• The Episcopal Church will take a ‘hard look’ at not one bloody thing.

    A set of someones was bound and determined to put Heather Cook in the suffragan bishop’s chair and they concealed her offenses from the diocesan convention. You look at Cook’s work history, and you grasp for an explanation. What was her appeal (or minimal utility?)?

    You see, were the Episcopal Church to ‘take a hard look’, they would see that their clergy is a great collecting pool of mediocre people. They got from here to there by being an organization so unserious that a person with something to bring to the table would not devote his life to it.

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  • sherrie connelly

    I appreciated taking an excellent course on addiction at CDSP in Berkeley in 2003.

  • Billysees

    “After posting bail, she checked herself into a Maryland addiction treatment facility. She now awaits trial.”

    Hope all things concerning Heather Cook work out for good.

  • Stephen Lewis

    As a Celestial Torah Christian which places me in the New Age Gnostic Christian camp I am happy with my religious sacrament, the one that actually heals people and doesn’t cause brain and liver damage that sends people to early graves as well as making quite a few go berserk every day and hurt someone. I’m talking about the New Age sacrament, cannabis indica and sativa herbal essences that wake up your brain’s potential for spiritual consciousness whereas alcohol dulls it and is so easily abused by its users. Wine and alcohol was for the Piscean Age of Christianity and that’s over with. New Age began officially, all Aquarian Age astrological differences melded together into one event: the ending of the Mayan long calendar, the ancient world’s most accurate one, on Dec. 21st, 2012. The Collective Unconscious tops mechanical stellar calculations which for the Age of Aquarius are all over the time map so thus the merging of them into one date that unites them all spiritually.

    Most of you in traditional Pauline Christianity’s religious splits are on the wrong side of the Aquariana Divide that separates the two types of intoxicant sacraments and their Piscean Age and Aquarian Age beliefs about God and the Spirit of Christ. Organized religions give way to “spiritual, not religious” classification which is really the Gnostic Solitary Path of personal spiritual relationship with God and the Spirit of Christ. So, toke up and don’t cause harm to other people or yourself when you get stoned, that’s the statistical difference between the two religious intoxicants.

  • Neon Genesis

    And I’m sure you’re perfect and have never struggled with any sins. Amirite Art?

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  • Jim

    ….he who is without sin….

  • TheRaceRadio

    Art Deco, thank you for this comment. The community of Episcopalians in the Diocese of Maryland has been shattered by the killing of Tom Palmero by Bishop Heather Cook. The resulting lies and cover-up by our Bishop Eugene Sutton and his hiring of media spin doctors has struck deep at our faith. Perhaps read this excellent article by the Baltimore Brew: https://www.baltimorebrew.com/2015/02/12/i-could-have-stopped-cooks-ordination-bishop-says-but-it-would-have-caused-an-uproar/ and particularly look at the comments by two sincere Episcopalians: ligthningrod and Benjamin A. Carey, MD.
    In the aftermath of the death of Mr. Tom Palmero, we have seen in Maryland and in the leadership right to the top with Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori, a growing culture of denial. PF Jefferts Schori and Bishop Eugene Sutton are now publicly blaming and ostracizing Bishop Heather Cook. At the same time, the Episcopal Church is supporting Heather Cook secretly through the Episcopalian Pastor Mark Hugh Hansen in Easton, Maryland.
    Heather Cook is, no one argues the point, fully responsible for her drunk driving and the killing of Mr. Palmero. She decided, time and again, to disdain the value of the lives of others (including children) and repeatedly drive so intoxicated with liquor and illicit drugs that she would eventually (and did) kill someone. She never chose to stop her drunk driving in order to protect others. She never did anything to take control of her licentious life and stop being a threat to others. There is ample evidence.
    Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori and Bishop Sutton (and others) knew of her alcohol and drug abuse. They were not directly involved in the death of Tom Palmero, but they were in positions to stop enabling Heather Cook and even to get her help, which is what their ministries as priests and bishops requires of them. They failed in their ministries, if not criminally, at least as leaders of the Episcopal Church. And this was no small failure. They knowingly put a drunk whose life was out of control in a position of leadership and ensured she had plenty of money to buy alcohol and drugs.
    They provided her housing and a job that required her to drive, again knowing she was a drunk and had no interest in stopping. Two days prior to laying their hands on Cook and making her a bishop, they sat and drank with her and with her “companion” (the deposed [defrocked] priest but still an Episcopal pastor, the flamboyant bigot and denial of the authority of bishops, Mark H. Hansen).
    All that is bad enough, but they have made it far worse with their lies, with hiring Daniel J. Webster and his wife’s firm, Meredith Gould, to create spin and lie to the American people, and to shove the skeletons deeper into the Episcopalian closet. The “misrepresentations” Jefferts Schori lays at the doorstep of Heather Cook also belong to her very own public statements, as well as those of Sutton.
    Ultimately the failures in leadership and outright wrongdoings of Bishop Jefferts Schori and Bishop Sutton are nearly as bad as Heather Cook stepping on the gas pedal, running an innocent man over, and leaving him alone to die on the side of the road. As Melissa Huber her below so correctly states, the failures in the ministries and leadership of Jefferts Schori and Sutton are egregious. They need to be held accountable, they need to step down from their leadership positions, and they then need to ask the members of the Episcopal Church and the American public for forgiveness.
    If they fail to do this, it will be a failure of every Episcopalian living in and promoting a culture of denial within their church. This is all so shameful for good Episcopalians.
    If they fail to do this, it will be a failure of every Episcopalian living in and promoting a culture of denial within their church. Shameful.

  • Patrick Fowler

    I hope that Heather Cook gets all the US justice system is able to give her in punishment for her crimes. May she ask for forgiveness from her jesus in due time.