‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ gets black marks from bishops, pastors

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Dakota Johnson  as Anastasia Steele and JJamie Dornan as Christian Grey in "Fifty Shades of Grey." For use with RNS-50-SHADES, transmitted Feb. 6, 2015. Photo courtesy Universal Picutres and Focus Features.

Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele and JJamie Dornan as Christian Grey in "Fifty Shades of Grey." For use with RNS-50-SHADES, transmitted Feb. 6, 2015. Photo courtesy Universal Picutres and Focus Features.

(RNS) The film adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” which opens in theaters next week (Feb. 13), has movie morality guardians armed and heading for battle.

The Catholic bishop of Buffalo, N.Y., has warned fellow prelates to step up preaching on the true beauty of sex-within-male-female-marriage — and do it pronto.

“Remind the faithful of the beauty of the Church’s teaching on the gift of sexual intimacy in marriage, the great dignity of women, and the moral reprehensibility of all domestic violence and sexual exploitation,” wrote Bishop Richard Malone, in a letter Wednesday (Feb. 4) to fellow clergy at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

His letter came with multiple links to resources, some 15 to 20 years old, showing the church’s consistent stand against domestic violence and pornography.

The Catholic clergymen could be facing a juggernaut: Fandango reports box-office pre-sale numbers are soaring, particularly in the Bible Belt and the Midwest.

The Fifty Shades books by British writer E.L. James have sold more than 100 million copies. 

But the movie trailer — and a Super Bowl ad scrubbed of anything very sexual — sent opposition to the film into high gear.

Oh, that trailer.

It depicts a young journalist becoming a willing sex slave to a handsome, powerful man she interviews. Critics say it could make a tale of bondage and sadomasochism seem like playing fantasy sex leagues.

Archbishop of Cincinnati Dennis M. Schnurr already wrote to his pastors, calling the film “a direct assault on Christian marriage and on the moral and spiritual strength of God’s people.” Pastors must sound the alarm against its “destructive message” and “highlight the beauty of God’s design for loving relationships between a husband and a wife in the bond of marriage.”

The bishops are following the lead of the Religious Alliance Against Pornography. The RAAP co-chairmen are Catholic and evangelical: George H. Niederauer, retired archbishop of San Francisco, and Jerry R. Kirk, founder of the pureHOPE Christian purity ministry. Protestants, Catholics and Jews have signed a RAAP letter warning that, “The contrast between the message of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and God’s design for self-giving and self-sacrificing love, marriage and sexual intimacy could not be greater.”

Southern Baptist pastor Jay Dennis, founder of the One Million Men anti-pornography ministry, decries the marketing of the movie as “leading to the normalization of pornography. Make no mistake, Fifty Shades of Grey is pornography,” said Dennis, pastor of First Baptist Church at the Mall in Lakeland, Fla.

They are all late to the shaming party. Morality in Media, the anti-porn site, has been whipping up (so to speak) press releases against Fifty Shades for months for glamorizing “abuse of power, female inequality, coercion, and sexual violence.”

“The popularity of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ among women sends a message to men that this is what women really want. Even more dangerous, it also sends the message to women that they can ‘fix’ violent, controlling men by being obedient and loving.”

But Fifty Shades does provide a mini-marketing opportunity for another relationship movie opening on Valentine’s Day weekend — “Old Fashioned.” And the star of that is unabashedly promoting it as the anti-porn, Christian true love indie film to share with your sweetie.

“Clearly, we’re picking a fight with Fifty Shades because we believe it matters. Love and romance are created by God and designed to lead to marriage and physical intimacy, created by God,” said Rik Swartzwelder, who produces, directs and plays the lead actor role in the film.

The film’s trailer has the tag line: “Love is anything but grey.”


  • Larry

    ““The popularity of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ among women sends a message to men that this is what women really want. Even more dangerous, it also sends the message to women that they can ‘fix’ violent, controlling men by being obedient and loving.””

    Am I the only one who finds the irony in this statement?

    Aren’t these the same pastors who preach that women must submit to their men as part of being a good Christian daughter and wife?

    “Purity culture” has a superficially similari ethos as Sadism/Masochism. But the main difference being the S&M people acknowledge the relationship is dysfunctional and abnormal and enter into such relationships voluntarily. In purity culture from birth to maturity, women are pressured and coerced into following a submissive role by adult role models.

  • Frank

    Keep up the good work exposing the immorality of our culture! And cue the immorals to defend it.

