self that really was never unselfish as it was always aimed at SELF enlightenment. And now, thanks to brain science and scans of meditating Buddhist monks we know Buddha’s one trick pony for getting to “enlightenment”. Instead of using drugs to tranquilize the brain, use intense meditation. That’s what “enlightenment” turns out to be, tranquilizing, completely shutting down the human brain’s sense of self center located near the parietal region that regulates our sense of self in time and space and seems to be a center for ego awareness. Shutting it down creates the oceanic egoless sensation. Shunting brain energy towards the frontal lobes then creates higher consciousness and when frontal lobe pleasure centers fire, one can have pleasurable egoless consciousness, this is “Buddha Mind” and you can have it. It’s severe brain manipulation to get high. And nobody could see inside a human brain before so Buddhism spreads around the world as a “pure” path to higher consciousness while all the time it was a fraud. This is why Buddha never found God. He wasn’t worthy with his man-made ideas about reality all stemming from creating an artificial hole in his head where the normal brain sense of self should be functioning. We need whole brain consciousness to deal effectively with reality and not a deliberate lessening of our brains to achieve escape from psychic pain. For heaven’s sake, smoke a joint instead..

  • Liz


    First, it’s impressive how you can use all the right Buddhistic buzzwords and still completely fail to understand the basic tenets of Buddhism. Your long scientific description of meditation is just one of the 8-fold paths, not an ultimate goal. Meditation, Buddha taught, is a way to change yourself in order to develop the qualities of awareness, kindness, and wisdom. And there are other 7 folds path you can google to discover. Inform yourself, please!

    Second, you claimed that Jesus can change human behaviors (for better, I assume) but called the Buddha’s teachings not worthy. Wanna bet? Tell me how many Christians killed others in the name of Jesus and how many Buddhists killed others in the name of Buddha, in human history as you know it. Then tell me whose teachings has more calming effect on human behaviors.

    Stop making assertions you can’t support and don’t be a liar for Jesus.

  • Jack,

    Have I told you how much I love being an Atheist?

    Because I love, love, love, love, love being an ATHEIST.

    I LOVE IT!!!!

    I love everything about it. I love science, poetry, history, language, music, sex, food, sleeping very late on Sunday.

    I love, love, love, love, love being without Hell.
    It is a wonderful joyous life I have.

    All of the Theists
    keep harping on which of the gods is the real one
    and I end up spending so much time swatting at your nonsense that I never get the chance to tell you how happy I am – how amazingly joyously happy I am to not have any religion.

    I have no worries about Hell.
    I have no worries about sex.
    I have no worries about sexual thoughts.
    I have no worries for my children’s sexuality.
    I have no worries about gay people.
    I have no worries about people who abandon other religions.
    I have no desire for the god of the heavens.

    I sometimes cannot contain my joy it is so awesome – no gods, no hell and no such thing as blasphemy! It is awesome, awesome awesome!

    I wish there were a word which explained how great it is to be an ATHEIST.
    Freedom. Beauty. Full measure of life’s every moment!

    I love life as an Atheist.
    It is so, so, so, SO much better than the sad life I had before when I thought God was real.


  • Joe Blow

    test post

  • Joe Blow

    Ok, here it is happening right now on Religious News Service, censorship of religious news and censorship of Gnostic Christian theology. I can no longer post under my own name on RNS as my posts started disappearing trying to post them a few days ago and now all of them do. I tell it like it is and we see now that prophesy bearing always gets attacked by those protecting the powers that be from critical review. It is a shame you are being misled by RNS editors who I emailed yesterday and got my posts banned today. You know who I am by my celestial root Christianity theology. Which Pauline Christians at RNS I suspect are now censoring on this website comments.

  • Joe Blow

    Liz, I fully agree that Pauline Christians, following Paul’s commandment for them to obey their government leaders or be condemned by God to hell, have broken most all of Jesus’ commandments and killed far more people than Buddhists. But to me, Pauline Christianity isn’t Christianity but Paulism. And I am Jewish so I follow the Talmud’s nasty references to Yeishu ben Pantera as my historical “Jesus Christ” and look to the New Testament Gospel Jesus for the embedded Celestial Torah coding which the Gospels are by far the richest mine in the Bible. So it has importance as is but since rabbis and priests don’t teach the Celestial Torah coding, neither Jews or Pauline Christians know it exists and is embedded within Scriptures. It took a Jewish prophesy bearer under God’s guidance to find it and recover it for the world. It changes everything about Bible authority but that’s already happened with the Israeli archeological finds at Megiddo, where Armageddon has already taken place and Pauline Christians and Jews haven’t a clue its happened.

    These are the End Times for Pauline Christianity and all the Abrahamic faiths. These are the End Times for Buddhist philosophy as God’s scientists have through brain scans of meditating Buddhist monks exposed Buddha’s one trick pony for basically getting high using intense meditation instead of drugs to do so. My prediction is that Buddhism will be considered highly useful for mental relaxation exercise as Hinduism’s yoga training is used as exercise to relax the stressed out body. But their Eastern philosophies of seeking “enlightenment” have been destroyed by science showing how this “enlightenment” has been achieved. We need whole brain consciousness to deal successfully with life’s complex problems which is why those nations long under Buddhist rulership lag so far behind the Christian West in social development and human rights protection despite their supposedly mellow Buddhist philosophies. Remember the Zen samarai who worked for their feudal warlords ruling Japan for centuries and remember the Thai Buddhists attacking Thai Muslims now in our times. Buddhism doesn’t guarantee non-violence in its world membership.

  • Fmr Cath

    In the Book of Revelation, chapters 17-18, God “judges” a “harlot” (Babylon the Great) and condemns her to total destruction. This harlot is none other than the worldwide “empire” of all false religion. Christendom is a major part of this “harlot” because she claims God as her husband but she prostitutes herself to every government in every country. You see how the harlot is “riding” the beast? Religions “ride” on top of government, trying to control everything… soon the “beast” (govts) will turn on the harlot and eat her up completely… Why? Because God puts the thought into their minds and hearts to do his work. (Rev.18:5-8 says: “For her sins have massed together clear up to heaven, and God has called her acts of injustice to mind. 6 Repay her in the way she treated others, yes, pay her back double for the things she has done; in the cup she has mixed, mix a double portion for her. 7 To the extent that she glorified herself and lived in shameless luxury, to that extent give her torment and mourning. For she keeps saying in her heart: ‘I sit as queen, and I am not a widow, and I will never see mourning.’ 8 That is why in one day her plagues will come, death and mourning and famine, and she will be completely burned with fire, because God, who judged her, is strong.”