Turkey’s atheists and religious minorities join forces to protest religious instruction in schools

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A Turkish demonstrator carries a placard reading "Abolish compulsory religious courses" during a schools boycott in Ankara on February 13, 2015. The Turkish government recently introduced mandatory religious courses for all pupils in state schools. Photo by Recep Yilmaz

A Turkish demonstrator carries a placard reading "Abolish compulsory religious courses" during a schools boycott in Ankara on February 13, 2015. The Turkish government recently introduced mandatory religious courses for all pupils in state schools. Photo by Recep Yilmaz

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ISTANBUL (RNS) Public education has become a symbol of the tug of war between Turkey’s secular tradition and the rising religious tide.

  • Julian Penrod

    It has to be mentioned that, for all their protests, atheists teach patent insipidity and fraud in their wholesale, venomous hatred of God and their fellow human beings. They insist that education along only atheist lines would be perfect.
    The truth flies in the face of this lie in areas such as, for the longest time, atheists have been trundling the lie that “all the wars in history were caused by religion”. Which is disproved by just invoking the French and Indian Wars, the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Boer War, the The Boxer Rebellion, Texas’ Secession from Mexico, the Spanish-Americans War, the First World War, the Korean War, the War in Vietnam. They were promoting this lie for the longest time until I started placing comments showing the falsity behind it.
    But they back their lies up with a pseudo philosophical background, based solely on making a lie palatable to the imbecile, which can, and has, been criminally used to debase any actual legitimate science.
    For example, atheists claim to be “scientific”, to require proof, but the very central facet of their scam, the assertion that God is not present, has never been proved! Yet they stand by it and define everything based on it! Ask them to prove their lie and they slither behind the old dodge, “You can’t prove a negative”! Apparently saying that you can prove a positive. Among other things, though, any negative statement is te positive of the opposite of that statement, Saying “there are no white crows”, a negative, is the same as saying, “all crows are a color other than white”. At this point, some atheists will desperately opine, “You can’t prove a positive, either”! In the end, though, they are basing their “scientific” system on something accepted unscientifically!
    A common assertion, too, is Carl Sagan’s pithy but moronic, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof”. Note, though, which the target audience of morons do not, that “extraordinary” is not defined! The crooks, then, will deny claims that go beyond the lies they want their sheep to follow by insisting the proof is “not ‘extraordinary’ enough”. And, when they want something to be accepted, they declare the proof is suddenly “extraordinary”. That’s already been used, for example, to fight the proposal that the earth is bombarded by mini comets, no bigger than a refrigerator, constantly. They always demanded new levels of proof and, when each level was achieved, they said each was “not extraordinary enough”.
    And there is Christopher Hitchens’ depraved opine to obviate all responsibility by the liars in the athe3ist camp to defend their cravenness, “A claim offered without proof can be dismissed without proof”. In other words, saying if proof of a statement is not provided, that automatically makes it untrue, therefore, no evidence that it is untrue needs be provided. For example, if you say, “There are purple giraffes in Australia”, but do not show any pictures or actual animals, then that automatically makes it false. It is not necessary, then, to actually do a search to discount it! Fermat famously left no proof for this “Last Theorem”, but mathematicians did not consider that to automatically make it untrue! They searched for centuri4es to try to find proof of its truth or untruth! But the liar, trundling Hitchens’ assertion to the gullible, will remove all requirement to defend their lies!
    And, no matter what the atheists lie, their system does not produce ethical behavior. Among other things, they deny all existence of principles or existence beyond the obvious. And it is there that ethics derives! They bleat dodges such as that “maintaining the well being of the whole is crucial to survival of the individual”, but that allows such realities as that, if they had a way to ensure their comfort and satisfaction even by killing everyone else on earth, they would commit mass murder. Ethics, based on things beyond craven self interest, would not accept that. But, then, malignant individuals like Ayn Rand have played games such as saying that, if you do anything, even what benefits others, you did it because you wanted to, that makes it self satisfying, “therefore” greed is at the basis of everything, “therefore”, greed is the highest principle in the universe. An entire “philosophy” based on a logical trick, an incidental. Like saying water makes wisdom because those who were wise all drank water.
    Too, and crucially, many entering atheism are given the claim that all religion came about because people were afraid of death as a way around that fear. Becoming content with death, not caring, is counseled and promoted. But accepting death is against human nature, is against all creatures’ nature. Fear of death is even a valid development “evolutionarily”, since animals who didn’t flee death would die and their genetic code would not be preserved! Yet, to maintain their hegemony of lies, the leaders of the atheist movement endorse living a life completely free of all deep appreciation which would lead to a reluctance to part with it. In other words, a zombie like existence, self lobotomized of crucial parts of the potential character!
    And that invokes another fact. As with all swindles, atheism has a number of distinct levels. First are the leaders running the scam. They know their doggerel is all lies, but are doing it purely for power and money. At the bottom are the dullard followers who can’t think for themselves and accepting whatever they are told to believe. And, often, in between, malingering opinion makers bulletin boards, blogs, forums with whatever is needed to keep the sheep in line!

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  • Is it really the author’s contention that the Kemalist governments were not engaged in a social engineering enterprise? Or that a sovereign, lawful, and elected government should bow to some pompous poseurs in the Hague? Or that the military never stuck it’s thumb on the scales in Turkish politics.

    We have the same problem in the United States. There a set of professional guilds and classes who fancy the law courts and the schools are their sandboxes. They’re asking to be dealt with very roughly. Of course we might just replace public agency in the delivery of educational services with voucher programs and schools run by philanthropic trusteeships. However, that would offend the vocational and ideological interests of those same professional guilds, so we cannot have it.

  • Larry

    “We have the same problem in the United States.”

    The “problem” being secular government and its attendant religious freedoms with its Establishment clause invoking the pesky separation of church and state.

    This article is just more evidence that government funded religion always leads to sectarian discrimination. The idea that one has to pay money out of pocket NOT to have religious education is repugnant to anyone who values civil liberties. But not you Art.

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