  • Fourth Valley

    “But the main difference being the S&M people acknowledge the relationship is dysfunctional and abnormal and enter into such relationships voluntarily.”

    Woah, hold on. Even the “S&M people”, as you put it, acknowledge how screwed up Fifty Shades of Grey is, and they go to quite a number of lengths to denounce the book as a misinformed, dysfunctional, and morally wrong portrayal of their subculture.

    Nor do “S&M people” acknowledge their lifestyles to be “dysfunctional and abnormal”, seeing as they are nothing like the truly dysfunctional and abnormal portrayal of Fifty Shades of Grey.

  • Larry

    Correction on my part. “Unusual” is a better term than abnormal and dysfunctional. S&M enthusiasts generally don’t believe those sort of relationships are suited for everyone. The voluntary nature of it is usually pretty well stressed.

    But compare it to “purity culture” which posits that submission is expected and a duty of a woman. That is a far cry from consensual role play of S&M.

  • Jack

    The wise if somewhat cynical approach of religious leaders should be to step back and see what feminist leaders say.

    I always thought that on issues like this one, where the professed ideals of feminism and those of the sex revolution are in conflict, feminists lose every time. Not that they should lose; they should win on principle. But in reality, they do not…..and part of the reason may be lack of sufficient will on their part.

    Old Woody Allen movies once mock the gap between ideals and reality when it comes to feminism. The feminists in his movies talk a good game, but end up mating with brutes, while the Woody Allen character invariably shakes his head in dismay.

    Centuries before Allen, Voltaire had some interesting commentary on this.

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  • Joe

    I never heard a word of protest from any of my bishops when that American Sniper movie came out a month ago, which glorified a psychopathic mass-murderer and celebrated his warcrimes, which include splattering the heads of children with his high power rifle. Why is the church silent about glorifying murder, but gets loud when sex is celebrated?

  • The Great God Pan

    Would someone please show these guys some actual pornography so they’ll know the difference? A movie like “50 Shades of Grey” is to pornography as Chipotle is to Mexican food.

    “[50 Shades of Grey promotes] abuse of power, female inequality, coercion, and sexual violence.”

    So, the real problem is that this movie provides secular competition to the Christian teachings of “complementarianism” and female subjugation? Because these critics are basically making “50 Shades of Grey” sound like a Promise Keepers meeting.

  • Chauffeur

    @Larry -The irony you may be realizing is that the secular media’s interpretation of what good pastors teach about sexual relationships is far different from the reality. Said another way – don’t automatically believe the bad stuff you hear about religion.There’s a good chance it ain’t true.

  • Larry

    “Said another way – don’t automatically believe the bad stuff you hear about religion.”

    Especially when they say it themselves? Hypocrisy is the rope by which many a religious figure hangs themselves with. Many a pastor decries pornography as commodifying sexual relations and yet their “purity culture” considers a woman’s virginity as a commodity from which their worth is gauged.

  • Karla

    Chauffeur- Amen/well said. Bible says it’s better to take refuge in the Lord
    than to trust in man cause people are flawed sinners/they will let you down.
    Bad mouthin religion has backfired. Many people are now spiritual instead
    of Biblical.1 Corinthians 6:9-12 lists many sins right along with homosexuals
    so all sin is wrong/needs to be confronted not just gay marriage or abortion
    Ephesians 5:18 says don’t get drunk and also 1 Corinthians 6:10 says that
    all drunkards go to hell including all people who get drunk with strong wine
    because John 2:10 says that the cheap wine was brought out last so the
    best for last refers to a poorer/watered down/diluted wine. Bible also says
    don’t get drunk on strong wine/ don’t get drunk with wine it’s debauchery!

    If you say you love Jesus then don’t follow Bible/religion no Truth is in you!
    Bible says that sex is for marriage yet most people still have premartial sex
    so people in church need to talk about all sins like sharp tongues and also
    being mean,gossip,gambling,pride,jealousy,taking the Lords name in vain.
    1 Corinthians 5 and 6 the whole chapters plus Luke 13 need to be taught.
    It doesn’t matter how spiritual people are if they aren’t Biblical they’re lost!
    Bible says Repent and believe Gospel to be saved! We all must Repent!

  • Jack

    Did you even see American Sniper?

    I did, and you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Tclachance

    Sorry, you truly do not understand God, s plan for sex, which His church teaches. St. J.P. 2 Theology of the Body says it all. I hope that you will read it and be open to it

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  • Larry

    You mean your sect’s idea of sexual and gender relations. One which seems to emphasize female submission, denial of their independent existence and commodifying them based on notions of purity. Adult relations should not require the organized efforts of coercion and social pressure that your “God’s plan” does.

