Drones make war too easy, too remote, faith leaders say

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A predator drone takes off from Balad Air Base in Iraq.

Photo courtesy of Everett Historical via Shutterstock

A predator drone takes off from Balad Air Base in Iraq.

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WASHINGTON (RNS) "Drones have become a weapon of first resort and not last resort," said the Rev. Richard Killmer. "It has made it a lot easier to go to war."

  • “Drones have become a weapon of first resort and not last resort. It has made it a lot easier to go to war.”

    I don’t think these clerics have thought this through carefully.

    Drones are horrible. But if we had them before WW2 we probably could have destroyed Hitler much more easily and much sooner.

    Had we done so, an entire Holocaust might have been avoided as well as 50 million other lives.

    War is awful.
    But If you want to help prevent war, quit religion and take up Secular Humanism and advocate for protection of blasphemy laws and the Separation of Church and State.

  • Larry

    Drones also reduce the total numbers of casualties to ALL sides. Far fewer indiscriminate attacks where civilians are killed or injured.

    No pilots to be shot down, captured or killed. Drones don’t perform carpet bombings nor carry weapons of indiscriminate slaughter like incendiaries and WMD’s.

    The hypocrisy of the discussion is while many would decry drone strikes, they would not raise such objections to manned airstrikes on the same targets. They don’t criticize far more indiscriminate and Geneva Convention unfriendly methods such as Tomahawk strikes from 100’s of miles away.

  • Charles Freeman

    These religious folks want the U. S. enemies to have an equal chance, or not get taken out at all? Are they really on our side? The use of drones minimizes overall combat fatalities and injuries. Do these people want use to have our troops make sure that our opponents are well armed, ready for action and aware of our presence before we address their longevity? That’s silly and more than a little dangerous.to our troops. We had people like this trying to tie our hands down before and during every military actionin which we’ve participated. These faith leaders are hypocrits and simply don’t think well.

  • Jack

    I do not understand the moral reasoning of these particular critics of drone strikes. It reads like gibberish.

    The premise behind their statements is that drone strikes kill a particularly high number of civilians even as they’re aimed at enemy combatants.

    But compared to what?

    They never say.

    They never say because there’s nothing to say.

    Is B-52 carpet bombing better? No, it’s infinitely worse.

    Unless these people are literal pacifists, they have a duty to tell us what they would do in place of drones if they wanted to eliminate individuals who were known to be deadly terrorists.

    And if they are pacifists, there would still be no reason to single out drones…..Being a pacifist means you’re against all war and hence every form of warfare.

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