Pope Francis to bishops: Protect the kids, not your careers

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For the first time in his papacy, Pope Francis met with clerical sex abuse victims at the Vatican on July 7, 2014.

Creative Commons image by Catholic Church England and Wales

For the first time in his papacy, Pope Francis met with clerical sex abuse victims at the Vatican on July 7, 2014.

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VATICAN CITY (RNS) "priority must not be given to any other kind of concern, whatever its nature, such as the desire to avoid scandal, since there is absolutely no place in ministry for those who abuse minors," Francis said.

  • “Everything possible must be done to rid the Church of the scourge of the sexual abuse of minors”

    Gee. you think?
    Why not start today? Cough up Bernard Cardinal Law who was the ringleader of the Boston Pedophile Priest network! Do it. Nobody is stopping you, Frank.

    “The worldwide scandal, which came to global prominence in Boston in 2001, has seen known abusers shunted from parish to parish instead of being defrocked and handed over to authorities.”

    And it continues! For shame.

    POPE – Women belong in the home with kids. Men belong at work.

    And Fred Flintstone should be president!
    Good grief – what abject, primitive nonsense.

  • Fran

    Jesus himself said that “a good tree cannot bear worthless fruit, neither can a rotten tree produce fine fruit….Really, then, by their fruits, you will recognize those.” (Matthew 6:18,20).

    We can obviously see the fruit of this organization.

  • The Great God Pan

    Oh, really. Does this mean he will be shipping Jozef Wesolowski back to the Dominican Republic to face the music?

  • Stephen Lewis

    With Pope Francis’ latest moral gaff, he is alienating me more and more with his inability to tell right from wrong when it comes to family matters. As a victim of a father who had to be stopped by my mother from whacking our butts too hard, me having suffered some serious intestinal consequences as an adult, I don’t appreciate his support of hitting kids by parents as “ok”. It can turn into child abuse so very easily and does all the time.

    And really, why not be honest to God and follow the rules of human nature which dictate that no matter what the rules say, grouping single sex people together will inevitably cause trouble as human beings are sexual creatures. Besides each other, priests will go after kids and that’s an established fact. The Melkite Catholics can be married and this must be a first priority in the Catholic Church: to let priests be normal human beings. Maybe that way they can learn what parenting really is all about and not make foolish errors in judgment as Francis has now done backing parental hitting of children.

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