  • Larry

    To Clint Eastwood’s credit, the film does none of that. The book it was based on however is entirely a different story. The Chris Kyle in the movie was a far more sympathetic character than the man’s recollection in his autobiography.

    Eastwood made the proverbial silk purse from a sow’s ear.

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  • Ken

    Once again the idiocy brigades line up to bash each other just for the fun of it.

    Where did Jesus, in His interactions with two promiscuous women, even seem to care at all what they did in bed with whomever they were doing whatever with?

    Shouldn’t someone scream out that all these religious people and the rabid haters of religious people should just take a moment to read about what Jesus is reported to have actually done about something like this subject? I mean, the woman caught in the very act of adultery was probably not living like a Nun. And the woman at the well, the one living with yet another man that wasn’t her husband, was probably doing the nasty to gain a secure place to live.

    Jesus didn’t trip out about either one.

    Since His first recorded miracle is done at a wedding, it seems that celebrating the honeymoon would be in order as well. (That is why a Christian should never endorse so-called “secular” same gender marriage. Newsflash: There is no such thing as a Christian same gender marriage. )

    Christians are decent people for the most part. Their detractors not so much. But both sides need to relax as much as Jesus did.

  • Karla

    Ken-Jesus told the woman caught in adultery to go and sin no more!
    He told her to change the/her behavior so do not leave that part out.
    Read 1 Corinthians 5 and 6 the whole chapters plus all of Luke 13.
    Jesus loved people in Truth/rebuked people. He didn’t just pat them
    on the back and tell them that their sin was okay. We must Repent!
    The wine that Jesus made was from the fruit of the vine/ a new wine
    and poorer/watered down/diluted wine. It was made for a symbolic
    reason not to get drunk. John 2:10 says the cheap wine wine was
    brought out last so the best for last refers to a highly diluted wine.

    Ephesians 5:18 says don’t get drunk and 1 Corinthians 6:10 says
    all drunkards go to hell including people who get drunk with wine!
    Bible also says do not get drunk with strong wine it’s debauchery!
    Jesus said you are one if Mine only if you continue in My teachings
    and follow Me/many will say to Me Lord,Lord and not enter heaven!
    Bible says Repent and believe Gospel to be saved! We must Repent!

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  • Janet Baker

    Best to study how JP’s Theology of the Body differs from traditional Catholic teaching on the subject, which is that procreation is the primary purpose of human sexuality, not personal pleasure.

  • Janet Baker

    Sir? You are confusing Jesus with someone else. Jesus told sinners to stop sinning, including the promiscuous women. Perhaps you are mixing things up with the woman who anointed his feet with the expensive oil; she had repented by that time. So there was nothing to say then on her sin. He did insist on repentance, but where Christ was –glorious–was when people did repent, he really let bygones be bygones. That’s why I love him.

  • A connoisseur are you?

  • Jack

    Larry, I saw the movie but didn’t read the book. I’ll have to read it and see.

  • Jack

    Pan, you haven’t said anything. The most curious and striking thing about 50 Shades of Grey is its enormous popularity with women, including self-styled feminist women. It would be the equivalent of a minstrel show or a KKK propaganda film being popular with black people.

  • Jack

    In other words, the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey presents a potentially devastating problem for feminism. It’s frozen like a deer in the headlights. Here it preaches equality in all areas, including the bedroom, and yet it has to explain why so many women, especially “liberated” women, are so drawn to a book that’s about the erotic nature of female degradation.

    The women who are bothered most by the book, and show every sign of being concerned about the movie, are not, as one would predict, self-styled feminists. They are disproportionately evangelical and Catholic women.

    Note the irony: The people who are actually standing for the ideals of feminism are those who are faith-informed, while the more “liberated” women are more, not less, likely to love the book and look forward to the movie.

    The “liberated” women are the ones who are most submissive or attracted to submissiveness, while the more “religious” women are the ones objecting to the inequality depicted in the story.

    Interesting indeed….but not surprising if we trace feminism to its religious roots in prior centuries.

  • Larry

    Just bear in mind, most of the book’s post-war exploits are fiction (and wisely not depicted in the film). The sections about a run-in with Jesse Ventura was not only entirely fiction but was judged libel. Kyle’s estate (his publisher’s liability insurance carrier) had to pay $1.8 million in damages to Ventura.

