• JD

    I found it interesting he says at the end how there are plenty of female leaders in the Bible and it should be about character, not gender. I’m like YES THAT’S WHAT WE’VE BEEN TRYING TO TELL YOU. Geez. If only they actually believed it and put that into practice…

  • Jack

    Nearly a half century after modern feminism began, I would think most people would be mature enough to realize that men and women aren’t totally different, nor are they totally the same, and to battle over which of the two extremes are correct is almost surreal.

    Weren’t those battles fought decades ago?

    Think Hegel:

    Thesis: Old view: Men and women are completely different.

    Antithesis: Radical feminist view: Men and women are virtually the same.

    Synthesis: Common-sense view: Men and women are much the same, but different in important ways.

    We reached the synthesis point almost a generation ago, but someone should tell that to the author who wants to drag us back to the late 1960s and 1970s, back to total denial again.

  • Frank

    Another embarrassing RLC article.

    I guess it’s unrealistic to expect to have people who know what they are talking about write about religion and faith here.

  • Barry the Baptist

    Not only is it detrimental to treat women in such one-dimensional ways, it is also detrimental to men to explain the world to them as if they were a three year old. It’s insulting to the emotional intelligence of both genders.

    It is situations like these that encourage female feminists to attempt incorporating males into their work; misogyny and sexism is something that affects both genders directly.

  • JB Richards

    Laura Turner, I’m still shaking my head in disbelief after reading your article, and I have to thank you for setting the record straight by demonstrating that – even though they may have had the best of intentions (and I’m hoping that perhaps they did) – an organization like the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood can actually end up promoting gender-bias between the two sexes by sending out the wrong message. It’s advice like theirs that keeps such stereotypes alive and well both at home and in the workplace.

    This is a terrific article, and it is definitely worth a “Share” on my author’s page today! Thanks so much for posting!
    JB Richards
    Author of “Miriamne the Magdala-The First Chapter in the Yeshua and Miri Novel Series” and Content Creator for The Miriamne Page