• Ohio Christian

    The pic is of him in uniform for Ohio Christian University. Perhaps the guy is merely shopping and giving islam a try-out.

  • Karla

    Muslims say He/Jesus was just a prophet but that does not make any sense
    because no true prophet can be revered if they are a liar so if Jesus wasn’t
    the Son of God He was a liar/He can’t be revered or a true prophet so either
    He was the Messiah or a liar plus Muslims say you have to earn your way to
    heaven but with the Christians we must Repent then trust Jesus to be saved!

    The Repent part seems to get brushed aside by many so called “Christians”
    which is why so many today in the church still get drunk,gossip,gamble and
    sleep around,be mean/have sharp tongues/don’t change. Ephesians 5:18
    says don’t get drunk! 1 Corinthians 6:9-12 says drunkards go to hell right
    along with greedy jealous coveters! Homosexuals and the abortion people
    are not the only ones who need to Repent. The wine that Jesus made was
    a new wine/from the fruit of the vine and diluted plus it was made for a/the
    symbolic reason not for getting drunk! John 2:10 says that all of the cheap
    wine was all brought out last so the best for last refers to a poorer/watered
    down/diluted wine plus the Bible says do not get drunk on strong wine and
    do not get drunk with wine for it’s debauchery so all of the people who get
    drunk on wine are also wrong/go to hell. All sin is bad! We all must Repent!
    Bible says Repent and believe the Gospel to be saved! We all must Repent!

  • “Mr. Fall believes he was singled out because he is a Muslim.”

    This absolutely looks like discrimination against a religion. And that is a disgrace.
    In America everybody has freedom to pray whenever they want.
    I hope he wins a million dollars suing this discriminating gym.

    Public officials are forbidden to lead others in prayer while doing their job.
    But even they have the right to pray privately whenever they want to.

    For the record, to argue against a religion in a discussion is not bigoted and it is not racism.
    But to prohibit some religions while allowing others is UNFAIR, prejudiced, illegal and DISCRIMINATORY.

  • Garson Abuita

    According to his lawsuit, he was born in Senegal and raised in a Muslim home. His coaches at OCU always gave him the time and space to pray.

  • Fourth Valley


    Look!! That guy alone in a locker room keeping to himself and in no one’s way happens to be in a pose that offends me!! Ban him immediately!!

    Dude, who cares how he is praying. He’s in no one’s way and keeping to himself. If YOU have a problem with the pose he is taking, which in NO WAY harms or even effects you, that sounds like YOUR issue rather than his.

  • Garson Abuita

    He states in his lawsuit that he prayed while standing, in an unobtrusive corner of the locker room near a coat rack.

  • Guest

    This has to stop. These Muslims are going continue to challenge our way of life, and court systems! Just like a dripping faucet, it will not flood the house in a day, a week or even a month. But if not fixed, it will food the house over time!

  • James Carr

    The sign of the cross is hardly comparable to laying out a prayer rug, figuring out which way is east, and bowing and scraping on the floor. But,let him pray…..the lawsuit is most likely want he wanted anyway. Ewww, praying in smelly gym………really?

  • Larry

    Freedom of religion is so inconvenient to hysterics. It is not a challenge to our way of life to sue over being denied the ability to exercise their religious rights. It is an expression of it. If freedom of religion doesn’t protect faiths which are despised by the majority, it can’t protect anyone.

  • James Carr

    Go to a mosque…..he’s showcasing for attention from Muslim-haters.