  • Larry

    Not really. It just means you have a tough time understanding the appeal of certain fictional genres

    Women’s fiction is loaded with rather regressive depictions of fantasy relationships. Entire publishing houses exist creating fantasies of women being whisked away by powerful men (Pretty much any paperback which had Fabio or a Fabio like facsimile on the cover)

    The key point of it is the fantasy aspects. Nobody reads this stuff or anything pornographic with the idea of “hey that’s exactly what I want my life to be like”. The ridiculous, over the top fictional aspects being the appeal.

    This is very different from the “faith informed” types who look to female submission as an actual real life blueprint for behavior and “God’s plan”.

  • Jack

    No, Larry, it’s more than that. Fantasies connect with preferences. It doesn’t mean people literally want to realize every fantasy. But fantasy is an expression of how people are operating on a gut level.

    No matter how you choose to look at this, it’s a pretty embarrassing moment for feminism. Whether you’re arguing for or against feminism as a constructive or realistic movement, it is quite a challenge to it. If you think feminism is out of touch with the reality of how men and women actually feel toward each other, the popularity among women, especially avowedly feminist women, of 50 Shades confirms that thought in spades. If you think feminism is not out of touch but is the way to go, 50 Shades’ popularity is still a problem for feminism.

    Feminists argue in theory about sexual equality yet myriads love films where women get the crap kicked out of them. Faith-informed women argue in theory in favor of male headship in relationship yet are repulsed in fantasy and in reality by violent expressions of it.

    If I were female and growing to maturity today, I would trust the world view of the faith-based adults far more than that of the feminists to protect the gains of women and to protect women from exploitation…..any day.

    When faced with the degradation of women, secularized feminists cave like a cheap deck of cards, while faith-based women are the ones not only standing against degradation of women in art and literature, but degradation in real life through human sexual trafficking around the world.

    It’s the faith-based females who stand against the oppression of women in Islamist cultures, while their secularistic counterparts remain tellingly silent.

  • Larry

    Fans of zombie fiction want to live in a world of constant fear of being eaten alive?

    People read the Hunger Games say, “Panem is an awesome place to live”?

    Ideology of any stripe has never been able to keep up with or dictate popular tastes. For the most part the public likes crap. Crap with violence and sex most of all. People are willing to ignore sociopolitical implications of a work, if it keeps their interest.

    50 Shades of Grey is disposable fiction. Not something to be considered great literature by any stretch of the imagination. A pornographic novel which achieved mainstream success. The literary of what “Deep Throat” was in the 1970’s. Something consumed for its image as being transgressive, but in a tame fashion. There is a big difference in “that is so naughty” and “hmm that sounds like something I would do”.

    Reading more into it is an exercise in wheel spinning. These bishops, like many a religious figure, merely want to get attention by riding the coattails of a controversial popular cultural item.

    “Faith-informed women argue in theory in favor of male headship in relationship yet are repulsed in fantasy and in reality by violent expressions of it.”

    That is wildly untrue. “Faith informed” is practically synonymous with blind submission to male authority and excuses for domestic violence against them.
    Christian Domestic Discipline extols violence against women.

    “Rick Warren: Abuse is no excuse for women to seek divorce”

    “Lecturer at Christianist college offers excuses for rape and domestic violence”

    Whereas your average 50 Shades fan deals with such issues behind the safety of literary fantasy and media, your “faith informed” types have the harsh reality of a culture which actively encourages violence against them.

  • Larry

    People like crap. The funny thing is 50 Shades started out as fanfiction of the Twilight series. A “Christian friendly” (LDS friendly anyway) fantasy with an unintentionally dysfunctional and abusive relationship at its center.

    The similarity between the abusive relations in 50 Shades and what is considered “Biblically informed” relationships as depicted in Twilight were entirely intentional



  • Brian Vandenberg
  • Jack

    I think you’re right about ideology not keeping up, but that’s partly my point about the chasm between the expressed views of feminism and feminists and the enormous popularity — precisely among the most pro-feminist slices of society — of words and images that are the absolute antithesis of anything remotely connected to feminism.

    And again, as I mentioned, this extends into real life, too, with faith-based women leading the global charge against trafficking of women and the barbaric treatment of women in pre-modern societies and under radical Islamism.

    In contrast, official feminism (as opposed to the actual, on-the-ground feminism of today’s faith-based women) has been curiously provincial in its concerns, focusing almost completely on America and the western world and avoiding the worse abuses against women overseas.

