• Philip

    That this issue continues to evolve is good, up to the point of approving and affirming what has been contrary to God’s intentional design and purposes from the very beginning. This issue has brought to light and is changing the abusive, hateful, judgmental messages the church has brought against LGBT persons. That must be confessed and repented of. The church is learning through this evolution of its need to love and embrace all, and that this can be done without letting go of God’s word and truth. There may be more and more churches in the affirming crowd, but there will also be more and more of the non-affirming crown that loves also.

  • ben in oakland

    so, basically, you want to have your cake and eat it, too.

  • Doc Anthony

    “…American Christianity has come to a breaking point.”

    I especially agree with this wording — but probably not in the sense that Eliel Cruz meant it.

  • The Great God Pan

    “[M]ore and more anti-LGBT voices are realizing a stance against LGBT children of God is a stance against the Gospel.”

    Will you step into my parlor? said the spider to the fly.

    These suddenly “accepting” evangelicals are gearing up for something.

  • Crash2Parties

    “They claim the church is unified in its anti-LGBT stance”

    Well, I see the problem, right there in that sentence. What or who is “the church”? Ask each denomination and they’ll assume you are talking about them and their cosmology only! The term is being used to encompass everyone yet the range of actual beliefs spans from those who advocate following the teachings of Jesus to embrace and lead by example to those who would prefer God do some smiting, right now, just to prove that LGBT people are “an abomination”.

    Until Christians recognize that discrepancy, that there is no one “church” there will be no resolving the issue, for each denomination (sometimes each local congregation) sees the world in a different way.

  • Philip

    No, but it is about the fact that you can both oppose gay marriage and love others well. They are not mutually exclusive. I think Eliel would agree.

  • Larry

    If it is anything like the LDS, it will be sponsoring bullcrap “anti-discrimination laws” which promote discrimination against gays if one claims “God likes that”.

  • Larry

    You can’t openly attack one’s civil liberties, demonize them, ostracize them from your group, and then claim to embrace them with love.

  • Philip

    Funny, but I haven’t done any of those things.

  • Larry

    Actually it is exactly what you are talking about, only not couched in misleading language. Show me opposition to gay marriage which isn’t based on animus against gays or a desire to attack their liberties. It doesn’t exist. The stance is entirely informed by a desire to treat gays as less than people. You can’t claim to love people who you want to treat in such a manner.