  • Larry

    “In contrast, official feminism (as opposed to the actual, on-the-ground feminism of today’s faith-based women)”

    Where are these faith based feminists?

    They don’t seem to get around very much. Certainly not as vocal as the faith based chauvinists.

    “has been curiously provincial in its concerns, focusing almost completely on America and the western world and avoiding the worse abuses against women overseas.”

    Again, wildly untrue. There are plenty of feminist initiatives aimed at women overseas.



  • Jack

    It’s a known fact that most of the grassroots support in America for the push against sex trafficking overseas, which is a nice way of saying sexual slavery, as in girls being kidnapped or tricked into becoming prostitutes and then being forced to stay, is from mostly young evangelicals in the United States.

  • Miss_H

    Have people forgotten that this book is sheer fantasy? Some people enjoy reading bodice-ripping romantic novels. It doesn’t mean they actually want to quit their career and go running off to sea in the arms of a pirate. This book isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, which is perfectly fine. I’m not interested in it myself, but if other people like it that’s no one’s business but theirs. Honestly, reading some of the comments here would suggest that everyone who read Harry Potter books actually believed in wizards.

  • Jack

    So what you’re saying is that feminists insist on equality in every facet of life, from the boardroom to the bedroom, but are inexorably drawn to books about subservient women getting the crap kicked out of them in the bedroom.

    They are for equality, but fantasize about a world where their noses are rubbed into the ground…..

    And then they accuse women of faith of being…..subservient.


    It makes one wonder who’s really “liberated” and who isn’t.

    This reads like a chapter from Voltaire’s Candide.

  • Joe DeCaro

    Isn’t this film just another version of Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger’s “Nine 1/2 Weeks”?

  • Larry

    Which itself is the dimwitted child of Marlon Brando and Romy Schneider in “Last Tango in Paris”.

    Both movies do bad things with foodstuffs.

  • Larry

    What part of 50 Shades of Grey is considered feminist or even related to feminism? The fact that a woman wrote it or make up the majority of its readers? It seems you are leaping at some kind of ideological issue pulled out of thin air.

    There is always a market for naughty (but safe at a comfortable distance) transgressive fiction. People like media which pushes social boundaries but virtually never like to do so in real life. Transgression by proxy. It is one way culture exorcises things it does not approve of in reality and strips the transgressive of cultural power. It becomes commercialized product, homogenized and sanitized.

    “And then they accuse women of faith of being…..subservient.”

    The difference being that the transgressive violent fantasy safely ensconced in fictional writing is the harsh reality of “women of faith”. Its the difference between those who enjoy war films and being a refugee of an actual war.

  • Jack

    Larry, it isn’t the “naughtiness” — if so, this would be a made-for-Hollywood fight between stick-figured, wooden stereotypes embodying the “new” morality vs. the “old” morality — young and hip secular progressives vs. stodgy old Victorian-like dowagers.

    But the funny thing is….it obviously isn’t. It’s far more interesting than that — a point that the writer is desperately trying to avoid.

    It’s a role reversal — progressives who are allegedly feminist flocking to be titillated by words and images of female degradation and male superiority, and religious people standing for feminist values of human dignity and equality.

    The more I think of this, the more obvious it is that this is the latest example of how secularized feminism has become something of a joke. This is nothing new….again, it was a theme in older Woody Allen movies — where feminists make nice speeches about equality but end up mating with barbarians. An exaggeration? Sure. But Allen was on to something.

  • Donna

    Do you have a reference for that known fact Jack?

  • Larry

    Actually its Bible thumpers vs. middle class suburban women who are playing at being transgressive and “hip”, but not really being it.

    What makes this especially amusing is the relationship in 50 Shades was based on the “Christian friendly” ones depicted in the Twilight series. All it took was a push in a less supernatural direction. Even the BDSM enthusiasts are complaining about the film as distorting their subculture (which makes a big deal about consent and limitations, and 50 Shades did not)

    “if so, this would be a made-for-Hollywood fight between stick-figured, wooden stereotypes embodying the “new” morality vs. the “old” morality — young and hip secular progressives vs. stodgy old Victorian-like dowagers.”

    Where do you get feminists and progressives out of any of this? Because the audience is middle class mainstream female? You are pulling ideology and political ideas out of thin air here to make phony points. Nothing but strawman burning and blanket labeling.

    Btw Woody Allen hasn’t made anything I remotely liked since Broadway Danny Rose. The man is also an old school lech. Might as well be discussing Hugh Hefner when talking about feminism. Neither has any relation to the subject.

  • Jack

    I like old films, including Allen’s, so that’s how he came to mind. He is hardly anyone’s epitome of anything, obviously, but I was referencing his movies, not his character. I can appreciate a person’s points without liking a thing about the person. The two are separate…..I mention him because decades ago, he was making similar points to mine, more effectively because being on film, they could be seen, not just heard.

  • Larry

    I liked Woody Allen’s films up until the point he considered himself an auteur and started taking himself more seriously than before.

    If he was a studio hack, working on projects written and produced by other people you could make a better argument for the separation of the man and his work. But Hollywood pretty much gives him license to write, produce and direct whatever he wants (as long as it is reasonably budgeted). His points about feminism are a bit self serving given a longtime habit of womanizing (the less said about Soon-Yi Previn the better).

  • The Great God Pan

    By “these people” I meant the Christians claiming that “50 Shades of Grey” (or any other mainstream movie playing at your local multiplex) is pornography, not the filmmakers.. I wasn’t complaining about the film, which I don’t care about one way or the other.

    Also, “50 Shades” (the novel) has actually been widely denounced by feminists.

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  • Amy K

    I think it’s important that we represent a Christian viewpoint in the whole debate. We can’t just be opposed to it, we need to have something to present that engages those hoodwinked by the original 50 shades enough to show them that Christianity has a valid (better) alternative.
    I’ve talked to people til I’m blue in the face about the movie and domestic violence and respect etc etc but it’s hard to make them listen. I did though find a Christian fiction alternative that is mirrored on the story but presents God’s love not the fake and manipulative 50 shades love. I’ve found a few of my secular friends have said, oh okay if you’re just giving me a novel I’ll read it whereas they wouldn’t have engaged in a full blown debate over it.
    Two of those friends have now started to (periodically) attend church. One said to me ‘I didn’t know you had a bigger love until I read that book.’
    Drawback is it’s only on kindle though

  • hanson

    So soldiers in battle are guilty of war crimes? American Sniper shot snipers that had their guns trained on American soldiers and Chris Kyle killed them before the other side could kill American soldiers Chris was protecting. Wow. I bet you think self defense is murder too. And WWII vets in combat for months at a time serial killers. Fifty Shades of Grey isn’t about pornography, S & M, domestic violence, it’s only about sex? You are about as deep as a puddle Einstein.

  • Jack

    We are definitely on the same page on what we think of Woody Allen, but I still like his earlier movies and think he had lots to say, not just about the issue we’re discussing. And the fact that he’s not a good guy doesn’t take away from his interesting take on the human condition and how it plays out in society.

  • 50 shades of STAY AWAY. This film is just disgusting and proves how much Hollywood has sold out. It’s not artistic in any way AT ALL.

    Source: http://laura.productions/?p=1877 (Brendan Warkentin)

  • Larry

    People without some kind of religious/sociological axe to grind are calling the film
    “military-grade boring” and “thuddingly mediocre”

    Hollywood sold out? Hollywood are the ones people sell to. They are the purveyors of commercialized art. They are the purchaser of souls, not the people who sell them. 🙂

  • Fifty shades of love

    Why are we trying to censor what consenting adults do in their own lives? God gave us free will and BDSM has been around a long time. So has choice. Look people are going to make choices that we as Christians are not going to agree with. But it is none of our business. Controlling others is exactly what turns off the world to Christianity. Instead of condemning the subject matter why not assure the world that God loves them

  • Fifty shades of love

    It does not. This is overstating and belittles the fact that we can choose in our own best interest or not.Please you are not going to win souls by criticizing and condemning. There are far worse things we can do to each other

  • Fifty shades of love

    I think porn is in the eye of the beholder. But more importantly what consenting adults do in the garden of Eden of their private lives is not our concern. If we meet people half way, offer a cup of cold water and just tell them God loves them. He hasn’t run out of fig leaves

  • Fifty shades of love


  • Fifty shades of love

    I love him too. I am living with HIS grace and mercy everyday. I will never be perfect! And until the rapture comes I dwell in a fallen land, but one day it will all be done and there will be heaven on earth. It can happen at any time. So don’t sweat the small stuff like who is having kinky times it is not the reason we serve him. We can have power over sin and power with men, but not over them. That’s GOD’s gig.

  • Fifty shades of love

    Anastasia Steele was not subservient. Don’t get it twisted she went into this with her eyes wide shut

  • Fifty shades of love

    Interesting point Jack

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